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National television award 2007

Guest simmins

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Neighbours is more popular than h&a, known and has a better chance of winning for the australian TV, thats why I voted for Neighbours all the way industry.

Neighbours has never won anything in the UK so it would be nice for the show to be recongised for a change, and besides it would be nice for the Neighbours cast to visit the UK (again!)

The nominations for this years Natational Television Awards 2007 have been released, and here are the nominations that concern Neighbours:

Most Popular Actress

Jackie Woodburne (Susan Kennedy) (Number 25)

Most Popular Actor

Alan Fletcher (Karl Kennedy) (Number 32) he's more popular and known by the Brits than chris, chris doesn't stand a chance!

Most Popular Serial Drama



NB: The Neighbours nominated cast are more known to the British TV industry and the British public than the h&a cast members, so vote for Neighbours to represent the australian TV industry in Britain.

Spread the word to Neighbours, Alan and Jackie fans!!


Spread the word to Neighbours, Alan and Jackie fans!!

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