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True Love

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[[Story Title: True Love

Type of story: Short Fic

Main Characters: Martha and Jack

BTTB rating: Not Sure

Genre: Romance

Does story include spoilers: Yes (Kind of)

Any warnings: Mild

Summary: Sam, Rory and Jonah(Michael) have left the bay.This is set on the day before Jack and Martha's wedding day. As the two remember the troubles that they faced in the past, there will be a lot twists and turns on the way to the big day; leading up to the final question ...WILL LOVE CONQUER ALL ??


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So here's the first chapter..... well most of it at least.

HOPE you like it. Sorry it's so short


[Hunter/Holden House]

Martha twinged as the ray of sunlight entered the room and beat down on her skin. She had a throbbing headache from the party at Noah's last night. Her heart jumped as Jack put his hand over her stomach so that they were cuddling. He breathed heavily unto her shoulder. By the looks of it Jack was still fast asleep and didn't show any signs of waking up anytime soon.

"I think I going to be sick" Martha thought as she stood up from bed awaking a drunk Jack.......

"WhErE aRe yOu gOiNG??" "come back to bed" he stuttered holding her hand with his eyes barely open and his head still on the pillow "I'm going to the bathroom Jack not running away" she said kissing his forehead "ookk...." he mumbled as he went back to sleep as the alcohol in his system was in overdrive.

Emerging from the bathroom, Martha made her way to the kitchen bumping into a very disorientated Lucas who mumbled "hello" and locked the bathroom door behind him.

"Hey you" Matilda called out from the table

"Hey, I thought you'd still be asleep" Martha replied

"I know how to have a good time, without gettin drunk, unlike some-people *stressing her last word*" Matilda uttered

They both giggled

"Coffee?" Mattie asked

"Sure" Martha replied

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Here's the rest ......


"Waky..Waky" Tony said to Jack as he entered his room "argh... Jack replied"

"C'mon mate lets go" Tony replied dragging him out bed and gesturing him towards the bathroom

Since Beth's death Tony has been single, he was glad that Jack was happy. But he would soon be furious, if Jack didn't hurry up so they could finish finalizing plans for his bucks night. Jack decided to follow his heart broke things off with Sam, it was hard but he knew he had made the right choice.

"Ready" Tony asked as Jack walked out

"Yes, lets a go !" Jack replied

[The Diner]

Martha, Matilda, Belle and Cassie set around and discuss what they're doing tonight at Martha's hens paty tonight.

"So what you want to do tonight?" Matilda asked

" I don't know, are you going to bring Ric?" Martha teasingly replied

Cassie and Belle both giggle

"NO!!, for the last time !! Matilda retorted

"I was only joking !" Martha answered back

"But seriously, when are you going to forgive him" Cassie asked

"Soon" Matilda replied

With that, they went back to talking about Martha's Hen's Party

[Dan and Leah's]

"Oh, give it a rest, you've been cooking all day" Dan grumbled

"Considering, I'm getting payed for it, I have to do my best" Leah responded

"I've barely seen you today" Dan complained

" I know, I have to go, I'm sorry.I promised Irene I'll take her shift at the diner."

"Have to go, I'll see you tomorrow... Bye" Leah replied dashing out the door.

[Hunter/Holden House]

"Gotta go" Martha said

"Miss me" Jack replied putting his arms around he kissed her gently

"You know I will" Martha replied kissing him back

"erm....." Matilda cut in

Martha pulls away from Jack

"Got everything" Martha asked

"Yup, lets go !!" Matilda replied " Bye guys"

" See you" Jack and Lucas replied simultaneously

"Bye" Martha uttered to Jack giving him a quick kiss

"I'll see you tomorrow" Martha said gleefully as she walked out the door

"I'm looking forward to it" Jack shouted back her

"Have fun" Tony said from the behind the counter

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