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Life, Love - Is It Worth It?

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Topic Title – Life,Love, is it worth it?

Topic Description – Sally, Ric and Peter (T)

Type of story: One shot

Rating: T

Main Characters: Sally, Ric and Peter

Genre: Romance/Angst

Warnings: None

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: Sally has struggles with a new relationship and starts to think of Flynn but her ever loving son Ric is there to ease her doubts.

Life, Love, is it worth it?

Its been a year since he left me, left our family and I still miss him. It supposed to get easier in time, well at least thats what people say, but it doesnt although it doesnt get any worse.

Day to day things I can do on auto-pilot, but today my life has changed again, because I let someone get close to me, I let them into my heart and into my bed. He said those words I had longed to hear, words I hadnt heard since Flynn died. Peter had said I love you Sally, at first I felt excstatic and the the passion took over and it was wonderful. Yet now here I am staring into space, while he is upstairs asleep in my bed, in Flynn's bed.

Its not that I feel guilty, I know Im not betraying Flynn. I now he would want this for me and to be honest I want it for myself. So whats my problem? Why am I scared, what am I scared of?

"Sal are you ok?" I hear a voice behind and turn to see Ric my foster son looking at me.

"Im fine Ric, just go back to bed" I say knowing full well that he wont.

"Talk to me Sally" he says sitting down next to me and holding my hand.

I dont say anything, cause I dont know myself what wrong. I rest my head on his shoulder.

"Pete's here isnt he?" Ric says. He stuns me with this knowledge.

"How do you know?" I ask.

"His Jacket and shoes are at the bottom of the stairs, it wasnt hard to figure out" Ric says smiling at me.

"Of course I should have known, you would pick up on that." I say.

"Years of sneaking around girls houses Sal, you learn how to hide the evidence" he says and I know he is trying to get me to laugh.

"What about heartbreak, has that taught you anything, got any advice?" I blurt out.

"Is that what is bothering you, getting your heart broken" he asks gently.

I guess it is although I dont say anything to Ric.

"Do you remember what you said to me Sal when Cassie broke my heart, or Belle or Mattie for that matter?" He says.

I laugh slightly and nod. Not saying anything as I know he is going to continue.

"You told me Sal, that without love, life isnt worth anything, so sometimes you have to put yourself out there and take the risk of your heart breaking, because love is what life is all about."

I know he is right, its just hard after losing Flynn. I dont know if my heart could take it again. I hear someone come into the room, turning I see Peter standing there.

"I will leave you to it?" Ric says smiling at me.

"Is everything ok Sally?" Peter says sitting where Ric sat moments ago.

"I think so" I say honestly. "Its just hard for me you know after Flynn. I dont think I could deal with heart break again. I dont know if Im strong enough."

"I think you are strong Sal, in fact I dont know any woman stronger and if you want me to give you more time I will, but just hear me out" he says holding my hand exactly as Ric had before.

"Ok" I say meekly

"I cant promise you I will out live you but I can promise that I love you with all my heart and that if you give me yours I will never break it, I wont even chip or scratch it." He is looking deep into my eyes and I know he is genuine. "I love you Sally" he finishes.

"I love you too Peter" I say and I know I mean it.

We walk back upstairs and he enters my room. "Give me a minute" I say walking towards Ric's room.

Opening the door I know Ric will still be awake, worrying about me and I'm right he is sat there waiting.

"Hi" I say sitting down on his bed. "Thanks for earlier, your a pretty great son you know that."

"No problem, Im always here" he says hugging me.

We hug and I get up to leave. I want to get back to Peter.

"Sal" Ric says as I get to the door. "Tell me its worth it."

I look at him and smile "Love, Life, family, friends, its all worth it son." I say leaving his room and heading to mine to start the next chapter of my life. I just hope its a happy one.

Hope you like it, it was something I decided to write when I couldnt sleep last night. :)

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