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Now and Forever

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Each story should open with the following as the first entry on the top of the first post.

Type of story: Short/Medium Fic

Rating: G. General Audience

Main Characters: ie. Jack and Martha

Genre: Romance

Warnings: None

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: It is several months lateR after Jack/Sam & Martha/Cam. What could make the two realise where there heart really lies and will they act before its too late?

Hi it's me

Just to let you know I will be continuing "True love lasts a lifetime" but school has been really full on and lots of HW and stuff.

So I have not forgotten that fic and more will be coming soon for it when I get time anyway I hope you enjoy this little story.


I looked into his deep brown eyes we had become so close over the last few months and it was great having someone there to talk to knowing you wouldn’t be judged. The past year had been pretty rough but things felt like they were actually coming together there was only one thing wrong with her life, he wasn’t there with her sharing here life the way she wanted him to. She now knew that she had made a mistake but there was nothing she could do to fix it she had officially stuffed things up and she would never forgive herself.

A knock at the door broke her from her thoughts she spun around to find her aunty standing at the door.

“Aunty Morag” Martha said standing up

“Hello Martha, oh Jack you saved me a trip” she said fiddling around in her brief case looking for something.

“Ahh” she said pulling the documents from her bag “why don’t you too come sit down”

Martha and Jack looked at each other confused but did as Morag had said.

“So now you have us here what do you want?” Martha asked anxious to know what this was all about

“Ok” Morag said “Heres your copy Jack and Martha heres yours” she said handing them each and piece of paper.

They both looked at the sheet of paper and staring right back at them read up the top in bold letters “DIVORCE” the smile immediately left both of there faces.

Martha sighed this is not what she had pictured herself doing as year ago at her wedding back then she would of thought that by this time the next year her and Jack would be buying a house and starting a family, at least that is what she had hoped for. But no a year later it was not all the happiness she had hoped for it was quite the contrary she was not happy she was the absolute opposite and it was all her fault nobody else’s but hers.

After a few minutes of silence Jack looked up from the document that when he signed his life would be over he would be letting the love of his life walk out the door for the last time it broke his heart.

“So you two have a quick read over those, oh look at the time I have to be somewhere see you later” she said as she walked out the door.

“Wow” Martha finally spoke “I didn’t see this coming” she said

“I know I knew it was coming but” he was interrupted by yet another person.

“Hello only me” Colleen wailed as she entered the house “oh hello constable” she said.

“Colleen” Jack acknowledged her

“I hope you too haven’t forgotten about the fundraising ball at the surf club tonight” she said

“Oh Colleen I don’t” Martha started but was cut off

“I know your excited I am too she said “can’t wait to see you two at the ball toodaloo” she said waving her arms around in the air as she went.

“I guess we’re going to a ball” Martha said reluctantly as she flopped down onto a chair

“Yeah” Jack relied “I better get going” he said

“Oh” Martha said looking up “ok” she said reluctantly watching him go.

Her eyes fell upon the piece of paper lying innocently on the table she picked it up and felt a silent tear fall gently down her cheek, “How was she supposed to have her happily ever after if she could not have her prince charming?”

Martha walked into the surf club wearing a baby pink dress with a split up the side and spangly beads covered the fine material she wore and diamond necklace and a silver bracelet.

At that moment Jack looked over, she looked absolutely beautiful just like she always did. Of course he even thought she looked beautiful when he used to have to drag her out of bed on a Sunday at 12 o’clock and her hair was messed up and she was grumpy.

Jack let a small chuckle escape his lips as he thought of the past the happy past one where there was him and her and they were together, happy looking forward thinking about there dreams, god he wished he could have those days back he’d do anything just to have one more chance but he knew now that would never happen it had gone to far and it broke his heart to think that in just a couple of weeks all ties of there past together would be perished all he would have were the memories of which he wanted so many more of but once again he had to remind himself that would never happen.

“Hi” sweet voice came breaking him from his thoughts.

“Hi you look beautiful” he said looking at her

“Thanks you don’t look too bad yourself” she said with a smile

“I know” he said smugly

“Could your ego get any bigger if you tried?” she asked playfully

Jack laughed, he liked this, when they laughed just like they used to, when they would forget everything for a second and everything would seem perfect. But then they would come back to reality and realise that nothing was perfect anymore everything was in a big mess, all it would take was one of them to admit how they felt but bother were too scared to get hurt.

“Ok” Colleen’s voice came from the microphone at the end of the room, “the last song of the night, all grab a partner” she screeched and she left the limelight.

Jack took a deep breath and made his way towards the beautiful figure in the corner of the room “may I have this dance” he asked holding out his hand.

Martha smiled shyly “Of course” she accepted gracefully taking his hand.

The got to the dance floor and took there place, Jack wrapped his arm securely around her waist as the words of “this old love” filled the room.

They started dancing slowly just like they used to when they were alone Martha closed her eyes tight as all the memories this song brought back filled her mind she looked up at the man standing in front of her holding onto her and suddenly it dawned on her she was crazy the man of her dreams was standing right in front of her and she was going to divorce him he was everything she had ever wanted he would do anything for her and she knew that, but she was scared for some reason her stomach was filled with butterflies but she pulled herself together, she knew what she had to do she had to make things right and with out thinking she let it slip.

“I love you” she said softly

Jack looked down at her, did she just say that? He thought did she really just say that? A smile appeared on his lips as the reality dawned on him, she did she had just said the three words that he had longed to hear for months words that he never thought would come out of her mouth and aimed to him the three words that would make his world complete.

“I love you too” he said as he softly pressed his own lips against hers

And at last everything seemed perfect again she wasn’t about to snap out of her daydream and discover it was all a dream no it was happening he was hers and she was his and it was the way she intended it to stay now and forever…..

Hi it was only meant to be a one shot but i will do one more part like in the future if anyone wants me too.

Anyway hope you enjoyed.


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Now and forever Part 2

Now five years on from the night my life was put back together I sit back and watch my family.

I watch as My husband and little three year old Katie play in the water, Jack is trying to stand her up on her own little pink surfboard we bought her I was so happy and content with my life right now everything was perfect.

I sighed as I fell back on my towel and closed my eyes I still remember the day clearly when I found out I was pregnant it was about a year after Jack and I got back together…..

“I sat on the bed playing nervously with my hands when I heard the door open.

“Martha sweetheart, you home?” he yelled through the house.

Martha took in a deep breath as she reluctantly stood up and walked out the door.

“Hey” Jack said as she entered the lounge room

“Hey” she said with a nervous smile on her face that Jack saw straight through,

“What’s wrong?” he asked concerned

“Um” she looked for the words

“Why don’t you come and sit down?” she suggested

He nodded and followed her towards the couch

“What’s wrong?” he asked taking her hands in his, she was starting to get him worried

“Well, you know how I’ve been feeling kinda sick lately” she asked

“Yeah” Jack said not quite sure where she was going with this

“Well I am also late”

“Late for wha...” he started but stopped “are you?” he started

All Martha could do was smile and wait for his response

“Oh my god” he said starting to get excited

Martha nodded “yep” she said “I went to see Rachel today and it’s confirmed we’re having a baby” she smiled

“Oh my God” he said sweeping her into his arms and kissing her softly on the lips, “this is amazing” he said smiling down at her

“I know” she said smiling back at him then falling back into his arms.

This is exactly where she wanted to be, her life was completely perfect, her and Jack had a happy marriage and they were starting a family she couldn’t ask for anything more.

“Mummy” Katie yelled as she ran up the beach

“Hey sweetie” Martha replied as Katie sat herself down on her lap

“Did you see me mummy, I stood up by myself” she said excitedly “didn’t I daddy?” she said with a huge smile plastered across her face.

“You sure did sweetheart” he replied placing himself down on the sand beside Martha and there daughter and grabbing the water bottle from Martha’s hand and drinking it,

“Hey” she exclaimed but it was too late he was already downing it

“What?” he asked looking at her “I let you sunbake while I took Katie out I think I deserve the water more than you” he said playfully

“Whatever” Martha said shaking her head “I guess we could go to Noahs to get a drink” she suggested

“Yeah” Katie said jumping up and down “I want to go grandad Tony” she said with a grin on her face

“Ok” Martha said standing up and getting there things together while Jack put Katie’s shoes back on as she struggled to do it herself.

“Grandad” Katie screamed happily as she enters Noahs running ahead of Martha and Jack.

“Hey missy, where’s Mummy and Daddy? He asked while picking her up

“Here we are” Martha said as they entered.

“Hi mummy, hi daddy” she said happily as she grinned at her parents

“Hi sweetie” Martha replied looking at her daughter “Hey Tony” she said switching her gaze over to Tony

“Hey Martha what would you guys like?” he asked

“Choccy Milkshake” Katie said grinning at her grandfather

“Ok sweetie” he said smiling back at her “and you?” he asked switching his attention to Jack and Martha

“Oh just two OJ’S thanks” Martha said smiling

“Coming up” Tony said placing handing Katie over to Jack and the three of them went to sit at a table.

Once they were seated Martha started to speak “I’m just going to go to the bathroom” she said, standing up and disappearing into the bathroom.

Martha sat in the cubicle staring at the stick in her hands. She had suspected that she was pregnant but nothing could of prepared her for when it was confirmed she wondered if Jack would be happy?, was he ready for another child?. “I guess I’ll find” Martha thought then realising how long she had actually been sitting in there shoved everything back into her bag and exited the bathroom.

“Hey” Jack said looking up at her as she returned to the table “I was starting to get worried are you feeling alright?” he asked looking worried

“Yeah I’m fine” she said smiling as Jack turned back to there daughter.

“Hey guys” Beth said walking over to Martha and Jack

“Oh hey Beth” Jack said looking up, “Grandma” Katie said excitedly

“Hey sweetie” Beth said looking at Katie who was sipping at her chocolate milkshake.

“So anyway” Beth started “I was wondering if you guys would like to come around for dinner tonight?” she asked

“Sure we’d love to, thanks Beth” Martha said cheerfully as Beth left

“That should be fun” Jack said

“Yeah it’ll be nice to have a nice family dinner” Martha agreed

Martha unlocked the door and Jack walked inside with a sleeping Katie in his arms.

Martha turned the lights on and took Katie from his arms “I’m going to get her into bed” Jack smiled at her “ok” he said “I’m making a hot chocolate, you want one?”

“Yeah sure” She said with a smile

“Ok” she said leaning in for a kiss which woke Katie up

“Daddy” she said looking at Jack

“Hey sweetie, go back to sleep” Jack said smiling at his daughter and placing a soft kiss on her head as she smile and nuzzled back into her mother.

“Hey, she asleep” Jack said looking up from the TV

“Yeah I swear if I have to read “Little Red Riding Hood” one more time I am going to go insane” she said picking up the mug of the table and taking a sip and going to sit on Jacks lap, she took the remote out of his hand and switched the TV of.

“Hey” Jacks exclaimed

“I need to talk to you” she said seriously, looking him in the eyes

Jacks face suddenly turned worried “why what’s wrong?” he asked

“Nothing, there’s something I need to tell you” she said

“Ok” he said looking at her

“We’re happy aren’t we?” Martha asked

“Yeah” he said looking at her “why aren’t you” he asked starting to get worried

“No I am it’s just what would you say to making our family a little bigger” she asked hoping he would take the hint.

Jacks eyes grew wide “Oh my God” he said starting to get excited


Martha smiled “I think we might be hearing the pitter patter of tiny feet sometime soon” she said with a smile on her face, her excitement clear.

“Oh my God” he said kissing her “I love you so much” he said kissing her softly on the lips.

“I love you to she said”

“I’ glad we’re here I hate to think where I’d be now if…” but Jack stopped her by putting a finger to her lips.

“Don’t think about the past” he said

Martha knew he was right there was no point dreading on the past she now had everything she had ever wanted she had a husband that adored her and a beautiful daughter and another little one on the way and she knew nothing could ruin it they would be together as she had said in her vows “now and forever”


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