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Topic Title – Forgotten

Topic Description – Rocco, Belle

Type of story: one-shot

Rating: M

Main Characters: Rocco Belle

Genre: Romance

Warnings: SC

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: Belle/Rocco Romance.

It's called Forgotten because both of them want to forget their pasts. :)

Hope you enjoy it everyone :) and especially *belle* as it was her request. :P


A Rocco/Belle Romance. http://backtothebay.com/forum/style_images...resize-down.gif

It’s a year on from when they were both in the bay, they wanted to put the past behind them and just forget their visit to the bay, forget they even went there at all.

Johnny wasn’t backing down, Rocco wanted out and Johnny kept on pressuring Rocco to stay, well not this time. Rocco finally got the chance to give Johnny what he deserved, a sentence in jail.

Belle had cut off all connections with her mother, Drew and another failed relationship with Luke. She still writes letters to Irene though, which she sends every couple of weeks to inform her on what they have both been up too.

Rocco still keeps in contact with Sally, by letter as she likes to know how he is doing, how they are both doing.

When Belle and Amanda were on speaking terms with each other, Amanda gave Belle a lump sum of money she could use if she ever needed it, as Amanda was a millionaire from the pre-nup she got from Graham we can assume the lump sum of money was quite a lot.

Amanda thought it was the least she could do, and she isn’t taking it away from Belle either because it was partly her fault, she chose to cut the mum-daughter relationship in half when she went off with Drew.

Now Belle has bought a place in Florida, for her and Rocco. She has been socialising with loads of Americans now, and has loads of house parties whenever she wants. Any other time she spends with Rocco.

It is the morning, she doesn’t have to go to school she can spend her time however she wants.

“Hey baby.” Rocco says, lying in bed, and turning to face Belle.

“Hey Rocky” Belle responds.

“What’s the plan for today?” Rocco says.

“Erm well Rocky, the plan is to pamper me and make me feel great.” Belle responds.

“Oh, yeah and what about pampering me and making me feel great?” Rocco asks.

“Oh, my dear boy you must understand I have to feel great before I can make you feel great, but believe me once I feel great I will make you feel more than great, try fantastic.” Belle responds.

“Oh, will you now?” Rocco asks.

Belle nods.

“Well what do I have to do then?” Rocco says.

“Give me a head massage, foot massage and back massage.” Belle responds.

“Oh yeah, and what do I get in return?” Rocco asks.

“Rocky, you seem to ask a lot of questions! You get total control of me, if you want to do it then we can and we can do more if you insist.” Belle gives Rocco an insight in what he could be getting.

“Sounds good to me.” Rocco responds with a massive grin on his face.

“I’ll be getting on with the massages.” Rocco adds.

“I think I’ll use lavender for your head massage.” Rocco says.

“Yay! I love lavender.” Belle responds.

“Like you love me!” Rocco says cheekily.

“No, I love you more, but still love lavender a lot!” Belle responds.

Rocco does his best attempt at giving Belle a head massage, and from her facial expressions she seems to be enjoying it.

Rocco has now done all three massages, and he is getting excited now.

Rocco’s point of view

This is kind of good. I do three massages, then we get to have sex its sounds like a good deal she has got going hehe.

Rocco strips down to his boxers wait for his uh um to rise and then he is ready, and belle strips off and sitting there ready for Rocco to work her up a sweat. He takes his boxers off puts his condom on and then enters it into Belle.

First of all he starts off slowly then he fastens up and that’s when Belle really starts to moan.

“Oh, rocky.” Belle moans.

You can also see that Rocco is enjoying it by the way he is looking.

They have now finished, Rocco and Belle both get in the bed to rest and they both feel worn out, were Rocco more than Belle. Belle feels more flustered than anything.

Rocco then goes to take a shower.

Belle’s point of view

Boy, rocky knows how to make me feel great.

Rocco has now finished, and suggests that they should go out.

“Why don’t we go and see Casino Royale.” Rocco asks.

“Yeah, okay we haven’t been to the cinema in ages.” Belle says.

“And the fact that we both love the bond films.” Rocco responds.

“We sure do, I think I will enjoy this one more than you since it has Daniel Craig in it.”

Belle says.

“I’m better than Daniel Craig; you get to have me anytime you want me.” Rocco responds.

“That is all very true. I like the idea of going to the cinema though and seeing it as there has been a lot of hype over this film because of the gap between this one and the last one so we might aswell see what the hype is all about!” Belle says.

“Yeah.” Rocco responds.

Belle puts her best gear on for the night time, does her make up and does her hair now she is ready to go.

Rocco puts on his dapper clothing, as it is the film premiere and now he is ready to go too.

“I’ll drive.” Rocco says as he gets into his black Ferrari.

“Sure, gives me less work.” Belle agrees.

Rocco and Belle arrive at the film premiere. They see loads of different stars there.

“Oh my god! Look over there, Rachel Bilson and Misha Barton with their partners.” Rocco says staring in amazement.

“Yeah, they are probably here for the same reason.” Belle says.

“What they like Bond films?” Rocco asks.

“Yeah.” Belle lies, thinking they probably like Daniel Craig too.

Belle sees Daniel Craig cut the red rope and welcomes everyone into the cinema.

“It’s time to go in now baby, we have to get good seats and some coke and popcorn.” Rocco says.

Belle tears herself away from looking at Daniel Craig, and goes along with Rocco to get their tickets.

They have now got their snacks, and drinks and are just waiting for the film to start.

“I swear these adverts go on forever.” Rocco says.

Then they see the advert for “Spiderman 3”.

“That looks really good.” Rocco says.

“It does.” Belle responds.

“Yay, it’s coming on.” Belle says as she cuddles up against Rocco.

The film has now finished after over 2 hours, and Belle and Rocco are coming out of the cinema.

“That was really good; I thought he did a better job of Bond than most have been saying.” Belle says.

“I thought it was good too, it was nice to go out to the cinema again.” Rocco responds.

Belle and Rocco hold hands until they get to the car. Rocco gets in his black Ferrari and drives home, Belle checks herself in the mirror to check whether she looks ok.

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