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Silent Desire

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Topic Title – Silent Desire

Topic Description – Ric,Luc, & Matilda (A)

Type of story: one-shot

Rating: A

Main Characters: Ric, Lucas, Matilda

Genre: Romance/Angst

Warnings: Slight sexual content

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: Its horrible seeing the person you love with someone else, but can you contain the anger and jealousy that builds up inside?

Silent Desire.

He knew it was wrong, he knew he shouldnt feel this way about her. She was taken, she was someone's girlfriend, someone that he respected.

He watched as he put his arm on her bare back as they walked along the beach, he would give anything to touch her skin like that it looked so soft and inviting. He couldnt take these feelings they were consuming him more and more, she was on his mind every hour of every day. He couldnt believe that no-one else had noticed, that she hadnt noticed.

It was killing him watching how happy she was with her boyfriend, he knew from just looking at them that he stood no chance. Their love was strong unbreakable, but it wasnt that he wanted to break it, he didnt want these feelings. They had come from no where and the more he had tried to ignore them the more they had grown. He was falling for her and she was off limits. He would never have her.

He watched as they walked further away from the beach party, thinking that no-one had seen them. he watched as she lifted her lips to his and they kissed passionately. He longed to feel that kiss, to know what it was like and how she tasted. He couldnt stand to watch them but at the same time couldnt tear his eyes away from them.

Jealousy was building up inside him as her hands moved under his shirt, he managed to drag his eyes away, but just for a moment. He had to look back he needed to see her. He carried on watching as his hands travelled her body, caressing her through her clothes. He could feel himself longing to do the same. He watched as they walked off further to find a private place away from prying eyes like his. He could only imagine what they were going to do.

His anger built up inside him. He was angry with him for having her, angry with her for loving her boyfriend and not him but most of all he was angry with himself. Why did he feel like this, they were his friends. He didnt want to hurt them, he didnt want any of this.

He walked away hoping that his anger would subside, he walked for ages trying to forget the image of her that was burnt into his mind. Then purely by accident he saw them up by the surf club. His body pinning her delicate perfect frame to the wall. They were kissing intensly, his hand moving up her tiny skirt. He watched as she kissed him harder, obviously enjoying what he was doing.

God, why, how. This isnt right he thought to himself. Kicking the fence next to him trying to let out his frustration. he couldnt be anywhere near them it was too painful. He ran back down the beach to the water. He couldnt get the image of them out of his mind. She was in ectasy it was obvious he knew it, but he just wanted to be the one causing it.

He sat down in the water ignoring how cold it was, and the tears started to flow. He couldnt carry on like this, but what else was he supposed to do. He couldnt tell her, he couldnt talk to him. They wouldnt understand. He had to keep trying to forget her no matter how hard it was.

He knew he was kidding himself. He wouldnt forget, he couldnt because everytime he closed his eyes he saw her smile, the twinkle in her eye, her beautiful face. He could imagine being with her laughing and loving, but then he would see them together and his fantasy would come crashing down as reality bit back.

She would never be his. She wasnt his girl, she was his bestfriends. She was Luc's girl and Ric knew that he couldnt tell, couldnt admit the truth. Cause he couldnt betray someone not someone like Lucas, he respected and cared about him.

He would carry on admiring from a far. Carry on falling deeper and deeper although she would never know. Carry on hiding his desire, carry on in silence. Carry on loving Matilda Hunter.

Just a random thing I decided to write hope you like it :)


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