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Romance home and away

Guest **Julie**

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Romance home and away

Herald Sun

August 30, 2007

SUMMER Bay starlet Sharni Vinson and CSI:NY star AJ Buckley will this week be reunited after their whirlwind romance began in the US a month ago.

The Home and Away babe will spend 10 days showing first-time visitor Buckley the sights of Sydney.

Having just signed a five-year contract to star in CSI: NY and also guest-starring in recent episodes of Entourage, Buckley is hot property.

Vinson, 24, told Confidential she was head over heels for the 30-year-old LA-based actor.

"Right now I'm feeling like he's the total love of my life. It's actually quite hard to put into words," Vinson said.

"We just clicked so instantly and I felt this immediate surge of emotion -- it was really quite bizarre."

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