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Ric and Matilda: Reunited by Disaster?

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Story Title: Ric and Matilda: Reunited by Disaster?

Type of Story: Short/Medium Fic

Main Characters: Ric, Matilda and Cassie

BTTB Rating: G

Genre: Drama and Romance

Spoilers: None

Warnings: None

Summary: After seeing sense, Matilda returns to the bay but Ric is not keen to take her back after what she and Reuben got up to away from town. Eventually it gets too much and Ric declares their relationship is over. Matilda ends things with Reuben when she learned he was leaving for the city and when trying rush over to explain to Ric what has just happened, she gets run over. Does she survive?

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Ric is on the sofa when there is a knock on the door, it's Matilda, she has returned. A rather disgusted looking Ric immediantely slams the door on her and it's already clear that Ric dosen't want anything to do with her.

An hour later and Matilda tries again, she is invited in but before long, they are arguing:-

Ric: How could turn your back on me!

Matilda: I already said, I was sorry. It was never meant to happen!

It goes on for a few more minutes before Cassie walks in after hearing all the shouting downstairs, just as Matilda races off.

Cassie: What is going on?

Ric: She was just leaving, that's what happened.

Cassie: How could you just shut the door on your own girlfriend?

Ric: You mean my ex-girlfriend.


Matilda is alone when Cassie arrives

Matilda: What are you doing here?

Cassie: I heard what happen between you and Ric. I can't believe your relationship is in this much crisis.

Matilda: Perhaps I didn't tell the full story when I was away.

She tells Cassie that she slept with Reuben the night before Cassie convinced her to return to the bay. Cassie is absolutely gobsmacked.

Cassie: I think you should tell Ric.

Matilda: Why bother, it's only going to make things worse.

Cassie: Maddie, it's better if you tell the truth rather than just planning to lie.

So will Matilda decide to tell Ric? Find out later!

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Matilda arrives and tells Ric that she slept with Reuben and she never meant for it to happen, as expected, Ric yells at her, despite her pleas for an apology.

Ric throws Matilda out of the house and tells her that he never wants to see or speak to her again. Matilda bursts into tears on the doorstep.


Matilda finds Reuben and his surfer mates packing their bags.

Matilda: Where are you going?

Reuben: Were leaving for the city.

Matilda: Why?

Reuben: Because we want to start a new life away from here after the trouble we have caused.

There's a long pause then Reuben speaks again.

Reuben: We want you to come with us.

Matilda: When are you going?

Reuben: Tonight

Matilda: I would like to, but...

Reuben: But what?

Matilda: I can't, because I don't want to abandon my family and friends again.

Reuben: That's fine, you can come and visit still.

Matilda: OK, see ya!


It's the middle of the night and Matilda is inside alone, obviously upset having possibly just both of the men she loved. Not willing to let that happen, she sets off to try and make peace with Ric.


Cassie is having a go at Ric for not caring about Matilda says when they both see Matilda coming towards them in the distance.

Matilda: Ric! Wait! I want to talk to you!

But Ric is heading back in but this behaviour from him is clearly not impressing Cassie.

Matilda is nearly across the road when...


Matilda screams as she hits the floor! Both Ric and Cassie quickly rush to her side.

Ric: Maddie! Maddie! Are you OK?

She isn't! They turn her over and she is unconscious! And badly hurt too!

Cassie: What do you want me do?

Ric: Call for an ambulance.

Cassie does so using her mobile. Drew gets out of the car and Ric lets rip at him.

Ric: Do you have any idea of what you have just done!

Drew: I'm sorry. I tried to swerve out of her way but it was too late.

So has Matilda survived this ordeal. Or has she been sent to the great Summer Bay in the sky? Find out in the final chapter later!

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The hospital doors swing open and Matilda is carried through on a stretcher, in a bad condition. Cassie and Ric follow just behind and the look on Ric's face is rather strained when she is wheeled towards operation theatre.

An hour later, Sally, Brad and Tony have arrived after hearing the news. Ric is clearly not impressed by how they not being told anything.

Ric: This is bad, something's happened.

Cassie: Ric, just keep calm, she'll be fine.

Ric: Not at this rate, if she's died, it's all Drew's fault.

Cassie: Didn't you hear what Drew said, he was sorry.

Ric: He could have just tried harder.

Sally: Cassie's right. Drew didn't mean to hurt Maddie.

Tony: Just calm down and everthying will be OK.

10 minutes later and Rachel at last gives them some news.

Rachel: We've managed to stop the bleeding and she's fine. She suffered a nasty gash on her head and some severe bruising to her back.

Cassie: No broken bones?

Rachel: It would appear not. We are going to do some x-ray scans tommorrow but if nothing shows, she can go home tommrrow.

Ric: Can I go in and see her?

Rachel: Yes, but I will warn you that she is very groggy and tired so you might not get much out of her.

Ric enters Matilda's room who has just woken up and it's already clear, her speech is slurred and weak.

Matilda: Ric...is...that...you.

Ric: Of course.

Matilda: What...happened...?...Where...am...I...?

Ric: You got ran over and you're in hospital.


Ric's back and Matilda seems to have fully recovered already.

Ric: Morning.

Matilda: Good news, I could be out of here this afternoon.

Matilda: I'm sorry, I should have not gone out in the first place. I was such an idiot. (starts crying)

Ric: Hey don't cry. It wasn't your fault. It just happened.

Matilda: Why?

Ric: Look. The important thing is you OK. It could have been a whole lot worse.

They hold hands, a moment of URST, and they eventually kiss.

Ric: I love you.

Matilda: I love you too.

They kiss again.

So there you go! Disaster like this can reunite happy couples like Ric & Matilda. Thanks for reading.


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