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Back to the Bay: Big Brother 2007: Archive Thread

Guest Big Brother

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In House One

Username: Bellsy

First Name : Belle

Age: 20

Gender: F

Location: Australia


reading, writing, music, chatting

How would you/your friends describe your personality?

Kind, opinionated, fun, laid-back, random, a bit cheeky, funny (I think), nice but no pushover

Why should you be in the BTTB BB house?

to party hard, overload on the smut

Bellsy has been evicted!

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This two storey house, provides a plethora of space, luxury and entertainment. Balloon adorn the pathways to celebrate the housemates arrival.....


.....while a large cake for their enjoyment sits just inside the door. The housemates are greeted with the latest in plush furnishings, with this years living area taking on a green theme.



Facilities included in the house include a snooker table, arcade game, two mini bars, both fully stocked upon arrival, DJ decks with added speakers to really get a party atmosphere generated, and even a bubble machine!



Beyond a small stone wall, lies the kitchen, which draws inspiration from a rustic, cabin-like feels. The masters certainly won't go hungry with two fridges and excess preparation space, as well as table that easily fit ten house guests. Kitchen also includes, dishwasher, waste disposal, and a coffee machine to get those housemates entertaining you in the wee hours of the morning!



Also off the living room lies the bathing hygene facilities, in a room which very much sees a clash between a typical bathroom and medieval influnces. With those knights stood either side of the door, no-one's likely to disturb!



To the back of the house is the outdoor area, to lap up the lovely Maldives sunshine. This comes complete with a pool and BBQ, as well as a sitting area and a volleyball court!


And just what is hiding in this room?


With not even a door to go into, this room will keep everyone baffled. Though that will soon change....along with perhaps, even the room......


And lets not forget the second floor, our housemates sleeping area.


Each housemate has their own cosy double bed to sleep off those long hours in the pool. But just who are those two obscenely dressed statues, and what on earth could they be guarding?........


......Why yes! The love shack makes it's triumphant return, very much taking its decor lead from....well, things that need not be discussed in such a place as this!

And that concludes the tour of the Masters house!

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After the luxury and elegance of the Master's house, what do our slaves have to look forward to? Well......this....


There's no room for luxury in this house....literally, no room at all.


The entrance of our brave slaves home takes them straight into the bedroom....but there's not an inch of comfort to be found. If they're not trying to sleep to avoid the tasteless decor, they'll be wide awake from the discomfort they're getting from their beds....


And yes, that's right....9 housemates and only 8 beds. I guess this means one of them will find themselves on the couch as there's certainly no room for sharing....


The kitchen offers even less comfort. With one fridge, one worktop, a cooker that could explode at any given moment and table that not even half the housemates could squeeze around, it certainly won't be an easy ride for our slaves. And things just get better and better in the bathroom....


But wait....where's the toilet? Oh yes, that's right.....


I'm sure our slaves are going to have an interesting time...!!


Both houses are located in Male which conveniently has a timezone middway between UK and Aus. :wink:

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Hello and welcome to BTTB Big Brother 2007.

This year will hopefully see all the usual madness, mayhem, arguments and lewd activities however this year a few things are a little bit different.

For a start Big Brother has not one but TWO houses - situated in Male in the Maldives.

Shall we take a look around the houses?

House One

Click Here for a guided tour of House Number 1!

House Two

Click Here for a guided tour of House Number 2!

Both houses share a very basic courtyard with a contained, covered smoking area.

So you're probably wondering exactly what Big Brother is up to?

Well the answer is Master and Servant. That's right, this year Back to the Bay Big Brother is running under the theme of Master and Servants.

The masters will live in the luxury house and the servants in the basic one but that's not all... evil Big Brother has further twists up his/her sleeve.

For the masters it's happy days. Provided they pass their tasks they will receive a luxury shopping budget including regular supplies of alcohol but the fate of the servant house, including their shopping budget and their right to alcohol will be determined by the Master House.

That's right, the masters will have theoretical power over their servants and will reward for good behaviour and punish for bad behaviour.

So now that's all said and done shall we meet the housemates?

The Master House





Kade Kempson





The Servant House

Chris J

Dan F








I don't know about you but I've noticed something rather strange going on in there. It appears to me that all the BTTB members are in the master house and the BTTB staff including the Admin, moderators and Librarians are in the servant house. So those who usually have 'powers' on BTTB are now being ruled by those they usually have powers over.

You've got to love Big Brother's wickedness!

Tune in later to see how the housemates reacted to their new roles and to see them given their very first task. If you want to see live action just click into the Big Brother Houses One and Two.You can discuss the goings on, including what you think of evil Big Brother's twist, in The Discussion Thread.

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Username: -Chris-

First Name: Chris

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Location: Victoria, Australia


Anything but school Swimming, Athletics, Computers & IT

How would you/your friends describe your personality?

Don't take things seriosuly, joke too much

Why should you be in the BTTB BB house?

I was going to last year but thought no, then I saw what I was missing out on! It would be great to be on a celebrity show online a forum I think that I would be great in the house to get to know others, and so that they can get to know me better!

-Chris- has been evicted!

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Username: Drew

First Name: Drew

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Location: Sydney


TV, Music, Writting, Socializng, Entertaining others

How would you/your friends describe your personality?

dumb blonde, funny, stupid

Why should you be in the BTTB BB house?

Because I am a spunk male aussie which should balance out all those scraggy Uker's boys

Drew has been evicted!

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