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Love Me Forever

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Topic Title – Love me forever.

Type of story: Short/Medium Fiction.

Rating: T might be a bit of A

Main Characters: Martha and Jack

Genre: Teenage Romance/Drama

Warning:Spoilers for non AU veiwers

Summary: Can true love really ever die? What do you do when you feel alone?, you turn to the wrongest people to help you? What do you do when you break up with the love of your life and think your life is over?, You go on the rebound.

What happens when Martha realises her mistakes and tries to make everything perfect again, which means winning back the love of her life will she suceed and what obsticles will lie ahead and can there love reamin strong enought to conquer all?.

Chapter 1:

Remember me and what we used to be

As he rubbed my back and spoke those words it made me realise why I fell in love with him, what made him different from all the others.

What had gone wrong, what had changed everything so fast, why had she let him go?

Martha walked into her apartment in a daze, what was she going to do? What could she do to make everything right again, she had dived head first into a new relationship that she new full well she wasn’t ready for, she had turned her back on all of her friends and family, she hated what she had become. She wanted her life back that she had a year ago, just living life, being happy with a man that loved her more than life itself. She let out a small sob at the thought of him, the thought of what they had, had, and everything she had thrown away.

She was broken from her thoughts by a knock at the door she walked over and gently turned the knob.

“Hey thought I would bring you some food as a housewarming present” he said as he sat the green bags down on the bench.

“Cam” she started “we need to talk” she said reluctantly

Cam looked at her inquisitively as he followed her back over to the couch

“I have been through so much these last couple of months more than you could even begin to imagine.

“What are you saying Martha?” he asked

“I’m saying I don’t want to be with you I need to patch things up with my family, my life, I just need to get everything back on track”

Cam looked down to his hands “And what about your job” he asked

“I’m sorry, I think you should go” she said

Cam nodded and stood up and left leaving Martha alone with her thoughts.

“One step towards getting my life back on track” she thought to herself with a smile.

Martha knocked on the door, as Sally opened it she found Martha standing there with her bags and a tear stained face, she dropped her bags and wrapped her arms tightly around Sally “I’m so sorry” she said….

“I guess I just bottled everything up until I just couldn’t do it anymore, after I got the abortion I just felt so ashamed, I guess” she said as a tear trickled down her cheek.

“It’s ok I understand”

“Thankyou, I ‘m so sorry I have put you and everyone through all this It’s not fair” she said

“It’s ok as long as you talk to me about everything it will be ok”

“Thankyou” she said “thankyou”

“That’s great” Jack said as Martha sat opposite me on the couch

“Yeah I finally realised I was only hurting myself more by bottling it all up inside” she said with a smile

“Yeah and hey you know I’m always here if you need to talk”

Martha laughed “funny that’s what everyone’s been saying, but thankyou and I know”

Jack nodded

“So you wanna do something?” she asked standing up

“What?” Jack asked

“I don’t know anything, do what we used to do anything we felt like”

“Ok” Jack laughed “Wanna go to the beach?” he asked

“One step ahead of you” she said as she peeled off her singlet

Revealing her baby pink singlet

“Right” Jack said as he turned around and they exited the house together, as Jack grabbed his surfboard on the way out.

“Wow the waters great” Jack said as he walked up and stood above Martha.

Martha’s eyes shot opened, but she squinted as the rays hit her eyes “go away your dripping on me” she said playfully

“Oh aren’t you going in” he said disappointingly

“No I need to freshen up my tan”

“Oh ok” Jack said as she closed her eyes again, but only to shoot open again as she felt herself getting lifted up off the ground.

“Jack put me down” Martha screamed

“No” Jack said as he carried her into the water kicking and screaming,

“Don’t you da…” but it was too late.

“You did not just do that” she screamed playfully as she chased him out into the ocean.

“Come back here” she yelled as she reached him and grabbed onto his shoulders and dunked him under

Jack pulled him self back up, coughing.

Martha started swimming back up to the beach, as Jack followed her she reached the sand and started running up it, when she got to the towel she felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her waist, Martha struggled to get away but they both fell to the sand laughing, Jack falling on top of her.

“Oh my god” Martha said through her giggles “I haven’t had that much fun in ages she said happily looking into his eyes.

There was a silence falling over them as they both looked for something in each others eyes telling them it was ok to go further.

Jack gently lowered his lips to her as they joined it felt like everything and anything was possible, they were together with nothing to worry about no obstacles standing in there way just them and there lives that they so desperately wanted to share with each other.

Martha lay with her head rested on Jacks chest; they had remained like this for the past hour, just laying there in each others arms with Jack gently stroking her hair just wanting the moment to last forever.

Martha sighed and gently sat up looking down at him “I love you” she said

Jack sat up and captured her lips after breaking apart he spoke “I love you too” he said smiling pulling her in for a hug, he had thought he was in love with Sam but now he knew that was not possible he knew what loved felt like and that was what he had with Martha love unbreakable love.

“You ready” Jack said as they stood outside the Hunter/Holden house

“Yep” she said squeezing his hand tight as Jack pushed open the door.

“Hey, we were wondering where you got t….” Tony started but was sidetracked when her saw Martha and Jacks hands conjoined.

“What’s going on here are you?” he asked confused

Martha and Jacks smiles grew wider as the realisation dawned on the rest of the household.

“Oh my God you’re back together” Mattie said

All Martha and Jack could do was smile everything was perfect and they intended on keeping it that way.

Later that night Martha and Jack lay in bed and Jack was talking,

“I never thought I would be able to do this again, just look at you and know that you are mine, you know when it’s just you and me without a care in the world.

“I know what you mean” Martha said “I’ve missed you so much without even really realising it, but now that I’m back in your arms it all just feels right don’t you think”

“Defiantly” Jack replied with a smile as he began to kiss her “I love you so much” he said against her lips.

“I love you to” she giggled as she brought him down on top of her.

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Ok just a short little paragraph into the future as I thought I would finish it up with a very shot POV from Martha.

Some people regret choices that they have made throughout there life, some lye awake at night and wonder how there life would have been different if they had of choose a different path. But no when I sit back and think about my life I am happy, I am happy with everything, it took me a while to figure out what I wanted but ink the end I finally realised what I had been looking for had always been right in front of me.

It is now 2009 and me and Jack are expecting our first child. Neither of us could be happier and I thing that I speak for both of us when I say We will be together forever.


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