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Revenge Is Sweet

Guest Sarah_Lewis

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Sorry guys if this isnt any good, it didnt take me long to finish, lol i just felt like writing something like this!! Anyways please commenttell me what you all think.

Title- Revenge is sweet.

Type of fic- Short one shot

Topic description- Peter, Clare, Kelli, Tracey, Sally and Amanda

Rating- A

Main Characters- Peter, Clare, Kelli, Tracey, Sally and Amanda

Genre- You decide

Warning- V/D

“Somebody please help me!!†screamed Sally, she was locked in a room some place she didn’t know,

“oh would you shut up, no ones going to help you fool they cant hear you!!†shouted the person who kidnapped Sally, they kidnapped her for revenge, revenge on detective Peter Baker, he was the one who made a certain person kill herself, if he hadn’t of been in the bay she would have been alive still, living her life with me.

Tracey sat at Eve’s grave side, sobbing, her lover died, because of Peter Baker, she must go back to the bay for revenge, to kill him for killing the one she loved, the one she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, she couldn’t now because a certain detective ruined it by killing her, he must die, he will die.

Detective Peter Baker was hiding out at Clare’s house he had to lay low till everything was quiet and Tracey was out of the way, he had killed her girlfriend, he knew she’d come back for revenge, he deserved it, but Eve had to die, her terrorising the bay had to end, and it could only end if she died.

Kelli Vale was watching her sister from a distance, she was going to kill her, kill her for what she had done when they were teenagers, she could of died, now Amanda must feel the pain to, except she will die.

Amanda was laying there in a pool of her own blood, she was watching her sister watch her, she tried to say “help me†but she couldn’t quite get it out with all the blood coming out of her mouth, she must hold on, she couldn’t die, she couldn’t leave the one she loved, she was to young to die, this was probably Kelli’s way of paying her back for the accident she caused when they were teenagers.

Sally had managed to wriggle free from the rope she was tied on, this was going to be the time she found out who kidnapped her, she would smash there heads in when she found out who it was, she opened the door to find her kidnapper gone, all the windows had bars on them so there was no chance of her climbing out of them, she went to check the doors but they were both locked, so she was locked in here till her kidnapper came back.

Kelli left Amanda there for dead, she drove back to the house where she had kept Sally, would she be the next one dead? Or would she run away from Kelli.

Kelli opened the door to the small abandoned apartment she found that the door of the room she tied Sally in was ajar, “****!!†Kelli said to her self running around the house to find Sally, she was huddled into a corner in the laundry, Kelli grabbed her by the end of her shirt, yelling at Sally she threw her back in the room and slammed the door behind the both of them, “try and get away from me, there’s no point, your going to die anyway!!†spat Kelli. Loading her gun and shooting Sally, she ran out of the apartment and straight to Tracey.

Tracey had heard the news, Kelli murdered Sally and Amanda, two down now only one to go, Tracey had a sinking feeling she knew where Peter was, she told Kelli to go to Clare’s apartment, to kill the both of them if she had to, if Clare wouldn’t get out of the way.

Kelli drove into Clare’s driveway, she slammed her car door shut, she wanted this to be nice, sweet and quiet, so she found herself an open window and aimed her sniper rifle at Peter first, she shot him square in the chest ten times, next was Clare, she shot her dead in the head, she died instantly.


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