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Tue 3 Apr 07 - " Ray Meagher - You're a Star! "

Guest dodge

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My very unofficial title for this episode - dedicated a sublime actor who returns to our screens tonight....

" Ray Meagher, you're a Star!"


- The Boys at Rocket Club springing Martha

- Colleen trashing Martha at the diner, and her subsequent biting response in return

- Amanda at home with Kelli drinking, getting the Ryan call

- Amanda drink driving, seeing Peter's headlights, crashing

- Peter comes over to Amanda's wrecked car, panicked.

Title Screen

EXT. Yabbie Creek Rd

Peter is trying to bring Martha back from unconsciousness. Realising he's failing he calls the emergency services in a panic.

INT. Northern Districts Hospital

The ambo's run Amanda through the Emergency Room doors on a stretcher. The Ambulance Officer runs through her vitals as a scared Peter tags alongside. The doctor makes the quick decision to take her through to the ward.

INT. Diner

Sal and the family are at a table in the diner with Jack standing by. They discuss Alf, fearing it will be a while before he returns. The conversation turns to Martha, who comes down, looks over briefly at her estranged family, and leaves. The discussion on Martha continues, the family at a loss what step to take next.

INT. Amanda's House

Belle and Kelli are wandering around, and the phone rings. It's the parent of the kid whose house Ryan is at - Ryan's still there and very upset. As Belle hangs up and the pair realise something's wrong, Leah knocks on the door - there's been a crash. It's Amanda.


Everyone (Leah, Dan, Drew, Belle, Kelli) rushes in. They discover she's barely conscious and was bleeding from the ear. They'll know more after some tests. Peter begins recalling the accident, blaming himself for leaving his high beams or some such thing. Dan rubbishes his self-blame but Peter is clearly upset - and still loves Amanda.

INT. Summer Bay House

The family file into the house... and as they do, hear a familiar voice - "you didn't even leave any beers in the fridge". Alf's back!

They take to the couch and as expected, conversation becomes all about Martha. Alf expresses his disappointment and disbelief that Martha's moved out... but Ric tells him there's more than just that...


Drew and Belle seem to be conversing and getting along OK in the wake of the accident. The doctor soon comes out - she's fine, just a burst ear drum. Peter is desperate to see her.

INT. NDH - Amanda's Hospital Bed

Peter comes in and takes her hand. She opens her eyes... "Peter"...

Commerical break


Alf has learnt the newest facts on his granddaughter. He realises he knew something was wrong and he should've been there. Sally and Brad use Pippa as an excuse to go to bed. Ric continues explaining what happened when they saw Martha, and offers Alf another beer. As he fetches it, Alf has bolted....

INT. NDH - Amanda's Hospital Bed

Peter and Amanda are chatting and looking on at each other... things could be on track. Then, the nurse comes in. Her blood tests have come back showing a Blood/Alcohol limit of 0.12. As predictable as ever, Pete flies off the handle and leaves the room. He storms down the corridor and fills the waiting party in on the news. A fight ensues, Kelli & Belle for Team Amanda and the remaining trio of Leah Dan and Drew for Team Peter... he can forgive almot endangering his own life, but she could've put Ryan in danger. During the fight, Drew and Belle exchange hate-filled barbs.

INT. Apartment above Diner (Martha's)

Alf brings a full suitcase of Martha's things out into the loungeroom. Martha enters and is baffled as to what he's doing. He lays down the law telling her she's coming home and quitting but the young girl is holding her ground. Alf is humbled for a moment until he informs her if she wishes to maintain her lifestyle, it's not going to be in that apartment. He wants her out by the morning!

INT. NDH - Amanda's Hospital Bed

Kelli and Belle are comforting Amanda, she laments it looked like he still loved her - and then Peter walks back in. But he's got Jack and another cop behind him. Amanda Vale, you are being charged with driving under the influence...

Commercial break

Int. SBH - Back Porch

Sally and Alf lament Alf's latest actions - she thinks Martha will be only pushed further away if they try to use force. She believes if he continues a hard-line stance, Martha will only alienate them more.

A New Day dawns over Summer Bay

INT. Apartment above Diner (Martha's)

Alf tells Martha she doesn't need to move. Martha appears content and taken a little aback by Alf's decision. Alf appears to be pretty lenient and even looks defeated when Cam comes out. Cam and Alf discuss his sister and strokes etc. Martha takes her leave to grab some clothes, and Alf says to Cam they should probably have a talk.

INT. Dan & Leah's

Dan & Pete chat about Amanda's DUI. He informs her he went back to the hospital after everyone left and had Amanda charged - Dan appears to agree. Drew listens in on the end of the conversation where Peter laments how much he's been sucked in again by her.

EXT. Summer Bay - on the Beach

Belle walks up out of the water (in a SMOKING HOT bikini can I just say) to an equally hot and topless Drew. They lay right into each other about their respective parents, ending in Belle calling it quits. It's over... and Belle seems to be more mature about it - telling Drew to grow up.

INT. Apartment above Diner (Martha's)

Alf, Martha and Cam are having a relatively calm discussion, Cam rolling out his lies and gullible Martha eating them up and trying to convince Alf. Alf seems to be nodding and agreeing and seems to be trying to get Martha to think he's onside. Martha's phone rings and she leaves the room. Cam says he's glad Alf isn't having any trouble with Martha's life choices... at which point Alf calmly and quietly beings ripping Cam apart, calling him a filthy little grub. He's seen many blokes like him before and he swears that he'll move heaven and earth in order to remove him from Martha's life. Cam tries standing up to him, but it's so clear he's out of his depth.

(This scene was so brilliantly acted by Ray Meagher - 10/10, deserves a friggin logie).

Commercial break

INT. Amanda's House

Amanda is brought home by her sister. It's been explained that Kelli posted bail for her. Her lovely sister explains she'll need to get moving on the paperwork, her court date is approaching for her DUI charge. Amanda can do little but sob and whine that her life is falling apart. She sobs "Why is this happening to me"... hugging the devious Kelli.

INT. Diner

Jack is ordering from Colleen who is rabbiting on about how she quit her job at Amanda's and how the woman is evil etc... Jack just wants his bacon & egg roll. Colleen goes to get it and Alf comes out. Alf basically summarises that Jack should be keeping an eye on the rocket club and that his talk with Cam has him watching his back. Jack vows that the moment Cam slips up... it's all over for him.

End of episode

PREVIEW - Martha... is she about to get a wake up call from another who was sucked into Cam's evil web? Meanwhile.... Hugh's back in the bay!

IADL... tomorrow from JT!

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