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The New Chick

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story title: THE NEW CHICK

type of story: drama

main characters: Lucas/Belle/Drew/Annie/Ric/Aden/Matilda/Geoff/Tam/Liz and others

rating: 15+

any spoilers: no

any warnings: no

summary: new chick in town causes trouble and catches local boys eyes


"This place sucks, c'mon lets just go back to the city" A young blonde girl said while gazing around the surf club

"Hey i wanna find our mum ok" a young male said to her "Flog ya at pool?" he asked her

"Nah i'm gonna go back to the car and see what the others are doin'"

"Ight, i'll show the photo and ask around" He told her

"Kewl" She walked out noticing a blonde guy walking , she pick up a handful of stones and throwing then at him one at a time.

"Owe" The guy said "Do you mind?" he said

"What are ya gonna do to make me stop"

"Just go away" he told her

she sighed "Dick" she yelled out

she turned around and bumped into another blonde guy

"I'm so sorry" she said

"Are you ok?" He asked her

"Yeah fine, i'm Jane"


"who was that guy..."

"The one you were throwing stones at?" Lucas asked


"His names Geoff, total tosser"

"Yeah seems like it, anyway does Lucas have a last name?" Jane said as she smiled

"Holden, does Jane?"

she laughed


"HEY C'MON GIRL" a female voice called

"Ithink my friend has a crisis, nice to me you mr Lucas Holden" She said as she ran up to her friend

Lucas smiled

Liz (Jane) looks like this:


her brother Shane looks like:



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