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In line with the New rules for fanfictions we would appreciate it if you would take five minutes to fill out the following information:

Topic Title – Reunited

Topic Description – Jack & Sam, Martha & Ash

Type of story: one-shot

Rating: T

Main Characters: Jack, Sam, Martha, Ash

Genre: Mystery/Betrayal

Warnings: Strong Language

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: A Jack & Sam and Martha & Ash Fic

Thanks, the Librarians.

Yes, jack4martha it's finally here. :P

Hope you enjoy! :D

Hope everyone else enjoys too. :)


A Jack & Sam and Martha & Ash Fic

Ash is hiding something. Sam is hiding something. Yet Jack & Martha want to believe it’s nothing. Jack knows something is up, but Sam won’t tell him. Ash just pretends everything’s fine and there is nothing to tell.

“Why do you trust him?” Morag asks.

“I just do.” Martha responds.

“You mark my words; Ashton Nayda is definitely hiding something.” Morag says.

And he is but what is it?

Over at the police station, he is in the office and has closed the door.

“Trust me, I have got them all fooled.” Ashton says.

“Well that’s good, Bro you are doing a good job here. Becoming a cop just so you could help us out, Harry keep up the good work and be careful of that Morag Bellingham.” Johnny responds.

Yes, that’s right. That was Johnny talking to Ash, his brother. He isn’t called Ashton that is his cover I mean if Harry wanted to join the police force being Johnny’s brother then it wouldn’t have been possible for him to take care of the investigation. Ashton is the name the Holden’s know him by.

Harry is very different, he was the one that started off the gang and he came up with the idea of becoming a cop. It has worked out so far, but will it continue to work?

Meanwhile, Jack and Sam are talking and Jack is saying he really cares for her.

“That’s nice, I care for you too.” Sam says.

“But not enough to tell me this secret…?” Jack asks.

“We can talk about anything but that Jack; I shudder at the thought of talking about that.” Sam responds.

“It’s that bad?” Jack asks.

“Yes, Jack it is.” Sam responds.

“Okay, but you know I would be there for you and Rory whatever it is.” Jack says.

“Would you? You honestly mean that?” Sam asks.

“Yeah, I do I’ll be here for you no matter what. I’d like to think I can give you the same support you have given me.” Jack says.

“That’s good to know Jack.” Sam says.

“I’ve got to run, I have a few appointments.” Sam adds.

“Okay, see you.” Jack says.

Sam’s point of view

I don’t have any appointments, I feel bad for lying to Jack. But it’s what I have to do; I mean I don’t want everyone knowing who I really am. I’m Eve’s friend; I have killed six people who got in my way. We won’t get into why I killed them; they just needed to be wiped out. My son doesn’t even know, but he knows my real name is not Sam.

“Mum, why do you leave every one you get close too.” Rory says.

“That’s not for you to worry about Rory.” Sam says, thinking because she wants to keep them safe.

Back in Sally’s house, and Morag thinks she is on to something.

Morag is looking on the internet digging for dirt on Ash, and can’t find anything. So she goes upstairs, no one is home. She goes into Rocco’s bedroom; in the gang it is traditional to carry an old piece of parchment with the family tree of the coopers on, Rocco being clumsy left his family tree at home under his pillow.

Morag puts some gloves on and pulls out the parchment, and she sees Rocco Cooper and Johnny Cooper which is all normal but there is an extra kid that she doesn’t know about Harry Cooper. “Who the hell could Harry Cooper be?” Morag thinks.

Then it all came together, she realised Harry Cooper must be Ashton Nayda. “Identity change, very clever” Morag thought.

Morag’s point of view

So we now know the secret behind Ashton Nayda. That he isn’t actually Ashton, he is Harry. It all makes sense now, he had to change his name and identity in order to work on the case, and I bet they have planned this for ages.

However, I can’t tell the real police, because it is illegally obtained evidence. That’s the tricky part, but I can play on Rocco’s bad memory. I will say I was walking to the Diner, when I saw Rocco rush past he was such in a hurry he didn’t look back, and then I saw this piece of parchment on the floor. Oh, that’s all well and good but they are going to ask what proof I have that Ashton Nayda is Harry Cooper. Argh, even when you know something you can’t do anything.

It was the night time now; Martha was getting ready to go on a date with Ash.

“You look nice. Perhaps, too nice for the likes of Ashton.” Morag says.

“Auntie Morag, you just can’t be happy for me can you?” Martha asks.

“I will be happy for you, once I know Ashton Nayda isn’t hiding anything.” Morag says knowing that he is hiding something, and knowing what that something is.

“Well you know what; I don’t care what you think if you’re acting like that.” Martha says, letting her naivety kick in.

Martha storms off out to the Diner for the romantic dinner with Ash, she never seems to go to his place though.

“You look handsome.” Martha says.

“Thanks. You look stunning.” Ash replies.

Martha and Ash have a gaze into each other eyes, and eat up all their food and dessert leaving Irene a good tip.

“You’ve never invited me to your place. Why is that?” Martha asks.

“I guess because you’ve never asked to go there.” Ash says creating an excuse.

Martha’s point of view

That’s it. If he doesn’t invite me to his place, I’m calling it quits. I used to go to Jack’s place all the time on some of our dates. It’s just too mysterious for him not to offer me round to his place once.

“So can we go?” Martha says.

“Yeah, okay.” Ash responds.

They arrive at Ash’s place, and one thing leads to another.

Ash gets up to have a shower, and Martha notices something.

He has “Harry” in permanent marker on his vest, and on his underwear.

“That’s weird” Martha thinks. Martha nicks his vest, puts it in her handbag and rushes out.

Martha arrives back at Sally’s house.

“AUNTIE MORAG” Martha shouts.

“What is it? I had just drifted off to sleep” Morag says.

“I think you are right. Ash is hiding something.” Martha responds.

“What changed your mind?” Morag asks.

“I found this.” Martha says.

Martha takes out the vest with the name “Harry” written on it.

“This is just the evidence we need.” Morag says.

“Evidence?” Martha asks.

“I think Ashton Nayda is Johnny’s brother, his real name is Harry Cooper.” Morag says.

“And I need some evidence, other than this family tree I have.” Morag adds.

“So you saw Ashton take this off?” Morag asks.

“Yeah, I don’t want to believe it but it all fits.” Martha says.

“You have to act like normal though still, he can’t know that you know.” Morag responds.

“Yeah, okay I understand.” Martha says.

Martha goes over to visit Jack.

“I should never have left you.” Martha says.

Jack was now able to use his legs because he had a lot of physiotherapy.

They both stand kissing, forgetting about their partners Sam and Ashton.

“I’ve missed this.” Jack says.

“God that Sam was such hard work; she just wouldn’t let me in and tell me about herself.” Jack adds.

“Same here, Ashton isn’t even his real name its Harry he’s Johnny’s brother.” Martha says.

“What a bastard, making us think he was decent.” Jack says in shock.

“Anyway enough talk, more action!” Martha responds.

“I always knew you would come crawling back!” Jack says smugly.

“Oh yeah, you did you?” Martha says.

“Well you’re the best there is, there is no hidden agenda where you are concerned.” Martha adds.

“Same can be said about you.” Jack responds.

Sam comes round; she’s plucked up the courage to tell him.

She sees Jack and Martha are both comfortable in each other’s company.

Ash was just on his way there too, and he sees them.

“Bloody cow.” Ash says.

“Oh hello.” Sam says.

“Hi yourself.” Ashton says.

“I’m Ashton.” Ash says.

“It’s Sam.” Sam says.

Funny how they both have fake identities yet, I think they both have a lot more in common than they realise. How ironic that they end up together?

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Thanks. :)

Here is the final part to this fic.

Hope you enjoy. :D

“Hey so what do you think Jack didn’t like about you?” Ashton asks.

“Oh just that I’m a liar, and don’t trust him minor things really.” Sam says sarcastically.

“What do you think Martha didn’t like about you?” Sam asks.

“Well the fact that I’m a crooked cop may have something to do with that, and that I’m Johnny’s brother and he has hurt Brad and they all praise Sally and if she is hurting they are all too. Little things you know.” Ashton says sarcastically.

“Yeah, I mean if Jack knew the real truth that I’m a mass murderer he may run a mile, but that’s to be expected right?” Sam says.

Ashton is off and has now run a mile.


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