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Soap attracts stars in force

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Soap attracts stars in force

Herald Sun

August 23, 2007

HOME and Away's newest beauty, Simone McAullay, narrowly missed a full-blown Blue Heelers reunion on the set of the long-running soap yesterday.

McAullay started filming her guest role on the Seven series this week, just two weeks after another ex-Blue Heeler, Rachel Gordon, finished shooting her guest spot.

But McAullay still had one security blanket to comfort her - her episodes were directed by Danny Raco, aka Constable Joss Peroni.

McAullay plays a sexy young wife of a rich horse-racing powerbroker.

Simone and Rachel join a long list of seasoned actors to make continuing guest appearances on Home and Away in the last few months.

They include Rodger Corser, Damian De Montemas, Myles Pollard, Luke Carrol, Chris Haywood and even Danny Raco.

And Stingers star Peter Phelps was commissioned to direct the last fortnight of filming.

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