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Broken Friendship

Guest standbyme

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title - broken friendship

type of story - long fic

cast - Lucas/Tayler/Roman

genre - drama

warning - violence

rating not sure, probably A

summarry -

Tayler showed up in town a while back and instantly started a friendship with Lucas. They eventually started dating but that ended when

she found out he slepted with Lisa she then forgave him but wouldn't give thier relationship another chance. so they remained friend

but Lucas wants more than that, much more so when she spends the night with Roman he overreacts and may put their friendship in

jeopardy again.


Tayler was sitting trying to find a right tune on her guitar for a song she was writing

"That's great" she hard a male voice call. as she quickly stopped

"Don't stop on my account" he said, it was Roman

"So are you a song writer or something or do you just like playing the guitar?" he asked

"Both" she replied and smiled "i write the music then create the words with a friend then sing it in the shower"

"So she joins you in the shower then?"

She smiled again "He and no we don't share the shower"

He laughed

"Do you always get excited over girls showering together?" Tayler asked

"Only hot one's" he replied

"You are so immatuare" she said as she smiled again

"Can i buy you a drink or something" he asked as she frowned "to make up for my perverted comments" he fished as he stood up and put his hand out as to help her up

She bit her lip "I don't even know your name"

"Roman" he said "Roman Harris"

she held her and out and picked up her guitar.

"Tayler Hall"

"Come on he said and used his head as a gesture to point to the surf club.

they started to walk.


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