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In the Early Years

Guest Sarah_Lewis

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Type of story: Short Fiction - 10-12 chapters

Rating: PG

Main Characters: Tracey and Eve (Peter comes into it later on)

Genre: A mixture

Warnings: VD, sexual themes

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: Tracey and Eve when they were 14, there parents put them in an orphanage.

What's wrong, what's wrong now?

Too many, too many problems.

Don't know where she belongs, where she belongs.

She wants to go home, but nobody's home.

It's where she lies, broken inside.

With no place to go, no place to go to dry her eyes.

Broken inside.

14 year old Tracey Thompson was lying on her bed in the orphanage , her parents dumped her there, they didn’t want her, but why do it now, not when she was younger, she knew it would have been her older sister who influenced them to do it, they would never of done something as pathetic as this if she wasn’t around, stupid Alanna, she must pay for this, pay for Tracey being locked in a mental institution and now a orphanage, Tracey didn’t deserve this, she was sort of happy at home, the only thing she hated was the way her father treated her, he treated her like ****, he beat her all the time, part of her was happy she was in the orphanage but the other half of her wanted to save her mother from her so called father.

Eve Jacobsen had turned up at the orphanage two weeks after Tracey was placed there, she grew an instant like to Tracey, they got on like a house on fire, both had fathers alike, except her mother couldn’t give a **** about her, why do parents have kids and keep them till they’re teenagers then get rid of them, why have them in the first place!

hey, I’m Eve Jacobsen, what’s your name?” asked 14 year old Eve, she let on she was shy but she wasn’t really,

Hey Eve, I’m Tracey Thompson” replied Tracey, telling her new friend her name,

so, why are you in here for?” asked Eve, taking in Tracey’s name,

my so called sister influenced my parents to put me in here, not that I mind, my father beat me up, why are you in here?” asked Tracey,

same thing minus the sister thing, my mum and dad didn’t want me anymore, after I killed my grandparents rabbit and them!” said Eve, smirking at the thought of killing that **** hole of a rabbit,

LOL you killed a rabbit, I killed a puppy, it was getting on my nerves!!” replied Tracey, just thinking about that puppy made her want to kill it again and again,

oh my god we must be cruel people, we rock!!” said Eve laughing at the thought of Tracey killing the puppy,

ha ha yeah we are!!” replied Tracey, smiling at Eve,

anyway I better be getting back to my room, chat soon yeah” said Eve standing up and hugging Tracey,

yeah chat soon friend!!” replied Tracey, saying good bye to Eve.

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