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Last Final Goodbye to Beth Hunter

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Topic Title – Last Final Goodbye to Beth Hunter

Topic Description – Beth, Irene, Dan, Lucas, Mattie, Jack, Tony, Robbie and Scott

Type of story: one-shot

Rating: G (D)

Main Characters: ie. Beth, Irene, Dan, Lucas, Mattie, Jack, Tony, Robbie and Scott

Genre: Drama

Warnings: None

Is Story being proof read: No (unknown)

Summary: Starts with the death of Beth due to a heart attack and continues with the funeral and everyone’s speeches.

One week ago

Beth bent down to get a plate that she had dropped on the floor. Beth stands up but a few minutes later she felt a pain in her heart. The heart attack starts to turn into a massive heart attack and Beth collapse on the kitchen floor, where she dies. R.I.P Beth Ann Hunter (1960-2010)

A week later after the death of Beth, everyone gathered to say goodbye to Beth on the cliff.

Tony, Jack, Lucas, Mattie are ready for their last goodbye and with Scott, Kit, Robbie, Henry, Tasha, Martha waiting at the cliff. Tony gets Beth's Outback hat so he can put it on the coffin.

The Church.

Everyone is waiting as Dan starts to speak.

Dan: Everyone welcome to our final goodbye to Beth Hunter, a long time friend of Irene Roberts and we are here today to say wonderful things about our Beth.

Irene walks up and starts talking.

Irene: Now 44 years ago when I first met Beth she was a nice, warming and loving mother, wife and friend. I am here today to say that we lost a soul and when ever I think of Beth she will always be in the Hunters soul and now I wish she was still here. I never forgot the day that she asked me around for dinner and she said 'Let’s go and play with Kitty.' I would never forget that, Beth you are a true friend with every second you think and talk.

A few metres back, the ghost of Beth is standing watching Irene speech.

Lucas walks up and sees Beth's ghost a few metres ahead.

Lucas: I want to say that Beth was nothing more but the best mum I could ever ask for. I’ll never forget when Beth came into my room and saw me half naked.

Everyone laughs.

Jack is the next one up.

Jack: Beth was what I called a great mum and when ever I asked for something she was there. I will never forget when Beth wore a police uniform.

Mattie is up next.

Mattie: I miss mum, she was cool, and I have never thought that what I saw was real. I will not forget when I stole mum's lipstick. I will miss you mum

Henry’s turn.

Henry: I will miss mum heaps. I never forgotten the day when I was 8 and mum caught me covered in flour.

Robbie’s turn

Robbie: Me and mum had the best and wicked time together. She is a hot mum and I never forgot the day when I helping mum making Chocolate cake and I tipped it upside down on my head. I will never forget you mum, and I love you.

Scott’s turn.

Scott: I remember the day me and mum danced together, she was very good and I learnt so much from her, and not to mention I used to eat crayons.

Kit’s turn.

Kit: Where can I start? Um, when I was first born I looked at mum and I knew how much she loved me and I love her. I have to say there are heaps of days that I will never forget, but this is the one that I will NEVER forget, when my mum brought me a top which was pink with Barbie and I still have it. She was always up every morning making pancakes (my favourite) and I will never forget mum.

Tony's turn.

Tony: When me and Beth first met, I thought to myself this isthe girl I am going to marry and have kids with, and it was true. I wouldn't forget Beth's car nightmare when it was a tan coloured when she thought it was a blue car. I loved you Beth and she was my soul mate, and my loving wife.

Beth’s Ghost is still standing watching as they placed Beth coffin into the ground.

Goodbye Beth Hunter you will be greatly missed.

In loving memory of

Elizabeth 'Beth' Hunter

She was a loving Wife, Mother and Friend


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