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Ada's surprise Birthday Party

Guest Leah

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15 May 2007

Daily Telegraph

HOME and Away glamour girl Ada Nicodemou blew out the candles for the cameras at her 30th birthday party held at Kings Cross nightclub Sapphire Suite on Sunday.

A cast of Home and Away stars arrived to clink glasses with the soap star and her new husband Chrys Xipolitas.

But in a sign that she might be maturing, the birthday girl opted not to have her cake and eat it too.

While Nicodemou and Xipolitas delight in having every milestone in their lives documented by weekly magazines, the actress allowed a photographic company to sell the shots to the mags but didn't pocket any cash -- although after making fifty grand from their honeymoon, they didn't really need to.

You can find more photo's here : homeandawaycouples


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