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Arrested For The Murder Of A Detective

Guest Sarah_Lewis

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Title: Arrested for the murder of a detective

Type of story: One Shot

Rating: A

Main Characters: Tracey, Eve and Jenna, Lara I Mentioned in it at the end

Genre: don’t know

Warnings: swearing, kissing if that’s one lol, Language and Violence

Is Story being proof read: no

Summary: Eve stabs Peter and hopes she doesn’t get arrested for it!

Peter lay there in a pool of his own blood, he’d just been stabbed by his worst nightmare,

“that’ll teach you for messing around with Tracey!†said Eve cackling, no one messes with Tracey, not when Eve was involved, Peter had to die, he is dead, never to be seen again, by anyone, but Sally and Flynn up in heaven,

“h, help me!!!†Peter spluttered out before dying,

“aw do you need some help? I don’t think so detective!!†said Eve giving Peter one last kick.

Tracey pulled up near the curb, she was waiting for Eve, she could see Peters body slightly, she wished Eve would hurry up, she didn’t want to spend to long on the scene, even if the towns best detective was dead,

“its about time, you took long enough Eve!!†said Tracey, starting her car again, she could finally get away from here,

“sorry, I was taking some pictures, so I could send them to everyone, let them know they wont be safe anymore!!†replied Eve, putting the camera in the glove box and disposing of the knife she used to stab Peter, no one was going to send her to jail again just yet,

“so that’s the plan send people pictures of Peter dead?†said Tracey, she couldn’t believe Eve was going to do something like that, they’d know it was her straight away, Eve and herself would be thrown in jail and the key would be thrown away,

“Trace if your worried we’ll go to prison, don’t be, we wont go ok, no one knows it was me!†replied Eve, though she knew people would know it was her, the way he died was her style,

“Eve you just don’t know that, they know your style, they know you’d go after Peter again, they’re not as dumb as you think they are!!†said Tracey,

“if you think we’re going to get caught you can leave me right now, I don’t need your help anyways!!†replied Eve getting a little pissed off with Tracey,

“get out of my car then, if your going to be like that and never ask for my help with anything again oh and move the **** out of my house to!!†said Tracey, stopping the car motioning for Eve to get out,

“fine by me Tracey and if you even think of dobbing me in, your dead!!†replied Eve getting out of Tracey’s car and slamming the door after her, Tracey drove off in a flash, not wanting to stay around Eve anymore.

“I cant believe I had a fight with Eve, it was our first one†Tracey said to Jenna, upset over the fight she had with Eve,

“sweetie you still have me, Eve will come around, trust me babe!!†replied Jenna, trying to comfort Tracey,

“she wont come around Jen, I know Eve and she was pretty angry!!†said Tracey, virtually in tears, she needed Eve in her life, she couldn’t live without her, she should of just agreed to the photo thing,

“Trace let me take you out for a drink, take your mind off it for awhile†replied Jenna,

“I suppose yeah ok, lets go, I cant think about her all night†said Tracey picking up her jacket and leaving the house with Jenna.

Tracey slumped herself down on a chair in the corner of Jodi’s bar and strip club, Jenna had gone to get them some drinks to start the night off.

“thanks Jen!!†said Tracey, picking up the drink Jenna just put down in front of her, she was glad she had her,

“no problem hunnii†replied Jenna, putting an arm around Tracey,

“Eves here!†said Tracey, she wanted to keep her mind off her for the night but she wouldn’t be able to do that with Eve here,

“oi Trace, we need to talk!! “ replied Eve standing over Tracey and Jenna,

“and what if I don’t want to talk to you?†asked Tracey, staring at Eve,

“Trace, I don’t want to fight!!†replied Eve and that was the truth she didn’t want to fight with Tracey, she realized how much she loved her in the past few hours they spent apart,

“well say what you’ve got to say here, you can say it in front of Jenna!!†said Tracey, she knew Eve was going to apologize,

“Trace, I’m sorry about before yeah and I’m willing to give up this stalker business if you don’t want to do it anymore, I’d do anything to stay with you!†replied Eve, she hoped Tracey forgave her and took her word for what she said,

“you’d really give up being a stalker just for me?†asked Tracey,

“yes I would and I’m going to Trace, I don’t want to be without you!†replied Eve sitting down next to Tracey, she took hold of her hand,

“I’m sorry to for saying what I did, I didn’t mean it†said Tracey, she forgave Eve, I was the one who started it really not her,

“well I’m glad you two worked things out!!†replied Jenna, getting up to leave she wasn’t needed now,

“and where do you think your going missy!†said Tracey, she wanted Jenna to stay, she never spent time with Eve and it was about time she did,

“don’t you two want to spend some time alone? Now that you’ve sorted everything out†replied Jenna, she wanted to stay but then she wanted to go, she didn’t really like Eve,

“we can spend some time together later, but right now I want you to stay and chat with us, you got me out here your not bailing on me now!!†said Tracey grabbing Jenna’s hand to make her stay with them,

“ok fine I’ll stay!! For a bit longer†replied Jenna,

“so Trace, do you want to come dance with me?†said Eve, trying to get her away from Jenna,

She could tell by the way Jenna looked at Tracey, that she liked her, She didn’t want to leave Tracey again ever, she regretted that fight they had earlier,

“me dance, Eve I don’t think so, me and dancing just don’t get on at all!!†replied Tracey laughing,

“come on dance with me Trace, there’s no harm in it even if you cant dance†said Eve trying to make Tracey get up and dance with her,

“ok but only for a minute!!†replied Tracey giving into Eve,

“thank you, come on then!!†said Eve finally getting Tracey away from Jenna,

“ok but don’t laugh, the second you laugh, I’m out of here!!†replied Tracey getting out of her seat,

“Jen do you want to come to?†asked Eve, she was hoping she would say no,

“yeah sure why not!!†replied Jenna, getting up and going with Tracey and Eve.

“Eve I’m never dancing again in my life!! Everyone was looking at me like I was some kind of freak!!†said Tracey, herself and Eve were walking Jen home, it was around Midnight and it was quiet out,

“oh come on Trace you weren’t that bad, was she Jen†replied Eve laughing, holding Tracey’s hand,

“no, no she wasn’t she was quite good actually!!†said Jenna, agreeing with Eve,

“guys I was crap admit it!!†replied Tracey, looking to the ground,

“ok we admit you were crap!!†said Eve and Jenna in unison, though they didn’t mean it,

“thanks for admitting it guys!!†replied Tracey ****ty,

“well you said you were crap and you wanted us to admit it!! Make your mind up Trace†said Eve, looking over at Tracey,

“you didn’t have to say it like you did though!†replied Tracey turning to look at Eve, she pulled her closer and leaned in for a kiss,

“you two get a room!!†said Jenna jokingly to Eve and Tracey, who were still kissing,

“well we have to walk you home so we cant get a room can we†replied Tracey, smiling over at Eve,

“I can walk the rest f the way on my own, its only a few houses down now!†said Jenna, she had a big crush on Tracey, but she didn’t want to say anything, Eve wouldn’t like it, she’d hate it in fact, I’d be stealing her girl,

“are you sure Jen? I’d hate for anything bad to happen to you, and you know that!!†replied Tracey,

“Trace I’ll be ok I promise I’ll call you as soon as I get in yeah†said Jenna looking at Tracey, reassuring her she’d be ok to walk the rest of the way on her own,

“ok ok Jen, well I had a great night tonight with you and Eve!!†replied Tracey, going to give Jenna a kiss on the cheek,

“me to Trace, bye you two see you again another time yeah!†said Jenna walking off slowly into the darkness,

“bye Jenna!!†replied Tracey and Eve in unison.

Eve wanted to kill Jenna, she could tell she had a big crush on Tracey and she hoped that Tracey didn’t like her back or egg her on,

“Trace, do you realize that Jenna has this huge crush on you?†asked Eve, confronting Tracey,

“Eve, she so does not, me and her are only friends and that’s all we’re ever going to be, you have nothing to worry about!!†replied Tracey, she couldn’t believe Eve thought Jenna had a crush on her,

“Trace, trust me I can tell by the way she looks at you, especially when you kissed me, she didn’t like it, it was almost as if she was going to give me a bashing!†said Eve,

“no Eve you have to trust me, she doesn’t like me in that way, I’ll even confront her about it if your that worried about it!†sighed Tracey, she knew that Jenna had a crush on her but she didn’t want to admit that to Eve, just in case she thought Tracey liked her back, in which she doesn’t,

“I do trust you, I know you wouldn’t cheat on me but what if she kissed you and you couldn’t stop her? Where does that leave us?†asked Eve, she didn’t want to lose Eve, because of some slut,

“Eve babe, I’d never cheat on you even if it was the last thing on earth, I wouldn’t put you through that especially with Jenna, we’ve been friends for years, she more like a sister to me than anything else, I couldn’t do anything like that with her†replied Tracey, trying to make Eve less worried,

“ok I believe you, can we change the subject now, I don’t want to talk about Jenna!!†said Eve, putting her mind off Jenna,

“ok, so are you really going to stop all this stalker business Eve? or were you just saying that to make me stay with you?†asked Tracey, she found it hard to believe Eve,

“yes of course I am Trace, I’m not just saying it, I’d do anything to stay with you!†said Eve, and that was the truth she was going to stop stalking the bay,

“well I’m glad to hear that Eve, so are you going to get a job? Or dob yourself in about Peter?†asked Tracey, she hoped she wouldn’t dob herself in over Peter, she didn’t want to see Eve go to jail, she couldn’t bare to live without Eve and she never planned to either,

“**** Trace, I’m not gong to dob myself in, I couldn’t leave you on your own, I’d miss you to much, I’d rather commit suicide than go to jail over a pathetic detective who deserved to die!!†said Eve, putting an arm around Tracey, she heard a knock on the door,

“I’d better go and answer that..†replied Tracey,

“Hello Detective Thompson, is Eve Jacobsen there? We heard she was living here†said Constable Fitzgerald,

“uh why do you want her for?†asked Tracey, though she knew what it was for,

“she’s under arrest for the murder of Detective Baker!†replied Lara, pushing her way through Tracey’s front door,

“how dare you Lara, you don’t just push you ****ing way through my door!!†said Tracey angrily,

“Eve Jacobsen your under arrest for the murder of Detective Peter Baker!†said Lara in a police like manner, she enjoyed saying that, she felt like saying it again,

“what the ****!! How did you know I killed him?!!†asked Eve pissed off, she knew it was probably that bloody Jenna Jenkins,

“a woman told us and that’s all we can say now stand up and put your hands behind your back!!†replied Lara, going to handcuff Eve, Eve’s life was now over and there was nothing Tracey could do, but pray to god they don’t have enough evidence to lock her away.


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