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Maybe It's Not Hopeless

Guest Emily11

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Jack awoke from his sleep. He lifted his arm and gently placed it around her.

However his arm dropped silently on to the bed. He lay there, not wanting to wake up.

Not wanting to accept that she had gone, that he had lost her. He had loved her so much,

yet he had ignored her, instead turning to his work when she had simply wanted to spend time together. He didn't know why he had been so stupid, why he had taken her for granted. All he knew was that he was miserable and that he wanted her to come home.

Martha stood motionless, staring at the photo. They looked so happy, so in love.

She didn't know how they had ended up like this, both upset and alone. She wished so much that they could get back to the way things were but she knew that could never happen. They had tried to work things out, but every time she felt they might be getting somewhere something happened and they found themselves right back at square one. Even though they had spent the last couple of weeks fighting she still missed him. She knew she could never stop loving him but she also knew that one way or another she couldn't keep doing this. She had to know if she was to carry on being 'Mrs. Jack Holden'. She decided that a walk would probably help and headed off down to the beach.

Jack wasn't working today however he had no idea what to do. Usually he and Martha would do something together like have lunch at the Diner or a picnic or just spend time together. He couldn't stop thinking about her so he decided to go for a walk to clear his head.

Both Martha and Jack walked sadly along the beach, both thinking about and missing the other

Even though there were people everywhere the feeling of loneliness and sadness did not once

leave them. Each of them had a huge hole in their hearts, one that could only be filled by each

other's presence. Martha looked up, the tears visible in her eyes as she looked at him standin

on the beach, a look of sadness and torment in his eyes. She wanted to run to him, comfort him and have him do the same to her but instead she just stood there. They stayed like that for what seemed like an eternity, until Jack moved closer so they were almost touching. Martha saw that Jack had tears running down his cheeks too and just seeing how upset he was, simply broke her heart. Jack held out his arms to her, his eyes pleading for her to come to him. Martha was hesitant at first but as emotion overtook her she realized that he was the only one who could truly comfort her.She collapsed in his arms and as they held each other, they cried and cried until they had no more tears to shed. As Martha pulled away from him she looked deep into his eyes; maybe it's not hopeless, she thought.


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