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It's My Life!

Guest Sarah_Lewis

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Type of story: Short/Long fic

Rating: A

Main characters: Eve, Tracey, Peter and more

Genre: dont know

Warnings: A V/D, S/C

Is story being proof read: might be

Any spoilers included: no


Song titles used (if any): Avril Lavigne Girlfriend

Hey! Hey! You! You!

I don’t like your girlfriend!

That's Right! No way! No way!

I think you need a new one

Hey! Hey! You! You!

I could be your girlfriend

Hey! Hey! You! You!

I know that you like me

No way! No way!

You know it’s not a secret

Hey! Hey! You! You!

I want to be your girlfriend

Eve was pacing up and down her bed room, wating for Tracey to return home, she hadn't seen or heard from Tracey since las night, she was beginning to get a bit worried about her, she didnt know wheather to call her or not, Tracey didnt usually answer her phoneto anyone,

"what's the point of having a phone pfft!" Eve thought to herself, the last time she rang Tracey she never answered, so why waste money and try again.

"**** have I been here all night?" asked Tracey, sitting up looking at the time,

"yeah you have, why what's wrong?" asked Peter, wondering why Tracey was in such a hurry,

"I have to get home to Eve, she'll be worrying!" said Tracey, plus she'd be pissed off Tracey promised her she wouldn't see Peter anymore,

"Dont worry about her, ring her up and tell her where you are, Its only 4 in the morning!" replied Peter, trying to make Tracey stay the rest of the night,

"Pete, I cant, I'm not meant to be seeing you anymore!" said Tracey, she had to think of a lie to tell Eve before she got home,

"well will I see you tomorrow?" asked Peter, kissing Tracey on the lips as she got out of bed,

"Uh yeah of course you will, I better go now, Bye Pete!!" said Tracey, quickly putting her clothes on and picking up her back.

Tracey parked her car in the driveway, she should of rang Eve and told her she was going to be late, she got carried away with Peter to even think of ringing Eve,

"Eve, sorry i didnt come home last night, i worked late and lost track of time, I would of called but i couldn't stop!" said Tracey, making up an excuse,

"your a liar! You were with Peter weren't you?" asked Eve angrily, she hated Peter and she didn't want her girlfriend sleeping with him,

"no I'm not a liar Eve and i cant believe your calling me one, I wouldn't be with Peter if it was the last thing on earth!" said Tracey, though she knew she was with Peter she couldn't let Eve know she was,

"look I'm sorry i called you a liar, i was just worried about you, you never rang me and told me you were at work!" replied Eve, she hated fighting with Tracey,

"and i'm sorry i didn't call you, i must of got carried away, next time I will ring you ok!" said Tracey, she hated lying to Eve, she was thinking about calling it off with Peter,

"want to go out for a drink?" asked Eve, she was glad they sorted through that one, she didn't like fighting with Tracey, she didnt want to lose her,

"yeah I suppose so!" said Tracey, going up stairs to change her clothes.

Tracey sat in the bar with her head in her hands, she was thinking about how she was going to tell Peter it was over, she knew he'd be upset, but she couldn't keep lying to Eve like she was, one day Eve would find out the truth and she'd lose her, Eve wouldn't be happy with Tracey,

"Hey what's wrong?" asked Eve, bringing back there drinks,

"nothings wrong, just stressed from work" replied Tracey, looking up at Eve,

"you should have a break babe, you look like you need one" said Eve, looking at Tracey's tired face,

"I cant, they need me at work!" replied Tracey, she'd love to take a break but she couldn't, she had to do her work, she'd ask for a new partner tomorrow, if she was going to call it off with Peter she'd need a new partner,

"you deserve a break, you work twenty four seven some days with no sleep, I don't know how you do it with no sleep" said Eve, she was worried about Tracey,

"I know I'll take one soon and we can go to the city or something!" replied Tracey, she'd talk to McGrath when she went back to work about taking a little holiday, Eve was right she needed it,

"we don't need to go away babe if you don't want to" said Eve, though she'd enjoy going to stay in the city,

"no! I want to, need to get out of the Bay for a few days, we cant sit around the house all the time" replied Tracey, sipping her drink,

"well I'd love to go to the city!!" said Eve, she was looking foward to there little holiday.

Tracey walked into McGrath's office first thing the next morning, she didn't know what to say to him,

"McGrath, I want a knew Partner, I cant work with Peter anymore!!" Tracey blurted out, she hope McGrath didn't say no,

"the only person there is, is Lara, is she ok with you?" asked Mcgrath, now he'd have to find Peter a new partner,

"Um yeah she's fine with me, also I was wondering if i could take a few weeks off" said Tracey, he'd probably say she couldn't take a little holiday,

"I suppose you could take two weks off, but only two weeks nothing more!!" replied Mcgrath, they needed Tracey here, but she looked as though she needed a little holiday she has been working hard,

"thanks McGrath, two weeks is enough for me to catch up on some much needed sleep!!" said Tracey, she was suprised he let her have two weeks,

"go and tell Lara your her new partner, then go home!!" replied McGrath.

Tracey went to tell Lara she was going to be her new partner when she got back to work then drove straight home,

"Eve, McGrath has given me two weeks off, so would you like to leave for the city now?" asked Tracey, dropping her bag and keys on the couch,

"Trace, your home, I didn't think he'd let you have any time off!!" replied Eve, she was suprised McGrath gave her time off,

"well yeah he has given me time off, I thought we'd leave now so we could enjoy ourselves!!" said Tracey, going to her room to pack a bag,

"sweet yeah let's leave now!!" replied Eve packing her bag with Tracey.

4 hours later

Tracey and Eve reached the city at half past nine at night, Tracey was tired from the drive up,

"I'm so glad we're finally here, i'm so tired from the drive" said Tracey, resting her head on the steering wheel,

"I could of drived but you wouldn't let me you insisted on driving the whole way!" replied Eve, laughing at Tracey,

"I know, I wanted to, I like driving your drivings crazy!!" said Tracey, thinking if she had let Eve drive half way there,

"hey!! You call my driving crazy? Look at yours!!" replied Eve, laughing at the both of them critising each others driving.

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