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5 Weeks Later

Guest Cal

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Type of story:One Shot

Rating: T

Main Characters: All Cast

Genre: Drama/Horror

Warnings: None

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: Bird-Flu hits the bay....


Residents were still wondering how Matilda died. Tony had found her lying in her bed. She was ice cold.

Nobody had noticed anything wrong with her. She was perfectly fine when she went to bed the previous night. Tests were being carried out on her. Tests to determine the cause of death. Nothing was found. Not one thing.

Three days after her death, a few hundred people in China were diagnosed with what looked like Bird-Flu. Surely Matilda couldn't have died from that, it hadn't mutated into human form.... Or had it?

Reports were coming in from all around the world. People everywhere were dying. Thousnads died in the UK. A few hundred died in Ireland, France, Spain and Estonia.

People were panicing. There was nowhere to hide, nowhere to run. The virus was all around them.


The Summer Bay residents had nowhere to go. There had already been seven more deaths in the town, including, Tony , Jack , Lucas and Beth. They were all in contact with Matilda when she died.

Martha, Irene, Alf, Rachel, Ric, VJ and Drew were in Isolation Block 617B. The first shelter in the town.

Sally, Amanda, Pippa JR., Peter, Belle, Brad, Colleen, Kim, Cassie, Dan and Leah were in Block 617C.

Nobody survived in Block 617A. The virus had entered it somehow. The Holden Family were the only people in there. They died within a few hours of entering the Block.


A week later, the food was getting low. People were surviving on Baked Beans and chocolate. They were wondering if they should go outside to look for some more food. People objected. Why let the virus in? Despite the objection, it went ahead. Only one person atayed behind.

The residents walked along the beach, stepping over bodies. All of the bodies were freezing.

Kim was the first to drop. Just after two hours of going outside, he was the first fatality.

The residents walked into the diner, packed up some food and left. Belle, Rachel and Ric dropped to the ground.

They were all panicing. Many were crying over the loss of loved ones. Amanda, Peter, Dan and Leah were next. They died outside the Surf Club.


Five weeks later, it was gone. The world was quiet. Over eight million died in seventy four countries.

People arrived in Summer Bay looking for survivers. They found most of the residents dead. Many of whom were the Block survivers.

They found one surviver in Block 617C. They asked what his name was.

He said "Brad"


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