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Stars heading over seas!

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I found this on Bay News section on seven. So I thought I should post it. I dont know if it had been posted already, if it has then just remove this.

Bay News!

Stars heading overseas

Kate, Mark and Jodi are heading over to the UK to do some promotional work with Five TV, so keep an eye out for their interviews. Jodi tells us she's looking forward to shopping at Harrods and Top Shop and Mark has threatened to take her to a rock concert. We can also tell you Rhys is off to Paris and Sharni and Paul are off to Los Angeles to meet up with Chris Hemsworth and Chris Egan.

Jack + Martha = Skinny-dip time?!

Jodi filled us in on an upcoming 'skinny-dip' scene with Martha and Jack. They were in the water for an hour and it was so cold they couldn't even speak, they were shivering that much! Paul was a gentleman, though, he carried Jodi into and out of the water to save her tromping through really thick mud.

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