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Killing Me Softly

Guest Sarah_Lewis

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Story Title: Killing Me Softly

Type of story: Oneshot

Main Characters: Tracey, Eve and Peter

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: V/D

Summary: Tracey tells Eve she cant live two lives and gets her to see if she can do it so they swap places for a day.

Hee here's Andys late Birthday present =p hope you like it!!

Killing Me Softly

“Eve, I don’t think I can do this anymore” said Tracey, she found it hard living two lives,

“what do you mean you cant do this anymore?” asked Eve, she didn’t want Tracey to leave her,

“this I cant live two lives, I cant be an accomplice and a detective, I cant keep tricking Peter!!” said Tracey, it broke her heart saying those words, she hadn’t wanted to leave Eve,

“then drop the detective life and come work with me!” replied Eve, she knew Trace wouldn’t give her job up as a detective, she enjoyed it,

“you know I like being a detective it took me a long time to get that and I don’t want to lose it!” said Tracey, though she didn’t want to lose Eve as well,

“I don’t want to lose you Trace, I love you!” replied Eve, she was praying Tracey would change her mind,

“I love you to babe, but I cant live a double life, why don’t you try it, why don’t you disguise yourself as me and be me for the day, see if you can do it!” said Tracey, she didn’t mean to make that sound mean,

“get me the stuff and I’ll do it, this should be fun!” replied, smirking, as she watched Tracey, get her clothes and a brunette wig,

“here you go lil miss smarty pants, lets see how good you are being me” said Tracey, she didn’t ant to turn this into a fight, but it seemed to be going that way,

“no need to be smart Trace, this was after all you idea!!” replied Eve, she could see this was going to turn into a fight,

“I wasn’t being smart, I’m not making you do it, its your own choice!!” said Tracey, trying to avoid the fight,

“I know and I want to do, now give me the gun and the cuffs oh and your badge!” replied Eve, just managing to stop the conversation turning into a fight,

“well have fun being me today babe and sorry if I sounded smart before!” said Tracey, apologising to Eve,

“its ok babe I forgive you, anyways I better be going don’t want Peter getting worried now do we” replied Eve,

“no we don’t, bye babes see you round 12ish” said Tracey, kissing Eve good bye on the cheek.

“Trace, have you got any leads on the stalker?” asked Peter, looking at Tracey, there was something different, it didn’t seem like Tracey,

“um no have you” replied Eve, sitting at Tracey’s desk,

“no I haven’t that’s why I asked you” said Peter, he had no clue that it wasn’t the real Tracey,

“oh, ok I’ll get back to you when I hear something!!” replied Eve, she enjoyed being Tracey for the day,

“thanks Trace, I better get back to my paperwork!!” said Peter, leaving Tracey’s office.

“Pete has no clue its me!” said Eve, taking off the wig she was wearing,

“well that’s great, so I can send you to work when I want a day off ha ha!!” replied Tracey, she didn’t really think that it would fool Peter,

“I’ll have to think about that, I don’t want to work with Peter, once is enough for me!” said Eve, falling back onto the couch, she was buggered and her day wasn’t over yet, she had to go back until 6 tonight,

“aw come on, it wont be all the time and besides he’ll be dead soon won’t he?” asked Tracey, she liked the fact that Eve could do her work for her and she’d get paid for it,

“I’d rather the soon be now, then none of us will have to work for him” said Eve, she wanted Peter out of the way so they could move onto there next victim, Miss Colleen Smart,

“well why not kill him tonight, I’ll tell him I’m your accomplice and we’ll put him down some man hole till he dies or we’ll kill him first then stick him down the manhole, sound like a good idea?” asked Tracey, she thought it sounded like a good idea even if Eve didn’t like it,

“but will it work, I’ll ask Peter out on a date, he wont know I’m taking him to the old abattoir where it all started you’ll obviously meet me there then we’ll kill him!!” said Eve, she couldn’t stand the thought of asking Peter out on a date,

“good idea, you better get to work or you’ll be late, see you at the Abattoir around 6:30ish, does that give you enough time?” asked Tracey,

“yeah that’s plenty, see you then babe!!” said Eve, kissing Tracey on the cheek then putting her wig on and heading back to work.

“Pete, are you busy after work tonight?” asked Eve, she wanted to get this over with,

“um no why, what’s up?” asked Peter, stopping At Tracey’s door,

“would you like to go and get a drink with me?” asked Eve, she hoped he said yes,

“um yeah ok I’d love to, I was going to ask you but I was to scared to just in case you rejected me!” replied Peter,

“ha ha, Pete I’d never reject you ever” said Eve, though she would have rejected him,

“so see you at 6:00” replied Peter,

“yup cant wait sweetie!!” said Eve getting back to the paper work.

Tracey was walking around the abattoir waiting for Peter and Eve to turn up they were taking there time, maybe Eve went on that date? A few seconds later she heard screaming and yelling, she then realized they had turned up,

“get in there you worthless little ****!!” spat Eve,

“Trace? How can you be there when you’re here” said Peter, he was stunned to see two Tracey’s

“you’re a silly fool aren’t you Peter? You see the Tracey you were working with was really Eve!!” replied Tracey, taking Eves wig off,

“you, you how could you do that, let go of me!! I’m going to ****ing kill you!!” screamed Peter,

“you kill me, I don’t think so your going to die right now” replied Tracey, catching the gun Eve threw at her,

“just let me go, we can talk about this!!” said Peter, almost pleading for his life,

“good bye detective Baker!!” replied Tracey, laughing whilst shooting Peter to his death,

“and that was how the detective died, the end!!” laughed Eve, looking at Peters dead body.


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