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Boy Meets Girl, Girl Meets Drugs

Guest Cal

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Story Title: Boy Meets Girl, Girl Meets Drugs

Type of story: Short/Medium Fic

Main Characters: Belle, Ric, Mattie, Lucas and Che

Rating: T/A

Genre: Angst

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: (V/D) (L)

Summary: The New guy in town sends Belle on a downward spiral leading to disastrous consequences.


"Mattie and I are worried about you", Luc said, popping a chip into his mouth. "You're out of control Belle"

"You don't know what you're are talking about, I'm fine" She tried to act normal but she couldn't. She got up out of her seat and walked out of the Diner.


"She shouldn't have done it", Ric mumbled.

He couldn't believe that Belle had just done drugs. Ever since that new guy, Che, came to town, she has gone downhill. What made her trust him over her friends?

"For god's sake, she is so stupid!" Ric studied the expressionless faces around the kitchen table.

"Mum's working double shifts at the bar again, so Luc and I could stay with you and keep you company?" Matilda knew Ric was keen on them staying over. He was so upset about Belle's downward spiral that he needed friends to comfort him.


Belle walked towards her locker the next day. She started emptying her bag and put her English books in. She felt someone grab her shoulder. It was Che. He was tall, had jet-black hair and was well built.

She kissed him, "Hey gorgeous. What are you doing here at school?"

"I just wanted to show you something before the classes finished."

"What do you want to show me?"

He put out his hand. What she saw was the best thing she had seen in days.

"Che, is that what I think it is?", She studies the object even more.

"Yep babe, Ecstasy" He smiled.

She put the little packet of drugs in her pocket just before the bell rang. The classes poured out. She looked around to find Che amongst the crowd. He was gone.

Belle smiled and walked away.


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For a moment neither Belle nor Ric spoke. She began to laugh as Ric gazed on in disbelief.

"Belle, this is not funny! Don't you understand?"

"Oh, but it is funny." She couldn't stop giggling.


Brad turned around and looked at them. "Now, which one of you set the computor on fire!?"

Ric looked at Belle. She stayed quiet. He couldn't belief that she didn't own up to it. Brad looked at her.

"Belle, we take vandalism very seriously at this school, you know that."

She stared at him, then she looked away. "Whatever. Can I go?"

"You can go. But you have detention for a week!"

Ric and Belle got up off their seats and walked towards the door.

"Ric, can I talk to you for a second, please" Brad said, with a worried look on his face. He sat down and Belle walked out the door and slammed it.

"Right, I know you are not telling me something, Ric" He began to look more worried. Not that he knew something was going on, but the fact that Ric didn't answer.

"Brad, it's pretty serious" He was having hard time trying not to say it. "She's doing drugs!"


Jack Holden, Lara Fitzgerald and Brad Armstrong walked down the crowded school hallway and stopped in front of Belle's locker.

"That's her locker, Jack." Brad was trying not to feel all the eyes staring at him. The students knew it was a locker search.

Lara and Jack opened the locker and rummaged through it. They opened books and her pencil case. Nothing.

Belle walked down the hallway. She noticed the cops at her locker.

"What the hell do you think you are doing!?"

"We have reason to believe that you are holding drugs, Miss Taylor" Jack saw the angry look on her face. They began to search her.

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"We are not going to ask you again. Who gave you the drugs?"

Belle sat in the holding office in Summer Bay police station. It was late. Jack and Peter had been questioning her for hours.

"I told you, they're not mine!", Belle was calm. She wasn't nervous.

Peter slammed his hand down on the table. "Jesus Belle! We know they're yours. Just tell us who gave them to you and we'll find him!"

Jack looked at Peter. "It's pretty obvious who gave them to her, detective. It's Che Faddy. The Irish Mug"

"Do you have evidence, Jack?" Pete looked at him.

Belle looked at them both. "Why do you suspect him? He had nothing to do with this!"

Both looked at each other.

"Fine. We'll let you go. But don't think we are letting you Scott-free. You'll be back for questioning in the morning"


"I'm sorry, Che. I didn't mean for them to find them." Belle looked worried. She wondered how he would react.

"Who told them!?"

"I don't know" She tried to remember the day at school. Her mind played back to the meeting in Brad's Office and how she was beside Ric.

".........It was Ric!"

"Belle, are you sure?" He looked confused. "Why would he turn you in? You were going out with him"

"I don't know, but he was the one who stayed behind in Brad's Office. He must of told him."


Ric opened the front door of Summer Bay House. He saw Che standing there. He looked angry.

"Why did you tell him that she was doing drugs?"

"I said it to protect her. She needs to get away from you!"

He looked angrily at Ric.

"You better watch what you say. You wouldn't know what might happen to you...." He walked away from the door.

Ric shut the door and put his hands over his face. "Sh!t"


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"Che is an absolute nutcase!" Ric said to Luc while putting his books in his locker.

"Why? What did he say?"

"He basically told me to watch my back."

"Oh, that line!" Luc didn't look surprised.

Ric and Luc put their Biology books in their bags. Luc turned to Ric, "Do you think he really meant it? I mean, he could just be scaring you"

"He sounded pretty serious. I just hope Belle doesn't do anything stupid again"


"Belle, I really think we should get out of this stupid town. We obviously don't belong here" Che looked at her.

"I don't know Che, I've got friends and family here. I can't just let them go"

"But you've got me babe. I thought you wanted to be with me?" He looked at her with a confused look.

"Of course I want be with you. I just don't want to leave here yet. Plus, I've go those stupid exams next year"

He started to get angry. In a fit of rage, he turned around and hit Belle. She fell on the ground and started crying.

Che stormed out and got into his car.....


Mattie was in English with the boys, Ric and Luc. They were studying poetry, Mattie's worst topic, but Luc's favourite. Ric was on the fence, he didn't like it - but he didn't hate it either.

There was a knock on the classroom door, it was Brad. He walked over to the English teacher and whispered something in her ear. She looked shocked and immediately looked over to Mattie, Luc and Ric.

"Can I talk to you guys outside for a second? Oh, and bring your bags too" He walked out of the class and they quickly followed.

He turned to the concerned looking teens. "There is something I need to tell all of you. Em.... there has been an accident......."

"What? What happened? Who!?" Mattie was curious.

Brad took a while to talk back. "Em, it was Kit, Tony and Martha"

Ric spoke next, "Are they OK!?"

"They're dead, Ric"


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Peter was sitting at his desk in the station thinking about the car crash. He was thinking about the good times and how Tony, Kit and Martha used to have so much fun together. He was thinking about the bad times too. All the times they were in accidents and all the times they were at the station. He began to hear voices of them, they were calling "Peter" over and over.

Fitzy tapped him on the shoulder, "Peter!". He jumped. "Oh, Fitzy....what is it?"

She looked nervous, "We've identified the other driver in the accident. He is currently at NDH".

He looked at her, "Well, who is it?!"

"It's Che Faddy" She eyes were beginning to fill with tearsdrops, "He has only suffered a broken arm...."


Belle was sitting beside Che's hospital bed in room 6. She was feeling the side of her face and she was wondering if she should stay with him after what he had done to her and her friend's familys.

Was she with the right guy? She began to wonder. A million thoughts were flying through her mind. She was thinking about how her friends wanted her old self back and how she just ignored them.

Che sat up in the bed. "Belle, Earth to Belle?!" He started to wave his hand in front of her face. She suddenly came back to reality and looked up at him, "Oh.... Hi."

"Are you alright? You look a little spaced out!"

"How do you think I feel after what you have done?!"

"It was an accident, Belle. I never should have hit you"

"It's not that you idiot! You killed 3 of my friends in that crash!"

Belle began to cry. She got up out of the chair and ran out the door.

"Belle? Belle?!"


"It was Che who caused it?!" Ric was clearly angry.

Peter stood at the front door, "Yes, I'm afraid so."

"I'm gonna kill him! When I get my hands on that...."

"Oi, you are not going near him, mate."

Ric walked to the dinning table and sat down. He couldn't believe that he had done this to his family and to his friend's families.

Peter walked over to Ric, "We'll be charging Che with Manslaughter as soon as he gets out of hospital"

"And when will that be?"

"Tomorrow morning"

Peter got up and walked back to the door, "Call me if you need anything, Ric"


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Belle was sitting at a table in the diner, thinking about the recent events. She was wondering whether to stay with Che or not. Could she forgive him after he had hit her and killed 3 of her friends?

She didn't realise that she was poking a piece of salad with her fork for the past twenty minutes until Peter said, "Thinking about him?"

She looked around to see him standing there in his detective suit. "Mind if I sit down?", he sat down before she could even answer.

"What do you want, Peter?"

"Em, Che is being charged with Manslaughter today"

"So? Why are you telling me?"

"Well, I just thought you should know?!"

"Peter, he killed three of my friends. Why would I want to know him after what he had done?"

Belle got up out of her seat and walked out of the diner.


Ric opened the door, he saw Belle standing there. "What do you want?"

"Ric, I'm sorry for the way I've been treating you guys...."

"Save it, Belle. The damage has already been done."

"Ric?! Please, I really am sorry!"


He walked over to the couch and sat down. She followed. She held his hand."Listen, I've left Che. He is ancient history."

"That still doesn't change the fact that Martha, Kit and Tony are dead!"

"I know that, Ric."

"Just get out, Belle"



She got up and walked towards the front door. "Sorry", she walked out.


Belle was in her bedroom, looking at Photos of her and Che. She was thinking about all the happy times, all the laughing and smiling. She thought about the first time they did Heroin together. She could feel it running through her veins. It was pure bliss.

The phone rang beside her, she jumped.


"Belle? This is Peter."

"What do you want, Peter?"

"Che was escaped from hospital after he stabbed Nurse Julie. He might be heading for you."

Before Belle could answer, she heard the front door close.....

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Slowly making her way downstairs, Belle heard someone walking around. She reached the end of the stairs and looked for the person. She couldn't see anything. She went over to the wall where the lightswitch was and turned it on cautiously. She did'nt want to make any noise. The light didn't turn on. She flicked the switch again. Nothing.

She went into the middle of the room and stood there. She was so scared. Somebody was here, breathing the same air as she was. Belle looked over at the window, the moonlight was flooding in. It only lighted a small section of the room, not enough to see who was there. Her heart started beating fast. Faster. Faster.

It hadn't even been a 5 minutes since she has heard the front door close, but it felt like a lifetime. All that fear in just a few minutes....

Suddenly, she stopped breathing. She heard something beside her. She waited a few seconds.... she heard it again. Then she realised what it was. It was the sound of another person breathing. She didn't dare to move, she was petrified. She wondered what would happen if she made a sudden bolt for the door. Before she could even move her foot, she felt someone grab her wrist. She screamed and hit the person as hard as she could. They let go.

Belle began to run towards the door. She tried to open it. It was locked. She tried to barge her way through it, no luck. She felt a grasp on her hips and she was thrown away from the door. There she saw who it was. It was him. Che. She had never seen him so angry. He looked pissed. His body looked rigid in the moonlight. It looked like he was a statue.


"He is heading to Belle's?!", Ric was shocked.

Peter spoke next, "We have all our units heading there now."

"I've got to go there, NOW!"


Belle lay on the ground, her hands tied and a gag in her mouth. Che was standing over her, staring at her.

"You know why I did this, Belle? Because you broke my heart!"

She cried out, but it was silenced by the gag.

"You chose your friends over me. I don't like that. Not one little bit"

He heard sirens coming towards the house.

"Now you're going to pay"


The police surrounded the house, hoping that it would achieve something. They were ordered to enter the house a few minutes later when Peter and Ric arrived.

They entered, Ric ran in. "Belle?! Belle?!". He was searching frantically. He ran up the stairs and into her room. Nothing. He searched the other rooms on the upper floor. Still no sign of her. He went back down to find Peter and all the other officers making a search plan.

"Peter, I can't find her!"

"Ric, it's okay. We've got a plan worked out. We'll find her in no time"

They heard a car door close outside. Peter looked at the other officers, "You ordered more units?" They denied. Who was outside?

They then heard a engine start. Ric ran outside to see a car with it's lights on full beam and Che in the front seat. He looked to the back window. Ric froze, Belle was tied, gagged and crying.


The car started to move. Ric ran after it, hoping to stop it. The car moved faster and off it went......

Ric looked on helplessly........

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Nurse Julie walked down the corridor of the NDH and went over to Rachel, they both looked at Ric.

"Should we get him a coffee or something?"

"No, Julie. Leave him. She's only been dead for a few hours"

******{Flashback to a few hours previous}******

"Peter, I've got to catch up with the car!"

"Ric, I'm going as fast as I can."

Peter and Ric were speeding down the road outside of the Surf Club. It had only been a few minutes since Ric saw Belle in the back of Che's car, tied and gagged.

"Peter, we've spotted the car at the cliffs", said Jack through the car radio. "We are there now"


Che sat in his car, looking out to the sea. He was caught. Nowhere to go. Well, almost nowhere.... He smiled.

Belle was screaming in the back, kicking the window trying to break it.

Jack and the other cops were standing near the car, they couldn't do anything drastic, Che might be armed and he was too close to the cliff. They didn't want to chance anything.

Pete and Ric arrived at the scene. Ric ran up to the car and started hitting the back window, "Belle!", he looked around, "Why aren't you guys doing anything?!"

The car revved and sped towards the cliff edge. Ric ran after it. He watched the car get closer to the edge......


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