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Two Hearts That Beat Like One

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Two Hearts That Beat Like One

Rating - Adult, may contain sexual descriptions.

Characters - Luc, aged 17, Annie, aged 15, may contain others but focuses on these two.

Luc and Annie are good friends, but is that all they are?What about the age difference?Does it really matter?

Annie lives on the farm with her brother, Geoff and therere pop.Luc lives with his dad in thehouse tehy used to share with the Hunters, beths dead and Mattie has moved out.

Chapter one

Last week of christmas term, Annie is at home after getting back from school.It's Wednesday and school finishes tomorrow for the christmas break.

Annie's P.O.V.

Im so glad I'm finally back from school, it was so boring the day just dragged on and on.I did get to speak to Luc though, he is so sweet, I really like him but he has no idea and I think he still has a thing for Belle.O well I'm sure there will be others, I don't really believe it I'm just hoping that if I say it often enough it might be true...

Later that afternoon...

I have alomst finished all my jobs around the farm, it is so hard having to keep up with school work and help Geoff and Pop around the farm.

As I walk back in the house, the front door bell rings.

I reach the door and am quite surprised and embarassed to see Luc there. What is he doing here?I must look such amess I've got my old farming clothes on, could it get any worse right now...

'hey Luc,whacha doing here?' I ask, trying to cover up the fact that I wish the ground would just swallow me up.

'I.. erm was just passing by and thought I'd pop round to see you. I can go if you would rather' he says, just passing by?he lives no where near hear, what was he doing here?

'No Luc it's fine, come in please' I lead him in, although I'm not sure how Pop would feel with me having a boy in the house, although he does like Luc alot.

'I'm just going to get changed, I didn't realise you were coming round, I don't usually dress like this' I say embarassed by him seeing me like this.

'Hey, you look great don't worry about what people think Annie, I like you just the way you are' he smiles, he really is amazing.

'have you been helping your Pop?' he asks.

'Yeah, I've still got to sweep out the chicken house and lay new bedding, I'm really tired though' I moan.

'I could always help you, I mean if you want me to that is' he is so sweet, he really doesn't help me try and get over him when he keeps being so great.

'Erm, yeah sure' i reply, slightly too excitedly.

Two hours later

'Luc's P.O.V.

'Well Luc that was so nice of you to help thanks, do you want a drink?' Annie asks me as we walk in.

'Yeah, squash is fine thanks' I reply as I sit down at the kitchen table. Annie is so incredible, how she manages to work on the farm adn do her school work is amazing. She is amazing, I actually really like her, not just as a friend, but I don't know what to do. I mean she is my mates little sister, she is younger than me and how do I know if she likes me?I'm so confused. I've known Annie for almost a year now and for the last few months, I have started to fall in love with Annie. It's not liek what I had with Mattie or Belle, with Annie its completely different, we connect on a different level, we understand each other. I have to tell her but I don't want to ruin our friendship if she doesn't feel the same...

'Luc!'Your juice Luc' Annie shouts, snapping me out of the dream world I was in.

'Sorry, thanks Annie' I reply, slightly embarassed. I have to tell her, I can't cope with this anymore, at least if its in the open we can move on either way.

'Luc, come on lets go and sit in the lougne, we can watch T.V. if you want?'she says.

'Ok sounds like a plan, can we talk instead?'I ask.

'Yeah, sure.Luc why do you look so serious?' she asks as we walk into the lounge and sit down.

'Well I need to tell you something but I don't know how to start' I say honestly.

'Well at the very beginning, it's a very good place to start' she smiles. Well here goes...

'Your so funny Annie, haha. No but seriously. I nhave to tell you something ok?' I tell her seriously.

'Ok Luc, shoot whats up?' she replies worriedly.

'Right well the thing is, we have been friends for a while now and I ... I kinda like you more than a friend. I think you are amazing, and beautiful and smart and I would be truly honoured to call you my girlfriend' I say in a rush. I watch her face, she seems startled and I don't know if it is a good or a bad thing.

'Annie?Say something please?' I say worried that I may just have ruined our friendship. She doesn't say a word, she just sits and stares at me. I have to get out.

'I'm sorry, I must go, I just had to tell you, I will see around then' I say my heart almost breaking inside. I get up an run to the front door.

'No Luc wait!!' Annie shouts, but I don't want to be rejected again.

Annie's P.O.V.

I can't believe he just said that, all this time I have been falling in love with him and I thought he didn't liek me like that and it turns out he does. I must be dreaming. I pinch myself, but I 'm still here. He jsut ran out and I give chace to him.

'Luc wait please!' I say breathlessly, I'm so tired and running like this is making my whole body hurt. I can't give up though this is my only chance to get the boy of my dreams. I am gaining ground on him quickly.

'I get just behind him, we have just ran the whole length of the drive on the fien, we are now at the bus shelter at the end of the drive.

'Luc just stop, please let me explain' I say in a alast ditch attempt to make him stop..and it worked. He comes to a stop.

'Sit down please Luc, let me explain and we can talk please' I say very out of breath.

'Look I know you don't like me as much as I like you, it's fine but can we just drop it now' he says very hurt.

'No Luc, you don't understand. I do like you like thta, well I actually have nevr felt like this before about anyone. I just thought that you wouldn't want me and then when you told me that I thought you were windingme up or that I was dreaming. Luc I've been in love with you for months now, I just thought that I would look like a stpid girl if I told you how I felt and I didn't want to ruin our friendship' I tell him honestly.

'Really?' he asks shocked

'Yeah, I just tried to forget about it, but you just kept turning up everywhere, it was a bit like fate but I just carried on like normal' what do we do no though, I'm not experianced in the slightest and he is gonna want stuuf to happen.

He moves closer to me and puts his arm around me.

'I can't belive it Annie!So will you go out with me then?' he beams.

'Errm...yeah ok' i reply, unsurely.

He kisses my chee and then tightens his grip around me.I lean my head on his shoulder, he smells really really good and he is so warm.

'Luc I've got to go, I've got scholl now' I tell him, although I'm quite embarassed.

'Of course, sorry, come on I'll walk you back' he says sweetly.


We both get up and he puts his arm back round me, I shrug him off. If Pop saw he wouldn't be happy.

'I'm sorry Luc, but we are on the farm now, if Pop saw he would be real mad' I tell him.

'Hey, it's ok, sorry I didn't think' he smiles.

We reach the porch.

'Well I will see you tomorrow, I'll meet you at the gates at the end of the day?' he says.

'Yeah ok, cya Luc' He grabs me and hugs me and then kisses me on the cheek. It feels amazing.

I wave as he walks back up the drive, this is amazing, he is my boyfriend!!I never thought I would ever say that about Luc.

I am going to sleep so well tonight...

They both went to their homes, went to bed contented and excited about what the new day will bring...

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