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Home and Away: Together Till The End

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Story Title: Together till The End

Type of story: Long, in Parts

Main Characters: Sally, new character Daniel and other members of Summer Bay past and present.

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Romance

Does story include spoilers: No

Summary: Over the next few months I am going to rewrite Sally’s life from the year 2001 until she leaves Summer Bay. I am going use storylines from Sally and Flynn’s relationship and Sally and Brad's relationship. As well I will use other storylines I have seen on Home and Away and from other soaps. The Story will only focus on Sally and Daniel’s relationship.


The Story starts in 2001, around the time Five Life in the UK are now.

Friends of Kane have just beaten up Don Fisher and Will Smith. Don was shuck up after the attack so Irene persuades Don to take time out to visit Judith.

Part One – Tall Dark Stranger

It was Monday morning, sally was in school early to prep her first class. Sally left the classroom to head to the staff room when she bumped into a tall stranger. He was a good 6” with short black hair and gorgeous brown eyes.

“Sorry, I’m Daniel Jeffrey I’m here to cover for Don Fisher.”

“Hi I’m Sally Fletcher I teach History”

“Nice to meet you Sally”

“Would you like me to give you a grand tour of school?”

“That would be grate. Thanks”

So Sally gives Daniel a tour of the school. The last place of the tour takes them to the principles office.

“Well I guess I better leave you to get on with some work”

“Yeah looks like there’s a bit to do” Daniel says pointing to a pile of paper work on the desk.

Just then Irene walks in.

“Ah you must be Daniel nice to meet you, I’m Irene”

“Nice to meet you Irene”

“Ok I better go see you around” Sally leave for her class.

The Morning went in fast and it was soon lunchtime. Daniel was walking past Sally’s classroom when she called him.

“Hay Daniel how was your morning?”

“Yeah good thanks, well boring getting on top of the paper work. You?”

“Yeah but now I need to mark all this.” Sally says picking up a pile of assignments from her desk.

“So what do you do at lunchtime?” Daniel asks Sally.

“Well, I’m off to the diner, do you want to come?

“Yeah sounds good”

Sally and Daniel go to the diner for lunch. They get talking about life and things in general.

“So what brings you to summer bay?” Sally asks Daniel.

“Well the Sun, the Sea and the Sand, plus when work comes up I run for it.”

“So no wife, girlfriend, kids.” Asks Sally

“No just me and the open road” Daniel answers.

“Do you like travelling from place to place?”

“Well I did, but now I think it’s time to settle down.”

“Well I thing you’ll like Summer Bay.”

“Yeah, I might just like it.”

For the next few weeks Sally and Daniel get to know each other more and start flirting. Then after weeks of putting off Daniel final asks Sally out on a date.

“So what you doing tonight” Daniel asks Sally

“Well I’m washing my hair but I think I can put it off.”

“So, do you want to have dinner tonight?”

“Yeah, sound nice, but how about I cook dinner for use.”

“ OK it’s a date.”

End of Part One

Please comment on this first part. Part Two coming Soon.

If you have any ideas for Storylines for Sally and Daniel please post them.

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Part Two

The Date and Heartache

It was Sunday night, Sally was at home preparing for her date with Daniel. Sally was looking forward to her date. Sally’s best friend Leah was at Sally’s cooking a Greek meal for their date.

It was just after 7PM when there was a knock at the door. Leah was leaving and said goodbye and good look to Sally. Leah opened the door. Daniel entered carrying flowers and a bottle red wine.

“ Hay hope you like them?” Daniel said handing the flowers and wine to Sally.

“Oh, there lovely” Sally said taking them off Daniel.

“So something smells nice.”

“Yeah it Leah’s surprise, it’ll be ready in about 15 minutes.” Said Sally.

Sally and Daniel talked about school and things in general. They then had their meal and got to know more about each other.

“Well that was the best meal I have had in a long time!” Daniel said to Sally.

After there meal Daniel and Sally watched a Film and enjoyed a tub of ice cream together. It was getting late and Daniel and Sally had work in the morning.

“Well it’s getting late I better be off.” Daniel said.

“Don’t go, stay longer.”

“It’s an early start tomorrow and we shouldn’t set a bad example to the students.” Daniel said gathering his stuff and.

“Well that was a lovely night.” Daniel said to Sally.

“Well maybe we could to it again sometime” said Sally

“I’d Like that” Daniel then gave Sally a kiss on the cheek.

“Well see you tomorrow morning” Sally Said.

“Goodbye sally”

Daniel left and Sally was on top of the world.

The next morning Sally was up early to get ready for work. She couldn’t wait to get to work to see Daniel.

Sally left for work and stopped off at the diner for a coffee.

“So how was it?” Leah asked Sally

“It was really nice” Sally said

“So will you see him again soon?”

“Lets hope so”

Sally walked by the beach to Summer Bay High. When she got to school Sally went to the Principles Office to see Daniel.

“I had the best night ever last night” Sally said opening the office door.

“Ah hello Sally glad you had a good night.” Said Don Fisher

“Mr Fisher what are you where’s Daniel?” Sally asked confused.

“Daniel left for the city about 30 minutes ago.”

“I’m sorry Sally.” Said Don

“It’s OK I better go get ready for my first class.”

Sally left the Office and was heartbroken.

Has Sally lost the man of her dreams? Find out in Part Three

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I have been working hard writing as much as I can. This is the third part. It's only sort but the best is yet to come.

Part Three

The week’s pasts and Sally was still heartbroken after Daniel left without saying goodbye.

It had been 3 mouths since Daniel left Summer Bay. Sally was on her way to Summer Bay high. When she arrived she meet Don Fisher.

“Morning Sally, good weekend?” Don asked Sally

“Morning Mr Fisher not bad you.”

“Yes, Yes.” Answered Don

“Have you found a new deputy principle yet?” Asks Sally

“Erm, yes I have he’s in my office now.”

“Can I go meet him?”

“Erm, yes of course.”

Sally walked to the principles office. She knocked on the door and walked in.

“Morning Sally nice to see you again.” Said Daniel

“You! What are you doing here?” Said Sally

“I took your advice, I’m moving to the bay, you don’t look happy to see me.” He said to Sally

“Happy, happy you left without saying goodbye we were getting on so well why did you leave and without saying goodbye?”

“Look like I told you Sal I was a supply teacher moving from town to town, I meet a lot of people, but you were special I really like you and I just couldn’t say goodbye to you.”

“Erm, is every thing OK in here?” said Don walking into the office.

“Fine just fine!” said sally as she walked out of the office.

The days past and Sally was still angry with Daniel. Daniel was staying in a caravan at the caravan park but was looking for somewhere to live in summer bay. After a few weeks of looking Daniel had found a house to rent.

If You have any sugestions for stories for Sally and Daniel post them and i will try to write them in.

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