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Revenge Of The Stalker

Guest Sarah_Lewis

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Sorry guys if its not that good, i should of taken longer on it but i did it all this morning lol

Title: Revenge of The Stalker

Type: short oneshot

Rated: A

Main characters: eve, tracey, peter and McGrath

Warnings: V/D

Spoilers: no

Summary: Peter Drugged Eve/Maxine to get her in jail.

Maxine Trood woke up in jail the next morning, she didn't remember how she got there or who took her there, all she knew was her real name was Eve Jacobsen and she was the summer bay stalker and her accomplice was Tracey Thompson, she knew Tracey would come and help her escape from this **** hole, she new it was probably Peter who put her here, he probably drugged her, she wouldn't of gone with him willingly, she'd of put up a fight, but how did he drug her? she thought to herself.

Maxine heard footsteps coming towards her cell, she wondered who it was, she hoped it was Tracey, she didnt want to see Peter again,

"Tracey, is that you?" asked Maxine in a whisper, trying to look around the corner but she couldn't quite see that far because of the stupid bars,

"Eve, its me!!" replied Tracey, walking up to Eve, she was going to get her out of this place, she didnt care what she had to do,

"where's Peter?" asked Eve, taking off her wig and glasses, there was no point in wearing it now, Peter new it was her, he figured out that her name meant 'I Am Next Door',

"on his way to come and talk to you!" replied Tracey, breaking the news to Eve,

"he, he drugged me Trace, he drugged me so he could put me in here, he new I wouldn't come willingly so he drugged me, I know he did!!" said Eve, she wanted to kill Peter and that was just what she was going to do when she got out of here,

"I know he drugged you babe and he's not going to get away with it, I'll sort him out!!" replied Tracey, she didnt care if she had to kill him she'd do it right now if she had to,

"kill him Trace and get me the f**k out of this dump, i cant stand it any longer!!" said Eve, she hated it in here and it was only her first night,

"I'll kill him, he needs to pay for drugging you, I'll get you out of here as soon as i can!!" replied Tracey, she could see Peter coming around the corner from te corner of her eye,

"what are you doing down here Trace?" asked Peter, looking at Tracey, then at Eve,

"you drugged her so you could put her in here!!" replied Tracey, she couldn't believe Petyer would do such a thing,

"well i had to put her behind bars and she wouldnt come willingly otherwise, so i drugged her" said Peter, realizing he probably did do the wrong thing, he'd dob himself in when he was done here,

"you did the wrong thing Pete, i think you should dob yourself in! do the right thing!!" replied Tracey, sneakily reaching for her gun in her back pocket,

"I know it was the wrong thing to do and i am going to dob myself in!!" said Peter, he didnt know he wasn't going to get the chance to though, he didnt know what was going to happen next,

"well i think you ought to go and do it now Pete, before i do it for you!!" replied Tracey, she could interview Eve for him,

"ok, I'll go and do it right now, you can interview Eve!!" said Peter, turning around to go to the bosses office,

"thank you Pete!" replied Tracey, shooting Peter twice in the back, she wiped her finger prints off the gun so she wouldn't get caught and put the gun in Peters hand to make it look like suicide, she quickly ran out of the cell block to make it look like she wasn't down there.

"guys i need help down here, Detective down!!" Tracey screamed out, she knew Peter was already dead,

"what? who is it?replied Mcgrath, running down the stairs,

"i, its Peter, he's already dead, looks like suicide!!" said Tracey, a tear coming to her eye,

"ha so the detectives dead that bastard drugged me!!" spat Eve laughing at the thought Peter committed suicide,

"what who drugged who?" said MacGrath,

"Peter drugged me!! he drugged me to get me behind bars, maybe he felt guilty for doing it and killed himself because he couldn't live with it!!" replied Eve, holding back a laugh,

"did you have anything to do with this Eve? you've wanted Peter dead for a very long time!" said Tracey, pretending to accuse Eve of killing Peter,

"sadly it wasn't me, i had nothing to do with him committing suicide though i would of loved to kill him myself, for drugging me!!!" replied Eve, she was disgusted she didnt kill him herself.

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