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Headlights On Dark Roads

Guest luckyrabbit

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Title: Headlights On Dark Roads

Type of story: Oneshot

Genre: eg: Drama

Main Characters: Peter, Zoe

Rating: T

Summary: A night time drive turns to talk of the Stalker.

Set during episode 3924.

"It's a little bit creepy, don't you think?" Peter takes his eyes off the road and looks at his passenger for clarification. "What happened to Sally. I mean, with everything that's being happening lately." Zoe explains.

"It was an accident." Peter shrugs, he can't think about it being anything more, not now that he'd just gotten the chance to relax with Marc behind bars and the Stalker drama finally behind them.

"Yeah," Zoe agrees, turning her head back to check on Pippa, who was sleeping soundly in the backseat. "But it really makes you think, Sally was really lucky, she could've been killed." She should've been killed.

"Really? From falling off a ladder?" Peter didn't know why he was so surprised, he'd seen people die under much stranger circumstances.

"Well, she hit her head, so yeah. She was lucky Flynn got there when he did."

Peter nods, his eyes fixed on the dark road that was being illuminated by nothing more than the headlights of his car, it was quite dangerous really, normally it wouldn't have bothered him so much but having a baby in the car was making him nervous.

Zoe sits quietly for a moment, fiddling with the straps of her handbag. Unnerved by the lull in the running chatter, Peter looks over in concern. "Something on your mind?"

"No. Well yeah, it's just…what if this wasn't just an accident? What if the Stalker's still out there? What if it's not Marc?"

Against his better judgment, Peter reaches over and squeezes the panicking young woman's hand. "Marc is the stalker." He assures her. "We're running tests of the blood on the knife we found in Marc's apartment, the results come back tomorrow and they are going to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Marc's our guy."

"You're sure about that?" Zoe asks uncertainly.

"Hey, who's the detective here?" Peter chuckles with good humour, he could understand Zoe's apprehension after all Marc had tried to kill her, it'd be enough to make anyone nervous.

Zoe giggles and sighs in relief, Peter was still as clueless as ever. But there was still the problem of Sally to be dealt with, who knew what she'd remember in the morning. Zoe knew that it was a mistake, attacking Sally, but she couldn't help herself, after Sally had said what she did about her Sarah…she was asking for it. A smile spreads across Zoe's face as she remembers how helpless and confused Sally had been, how easy it would've been to end her life, then and there.

"You're awfully quiet." Peter comments.

"Just thinking."

"About what?"

"Wouldn't you like to know."

Peter raises an eyebrow and laughs at the decidedly flirty response. He knew she didn't mean anything by it, as far as he knew she was still dating Kim Hyde. But it was nice to have someone to joke around with like that, everyone else was too busy seeing him as serious policeman Pete, to have any fun. "I would, actually. Whatever it was seemed very amusing."

Zoe bites her lip and smiles. "Oh, it is. I was just thinking that you've never seen Colleen in the middle of the night, have you?"

"Ah no, I have yet to experience that distinct pleasure." Thank God. "Is it that bad?" A pink silk robe, a blue face mask, hair in curlers, a ridiculous pair of fluffy slippers. Yeah, it was that bad.

A mischievous smile plays across Zoe's lips. "You'll see soon enough."



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