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It's Been Awhile Since My Last Pointless Relationship

Guest tamminmad

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Type of story: One Shot in the form of a letter.

Rating: (T)

Main Characters: Dani

Genre: Drama/ Romance

Warnings: None

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: Dani marries a man, after she leaves the Bay but will it be a happily ever after.

This is what I did for an outcome I had to do at school the topic was 'Relationships are what you make of them.'

Dear Brodie,

It’s been awhile since I last wrote to you but I just thought that you need to know this because you’re my best friend. A few months ago my marriage to Ryan broke down and I left him. I think that maybe I didn’t do enough to keep the relationship together, but then again I did all that I could to keep him happy but it just wasn’t enough, he still wasn’t happy and I did everything to try and make the relationship work and he did nothing.

Ryan and I had only been married for three months. The day we got married was the best day of my life. The ceremony was beautiful, down on our favorite beach where we spent most of our quiet time together. We had all of our family and friends there, it was the most perfect day. The reception was held in the pub that Ryan and his best mate Rob own, that was fantastic because that is where Ryan and I met.

I had just moved to Newcastle after Scott and I broke off our engagement and I was feeling lonely and badly needed a drink, so I went in and sat down at the bar, he asked me “What can I get for you.” At that moment I looked into his eyes and I just felt that I had this instant connection with this man. He put a big smile on my face and he smiled back. I replied “I’ll have a vodka and OJ thanks.” It sounds stupid I know but after what I’d been through with Scott it just seemed that my life was perfect in that very moment. Of course a lot has changed now.

After we got married it seemed like Ryan was a different man, he never wanted to spend time with me he always said he had already made plans to go for a drink with Rob or he had to work. This one time I asked him what he was doing on Saturday night and he said he was going to have a quiet one in front of the telly. So I thought great at least he’s not going out with one of his mates and I could see him that night. I decided to make him a special dinner. I was waiting for what felt like three hours but in fact it was only one. The dinner was getting cold and I was fed up waiting for him to get home from work. I decided to ring the pub to see where he was. Rachel answered the phone at the pub and she’s my friend so I knew she wouldn’t lie to me, when I asked her where Ryan was she said that he was having a drink with Rob and some of the locals. I was shocked, he said he was coming home to watch T.V and now he’s at the pub with his mates, he didn’t even bother to call and tell me where he was or invite me to come have a drink with them.

I left the dinner that had gone cold on the table and went up stairs to pack my things. I was waiting in the lounge with my bags packed when he got home. He came in the front door and when he saw me and my bags he asked “What are you doing.” I stood up, grabbed my bags and said, “I’m leaving.” I walked out the door and never looked back. He didn’t even try to stop me from leaving, so I guess he wasn’t worth it anyway.

I’ve moved to Sydney with my mum and dad now and I’ve met this lovely guy, he’s wonderful. I hope that this relationship goes better than my relationship with Ryan because I really don’t want another pointless relationship..




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