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Killing Me Softly 2

Guest Sarah_Lewis

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Title: Killing me softly 2

Type of story: Short fiction 2 to 3 chapters maybe more.

Rating: A maybe M i dunno

Main Characters: Eve and Tracey

Genre: dont know.

Warnings: dont know.

Is Story being proof read: think so

Summary: a year after Tracey and Eve murdered Peter, they're on the run from the police with a baby on the way, how will Tracey handle it if they get caught?

Just a bit to see if you guys like it :P

Dear Diary,

I cant believe they new i helped kill Peter, one useless finger print lead to me and Eve, we never touched him much, only to throw him down that bloody manhole, god knows how they found him down there, we set the place of fire, his body would of burnt, unless of course he escaped before he died, we never put the lid on properly, we should of and they wouldn't be after us and I'd still have a bloody job!! Now i got no one or nothing, no way of making money, i'll probably be kicked out of my house!! Any ways enough on that ****, me and Eve are living a near happy life without Peter, I'm expecting a child less than a month left, then i'll be having her!! Write later, i'm getting a bit tired!!

Love TT x x x

"Trace are you ok?" said Eve, Tracey looked a bit down, she had been since she lost her job,

"I'm fine, just bored sick of being locked up in here day and night, i wish we could go out and do something!!" replied Tracey, wondering what was going to happen when she had the baby, they'd be caught, she'd have to raise thebaby in jail, that was the last thing she wanted to do,

"how about we go for a walk? come on you should be happy, we're going to have a baby in less than a week" said Eve, smiling at Tracey, trying to make her happy,

"we cant go for a walk, what if the police are out there looking for us? I dont want to raise this baby in jail nor do i want to give her up!! She's our little girl Eve" replied Tracey, a tear sliding down her cheek, she sat there staring out the window, it was a sunny day outside,

"babe we can go for a walk, the police would of given up on us by now, trust me" said Eve, putting a comforting arm around Tracey, she new she was upset,

"ok, just let me put some shoes on then we'll go!! replied Tracey, pulling herself up from the chair she was sitting in.

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