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Jade and Boby's YouTube Kiss

Guest Heathsgirl

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LEAKED video footage of a raunchy kiss beteen R&B babe Jade MacRae and Home and Away star Bobby Morley had fans of the showbiz duo in a frenzy when it was posted on YouTube yesterday.

The intimate lip-lock between the It Takes Two duo prompted speculation the pair had finally given in to their on screen chemistry, but the scenes were later revealed to be unused takes from the video for MacRae's latest single, In The Basement.

In the clip - which premiered on Nine's Today show yesterday - Morley plays the sexy singer's love interest.

But as the leaked snogging snippet did not make the the final cut in the clip and was not authorized by MacRae's label Roadshow, her company moved quickly to have the provocative pash removed.

Confidential received several emails from excited fans inquiring about the clip's authenticity as online hype began to build yesterday.

But by 5.30pm, Roadshow had successfully had the footage pulled down.

Despite her sizzling sucking face show, MacRae is in a long term relationship with her manager, Tim Purcell.

And believe it or not, the clip's kissing scene was actually his suggestion.

"Bobby is actually a great mate of mine and to be perfectly honest the kiss was my idea,'' he said.

"The only thing was that I didn't realise they would have to do it 15 times.

"It was a really slow, passionate kiss, and by about the fifth time I was over it,'' Purcell said.

Having shaken off the day's spicy situation, MacRae legged it over to Luna Park for the Urban Music Awards last night where she won the gong for Best Female Artist.


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