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A Bundle Of Joy... LOVE

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Chapter 1

Year 2010

Matilda walked along the beach and as she watched as the water came in and wet her feet, then went out again, she thought to herself how great it was to be living in summer bay. She had turned twenty today and was having a party tonight.

Matilda then had a sudden urge to look behind her and as she did she saw Lucas walking along the beach toward her.

Matilda started to walk off when she heard him yelling out her name to wait.

‘Great…another fight’ she thought to herself as she turned around and watched as Lucas approached her.

‘Can I talk to you…please?’ Lucas asked her.

Maddie nodded her head but didn’t say anything because she was hiding a secret from Lucas, a secret that she didn’t want to be true but at the same time was so happy to have a part of Lucas with her all the time.

‘I’ve been trying to talk to you for the last three weeks but every time you see me you run. We need to talk about what happened and I mean really talk’ Lucas said as he saw a tear come from Maddie’s eyes.

Matilda wiper her tears from her face and looked away from Lucas.

‘Can’t we just forget it?’ she asked as she looked at the sand.

‘No we just cant forget it, Maddie…I love you’ Lucas said.

Matilda’s head shot up and she dropped her thongs.

‘What?’ she asked as looked him straight in the eyes.

“Maddie I love you and…’

Lucas couldn’t say anything because Matilda lunged at him.

‘I hate you, I hate you, I don’t want your love’ Matilda screamed as she hit his chest as hard as she could and then started crying and fell to her feet with her hands covering her face.

Lucas bent down beside her and hugged her as she cried and cried and cried.

Matilda put her arms around Lucas and cried and for a couple of minutes later she pulled back. Mascara and eyeliner had run down her cheeks and as Lucas wiped her face and Matilda looked him in the eyes.

‘I need to tell you something.’ She said, as she pulled back a little further.

‘What is it?’ he asked looking her in the eyes.

‘I’m pregnant!’

Chapter 2

Lucas looked at Matilda in complete shock.

Matilda saw the look on Lucas’s face so she picked up her thongs got to her feet and took off as fast as she could past Lucas.

‘Maddie…Maddie wait. Maddie!’ Lucas yelled getting to his feet and chasing after Matilda ran up off the beach and ran straight onto a road. Lucas ran after her and noticed a car coming straight towards her.

‘MATILDA!’ Lucas screamed.

Matilda stopped in the middle of the road and turned around to face Lucas but as she did so she saw the car coming at her and suddenly slammed on its brakes and skidded.

Lucas screamed out her name and stopped in his tracks, hands grasped over his mouth as he watched Matilda go over the bonnet of the car and hit the ground with a thud.

Lucas ran onto the road and bent down and rolled Matilda onto her back as she was lying on her side.

She had grazes all up her elbows and her face was all red with blood.

‘Maddie…Maddie…Maddie can you hear me?’ Lucas screamed.

Lucas heard footsteps coming toward him and saw that it was a man who had got out of the car. Tears were running down Lucas’s face as he told the man to call an ambulance and soon turned back to Matilda and rested his hand on her stomach.


Rachel was in emergency when the emergency doors flung open and two ambulance officers came racing in with Lucas racing in behind them.

As the men, Lucas and the bed came up to Rachel, one man started talking.

‘Female, twenty, Matilda Hunter, hit by a car and three weeks pregnant according to Lucas Hunter here’ the ambulance officer said.

‘Ok, take her into bay two. We need everyone in here. We need, bloods, head CT, full body CT and we need a machine in here so we can do an ultra sound.’ Rachel said as she took off into bay two after the officers and Lucas right behind them.

Once they had settled Matilda into bay two and had taken bloods, given her scans and blood and also taken blood, Rachel let Lucas sit by her side.

About an hour later Rachel walked back into the room and told Lucas the news.

‘Well she has a bit of swelling in the brain but that would be from the impact of the accident and she has a lot of eternal bruising but by the looks of it her and the baby are very lucky to be alive. All we have to do is keep an eye on that swelling and once it starts to go down she will be able to go home.’ Rachel said as Matilda started mumbling the words “Lucas” and “Baby”.

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Here we go people enjoy :lol:

Chapter 3

‘Maddie…Maddie I’m here, I’m here!’ Lucas said as he grabbed Matilda’s hand and wiped his face with his other free hand.

‘Lucas, the baby, the baby!’ Matilda kept repeating and Lucas was just about to say everything is going to be ok when Matilda shot up in her bed screaming in pain.

Lucas called out to help as Matilda screamed out in pain all the while saying “The baby!”

Rachel came running in and lay Matilda back in her bed as Matilda screamed in pain and squeezed Lucas’s hand so much that his hand was going red.

Rachel pulled back the blankets to see a pool of blood between Matilda’s legs on the sheet.

Rachel gave Matilda something for the pain and soon was doing another ultra sound and soon saw a devastating discovery.

‘Oh god. She’s bleeding internally and that’s making her miscarry.’ Rachel said to a female nurse who had walked into the room.

‘Ring theatre and tell them what's happening, if were going to save this baby we have to act now!’ she said as the nurse bolted out of the room and came back minutes later with two orderlies who prepped Matilda for theatre.

A couple of minutes later Rachel turned and took Matilda’s other hand.

‘Matilda, Matilda you have to go to theatre to save you and your baby so I’ll see you soon ok’

As the orderlies took Matilda away Lucas looked at Rachel.

‘Is she going to be ok? Is the baby going to be ok?’ Lucas asked as tears started streaming down his face again.

Rachel looked at Lucas with sad eyes and took his hands.

‘I don’t know!’

Lucas fell to the floor as he burst out crying.

‘Can I use the phone; Beth will want to know what happened to her daughter. She’s already lost Kit to amnesia and Robbie to a head on collision.’ Lucas said as Rachel nodded her head and watched as he walked out of the room with tears streaming down his face.

Chapter 4


‘Beth its Lucas’ Lucas said into the telephone trying to hold back his tears.

“Oh Lucas hi, how are you, how is Mattie?” Beth asked over the receiving end.

‘That’s what I have called you about. I know you don’t want to hear this over the phone but Mattie’s in hospital, she got hit by a car and…’ Lucas tried to hold back tears but couldn’t anymore.

‘…And she is three weeks pregnant and might lose the baby!’ Lucas said as Beth gave out a small cry and listened as Tony asked what was happening. Beth and Tony left the bay after Matilda’s seventeenth birthday because they wanted to be close to Kit and also because of the fact that so many bad things seemed to happen in Summer Bay so they decided to move away from all that.

Lucas started crying and thinking about the first time he saw Matilda, him and his family had just moved to the bay and when he saw Mattie he couldn’t get her out of his mind and until this day forward he still cant. He was just about to speak into the speaker phone when…

“Is she ok? What's happening? Lucas say something!” Beth screamed as Lucas could hear Tony in the background telling to try and calm down because they don’t know anything.

‘Umm well she has some swelling in the brain and the doctors didn’t know she had internal bleeding until she started to miscarry so she is in theatre at the moment and I haven’t heard anything. Look I know this is hard but I don’t know anymore than you do right now!’ Lucas explained as he heard Beth start to cry. Next thing he knew he heard his dad on the phone.

“Luc Beth’s in tears on the couch so I’ll ask for her, is there any point travelling down to Summer Bay at the moment?”

‘Seriously dad I wouldn’t have a clue, hang on Rachel just walked in maybe she can tell you…I’ll see you later ok!’ Lucas said as Tony said bye and as Lucas passed the phone onto Rachel, she whispered to him to wait in bay two and she will talk to him in a second.


A couple of minutes later Rachel walked in the room followed by the two orderlies and Matilda fast asleep in the bed.

‘Lucas I have to ask you, do either you or Matilda’s side of the family have twins in the family?’ she asked as Matilda’s bed was put back in place.

‘Not, not as far as I know…why?’ Lucas asked as he took Matilda’s hand.

‘Well before I tell you that I will tell you that we did manage to stop the bleeding and did manage to save Matilda and her babies’ Rachel said as Lucas looked at her unusually.

‘Wait…babies…you mean…’

“Yes. Matilda is having twins and let me tell you it is a miracle that either baby or Matilda survived with that much bleeding in her stomach.”

Lucas looked at Matilda who was peacefully sleeping off the anesthetic from her operation. Lucas gave a small smile and kissed her on the hand, thanked Rachel and lay his head on the bed and slowly closed his eyes.

Chapter 5

‘I’m pregnant!’

‘Maddie…Maddie wait. Maddie!’



‘Maddie…Maddie…Maddie can you hear me?’



Lucas shot up eyes wide open as tears ran down his face. Lucas was breathing heavily from the dream he had just encountered. That was going to run through his mind forever because if he didn’t yell out to her, she wouldn’t have stopped in the middle of the road.

Lucas looked at Matilda who had moved and was now lying on her side. She looked so beautiful when she was asleep…Oh what was he kidding she looked beautiful all the time.

Lucas let go Matilda’s hand and was just about to get to her feet and he heard Matilda start shuffling in her bed. Lucas took Matilda’s hand again and started stroking her hair with his other hand.

Matilda slowly opened her eyes and when she looked at Lucas and saw how red his eyes were, she gave a small smile.

‘Hi!’ she said as she held his hand back.

‘Hi!’ he replied. ‘I have news, big news.’

‘Is it the baby? Is everything ok?’ she asked.

‘Yeah everything’s fine…better than fine, were having twins!’ he said as Matilda looked a little shocked for a second but soon a huge grin could be seen.

Matilda slowly sat herself up in the bed and Lucas sat on the edge of the bed.

‘Who would have thought that getting drunk and having a one night stand would produce twins’ she said as she looked Lucas in the eyes. Lucas returned her gaze and soon she hugged him and he returned the hug.

‘I love you Luc’ she said as she held him and soon he pulled back.

‘Mattie…I’ve always loved you. No matter what has happened I have always loved you!’ he said as he leant in and kissed her soft lips.

As soon as he pulled back Rachel walked in the room.

‘Its good to see you awake. Now Matilda Hunter we need to talk. Your weight has dropped again and I know you have only just got over this eating disorder but now that you are pregnant we have to build up your strength and get you eating more.’ Rachel said as Matilda took Lucas’s hand.

Matilda put her head down and then looked at Lucas.

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Chapter 6

‘I know what your thinking but I don’t want to go back there, not again and some times it is so hard and I promise you that I haven’t made myself throw up for ages. I’ve had this eating disorder since I was sixteen and when I went to the retreat I was doing really well but then I came home and everything just came back to me and I went through it again but I promise you on my life that I haven’t done it for a year now!’ Matilda explained to Rachel and Lucas because she knew what it did to Lucas when she went through that and she knew that he blamed himself and when she made friends with Dean in rehab that he was jealous.

‘Ok well I am going to get your counselor back down here so you can talk about what's going on and from now on I want you eating six small meals a day.’ Rachel said as Matilda nodded and saw a small smile on Lucas’s face.

‘Now until that swelling goes down in your brain we are going to keep you in here and keep your fluids up and also we are going to weigh you everyday and check your throat so if your are making yourself throw up we will know, ok!’

Matilda nodded again and this time Lucas put his arm around her and kissed her on the forehead.

3 days later

Matilda and Lucas walked through the door of the house that Beth, Tony, Matilda and Lucas used to live in for the first time. Because Matilda was only seventeen and Lucas was only eighteen when Tony and Beth moved out of Summer Bay, Lucas and Matilda went and lived with Sally, Ric, Cassie and little Pipper. Some times it got pretty hectic in that house but some how they always managed to pull through.

‘Wow I can’t believe mum signed this place over to me’ Matilda said as she walked through the front door and sat on the couch.

Lucas looked at Matilda and noticed that ever since she had the skin drafting done to her burn that she was a much more confident person and was wearing the sorts of tops that she had never thought she could wear again. Lucas reached into his pocket and pulled out a small case and looked at Mattie.

‘Mattie, I know this isn't the best of time but I was going to ask you on the beach this morning.’ Lucas said as he watched Matilda turn around and face him.

Lucas walked over to Matilda, got down on one knee and saw Mattie’s mouth drop.

‘Will you marry me?’

Chapter 7

Matilda looked at the ring that Lucas was holding in his hand.

‘Lucas I…’

‘Mattie you said it yourself, you love me and I sure as hell love you and now were having twins so I think this is the perfect time to ask although I was going to save it for dinner tonight but I couldn’t wait. I want to be with for now and forever so…will you marry me?’ Lucas asked again as he gave a small smile and held the ring in the case.

Matilda’s face soon had a huge grin as she said yes and as he stood up and put the ring on her finger, she had never been so happier and when the ring was on her finger he looked at Matilda and she flung her arms around his neck and soon they were kissing passionately.

Once they had finished spending time together Matilda got on the phone to ring her mum and Tony. When Beth picked up the phone and heard Matilda’s voice she was ecstatic to hear that her baby was out of hospital.

‘Mum I’m all grown up now so I’m not really your baby and I have some news!’ Matilda said.

‘Get Tony to pick up the other phone will you’

‘Lucas you get on the other end as well!’ Matilda whispered to Lucas as he picked up the other end of the phone.

“Ok were ready darling, what is the news you have for us?” Beth asked on the receiving end.

‘Ok mum, Tony, were having twins…’

“Oh my god darling congratulations and Lucas I’m so proud of you.”

“Yeah son I’m proud as well”

‘Thanks dad and Beth’

‘Mum that’s not all of the news, were also getting married!’ Matilda blurted out as she heard gasps and “oh my gods” and “congratulations”

Matilda looked over at Lucas who was by the front door with the other phone up to his ear when Matilda saw some one in black stop in the door way.

‘Mum I’m going to have to call you back. Some one just turned up who I wasn’t expecting!’ Matilda said as her mum said bye and she hung up the phone.

Matilda walked over to Lucas and took his hand.

‘Diesel what are you doing here?’ she asked looking at the very gothic punk rock guy.

‘Well I had hoped to come back and sort things out with you but obviously you have moved on!’ he said as he looked Lucas up and down and then looked back at Matilda.

‘Yeah I have moved on. What you left when I was only fifteen, you didn’t expect me to just wait around for you, did you?’ Matilda asked as Lucas looked at her.

‘Well yeah!’ Diesel replied.

Matilda looked a little shocked when he said that and when she looked at Lucas and saw his beautiful blue eyes; she remembered why she said yes to him.

‘Diesel you need to leave. I have a life now and I love my life so I want you to just stay out of my life…for good!’ she said as she shut the door in his face and turned to Lucas.

‘I love you so much’ she said as she kissed him on the lips.

Just then there was a knock at the door.

‘Oh my god Diesel I told you I want…’ Matilda said as she forced the door open to find Sally standing there.

‘Diesel…what he’s back?’ Sally asked as Matilda let her in and shut the door.

‘Yeah he’s back and he was just here. Do you believe he wanted me back?’ Matilda asked as she sat on the chair across from the couch where Sally was sitting.

‘So who is this guy anyway?’ Lucas asked sitting on the armchair next to Matilda and joining his hand with Matilda’s.

‘Diesel Williams was a former student at Summer Bay high around the time Mattie was fifteen. Matilda went out with him and was devastated when she found out that he had an obsession with me and it got to a point where he kidnapped me!’ Sally said as she saw Lucas kiss Matilda’s hand.

‘Are you serious, that guy kidnapped you?’ Lucas asked as Sally nodded.

‘Anyway as long as he doesn’t come near me but I came over here to drop off the rest of your stuff that you left at the caravan park because I assume you will be living here from now on!’ Sally said as she got to her feet, walked out the door and back in with 3 garbage bags full of clothes and other stuff.

‘I’ll leave this stuff with you and you can sort through it yourselves’

‘Thank you!’ both Matilda and Lucas said as Sally bid her goodbye and was soon gone.

Lucas got to his feet and shut the door, pulled Matilda to her feet and started kissing her.

‘Alone at last. You know how much I love you don’t?’ Lucas asked as a grin appeared on Matilda’s face.

‘No I don’t know how much, you might have to show me!’ Matilda said as Lucas started kissing her on the lips, then the neck and then back up to the lips.

hope you guys and gals like it :rolleyes:

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because you are all such great ppl i am posting a couple more chapters 4 u :lol:

Chapter 8

Matilda walked into the diner the next morning to find Diesel sitting in one of the booths. As soon as he saw Matilda his face lit up and he got to his feet and approached her.

‘Did you change your mind?’ he asked.

‘Definitely not; Diesel I’m engaged and pregnant and I’m in love with a great guy so there is no way in hell I would change my mind.’ Matilda said as Colleen walked out of the diner’s kitchen.

‘And what may I do for you young Matilda Hunter?’ she asked in her high-pitched voice.

‘Just a couple of coffees to go please Colleen!’ Matilda replied as Colleen nodded and started making the coffees.

‘So basically what we had doesn’t mean anything to you…does it?’ Diesel asked standing next to her.

‘No it doesn’t mean anything Diesel. I love Lucas with all my heart and after what him and I have been through we deserve to be happy!’ Matilda explained as Colleen came back with the coffees.

‘Here we go Matilda’

‘Thanks Colleen; just put it on my tab again will you!’ Matilda said as Colleen nodded with that huge grin of hers and went to serving other people.

‘Goodbye Diesel!’ Matilda said as she picked up her coffees and walked out of the diner.


Matilda was just about to walk up the driveway when she heard her name being called out. She turned around and saw Martha and Jack just about to hop in their car with their newborn baby girl.

‘Hey Mattie, how are you?’ Martha asked as she passed the baby to Jack to put in the car.

‘I’m good Martha, how are you and the new family?’ Matilda asked holding the coffees in her hand.

‘Good, really good…well we have to go now so I’ll talk to you later!’ Martha said as she jumped in the passenger side of the car.

‘Ok bye!’ Matilda said as she watched the car drive off she was just about to walk up the stairs when she heard her name being called again and when she turned around she saw Diesel walking up to her.

‘What…’ Matilda said as Diesel grabbed her arm and started dragging her down the footpath toward a car.

‘LET ME GO. LUCAS, HELP ME, LUCAS!’ Matilda started screaming.

Lucas came outside and saw Diesel dragging Matilda down the path and soon started running toward her. When Lucas reached them he hit Diesel. Diesel fell to the ground as Matilda shot behind Lucas.

‘STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM MY FIANCÉ, YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE AND YOU BLEW IT SO RACK OFF AND LEAVE US IN PEACE!’ Lucas screamed at him as neighbors started coming out of their houses just to see what was happening.

‘Come on Mattie, let’s go!’ Lucas said as he turned around and put his arm around Matilda’s waist.

Diesel looked up and saw Matilda look behind her as she and Lucas walked off into the house and when they were gone, he touched his lip with his finger and wiped a tiny bit of blood from where he had split his lip.

‘I’ll get you back Mattie, don’t you worry’ he said as he got to his feet, got in his car and drove off with Matilda looking out of the front window, sighing when he was gone.

Chapter 9

Diesel was sitting in the diner when Sally walked in with Pipper. Diesel saw Pipper and wished he got Sally when he did but no he was too stupid with that snobby princess Matilda Hunter.

Sally saw Diesel and saw him looking at Pipper.

‘Mummy, I want drink!’ Pipper said as Sally told her to follow Colleen and she will make her a milk shake for her. As Pipper walked into the kitchen with Colleen, Sally walked over to where Diesel was sitting.


‘Don’t even bother speaking to me; I just want to make sure that I am clear when I say this. I don’t want you near me, I don’t want you near my family and I especially don’t want you near Matilda Hunter because she has a life now and she has been through a lot and the slightest hiccup will put her in danger so I think it would be best if you just left!’ Sally said as she turned away and walked over to the kitchen where Pipper was waiting for her and then they left.

Diesel waited until Sally had left with Pipper and then walked over to where Colleen was serving.

‘And what can I do for you young sir? Colleen asked not looking at Diesel but filling the muffin tray.

‘Hi I’m an old friend of Matilda Hunter’s and I heard she went through a hard time last year or something!’ Diesel said as Colleen finished stacking the muffins.

‘Oh yes she had a very hard time last year with the burns she suffered at Martha and Jacks wedding and then finding out Lucas was going to be a dad and then finding out he wasn’t and then going through the whole bulimia thing. Poor girl has had it tough and I’m amazed she didn’t leave Summer Bay when her mum did!’ Colleen said as she looked up and saw Diesel.

‘Oh my, get out go on, out!’ Colleen shouted as Diesel took off out the door with a grin on his face.

Colleen ran to the phone in the kitchen and dialed Matilda and Lucas’s house number.


‘Oh my god Matilda I am so sorry but he said he was an old friend of your and I only just realized who it was after I told him…’

“Colleen what are you talking about?” Matilda asked over the receiving end of the phone.

‘That Diesel fella!’ Colleen screamed.

Matilda looked at Lucas who was washing up a few things they had for dinner and when Matilda hung up the phone and sat down at the table. Lucas looked at her and saw the worried look on her face.

‘Hey what's wrong? He asked as he pulled his hands out of the soapy water, wiped them and walked over to Matilda.

‘That was Colleen on the phone. Diesel knows that I got burnt in Jack and Martha’s wedding and he knows about you sticking up for Lee and my Bulimia and…Lucas I’m scared…Diesel’s planning something and its got something to do with why he wanted me back!’ Matilda said as Lucas hugged her and promised her he wouldn’t let anyone hurt her again because he’s here to stay for good.

‘Lucas lets get out of here, only for a couple of months. I know, we should go and stay with mum and Tony for while because I miss mum!’ Matilda suggested as Lucas thought for a minute or two.

‘Why not; I think it will be good for the both of us to take some time away from here. How about we leave tomorrow arvo?’ Lucas said getting to his feet and kissing his fiancé on the forehead.

The next day Matilda and Lucas walked into the diner to find Sally, Pipper, Cassie and her boyfriend Adam who she met through Belle, Belle and Ric who were Married and had a child of there own, Martha and Jack with their baby daughter, Colleen, Alf who was still good and kicking and Rachel.

Lucas and Matilda stood up in front of everyone and told them they were having twins and were getting married and once all the “congratulations” were in order they said they had more news.

‘Were going to go to the city for a couple of months to be with Tony and Beth and also to spend some time together with out no hassles.” Lucas too Matilda’s hand and smiled as she cuddled up to him but what they didn’t know was that Diesel was listening to every word outside the diner door.

Diesel began to smile and walked off as he heard them say goodbye to everyone and walked out soon after.

As Lucas opened the car door and shut it once Matilda was inside. Lucas got in himself and started up the engine.

As they were driving out of Summer Bay they saw Diesel waiting at the sign saying, “You are now leaving Summer Bay. Thanks for visiting” and he had a huge grin on his face.

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Here are the last few chapters but i was thinking of writing a sequel to this story!!!!! tell me what you guys and gals think! :lol:

Chapter 10

A month had passed since Matilda and Lucas had left the bay for a holiday and a month had also passed since Diesel had started his plan of action.

Diesel had found an old abandoned house about 10 minutes out of Summer Bay and that was where he had his meetings.

‘Right it is about a month when Matilda and Lucas comes back and I know for a fact that Lucas works from 10 till 2 so that will give us 5 hours to get in, get Matilda and get back here. And that is without anyone seeing us.’ Diesel explained as he held a cup of coffee in his hand.

‘When we first started this plan, you said she was single because she is too self conscious to get with anyone!’ one man who had long dark hair and a ridiculous amount of facial hair said.

‘If we are going to do this robbery then we had better forget what I said before and concentrate on what I said now. You see with a gun to her head, her mouth taped shut and her hands tied behind her back. Everyone will be concentrating on making sure that she doesn’t get hurt and will give us the money.’ Diesel replied as he looked at the other men in the room.

‘Afterwards when we are hidden then you boys can have all the fun with her that you like but just remember to wear you balaclava’s so that she doesn’t I.D you when we let her go.’

2 days later…

‘Mum. Were going to have to leave a little earlier because Luc has been called into work for all next week but we promise we will make more of an effort to come and see you all again’ Matilda explained as she and Beth were folding up the clothes.

‘Oh sweetie it was a pleasure for you to even be here. I’m sorry Kit cant remember you a lot and I’ll keep you up on that offer to come and visit more often.’ Beth replied as Tony and Lucas walked in the door.

‘Ok the car is packed and ready to go. Are you sure you cant stay any longer?’ Tony asked looking at his son.

‘Sorry dad but I have 2 people to think about now, not just me!’ Lucas said as he moved over to Matilda and put his arm around her.

‘Well it was great having you here either way.’ Beth said as her and Tony walked Matilda and Lucas out to the car. Once they were both in the car and seat belted. Tony leant through the passenger side window.

‘Well Mattie, don’t forget to keep him on his feet and Luc, you look after this fine young lady!’

Matilda laughed at what Tony said to her and then smiled at what he said to Lucas. Then Beth leant in the window and gave Matilda a huge hug, told her she loved her and said bye to Lucas.

2 hours later…

Lucas pulled in the driveway to there home and turned off the engine. Once all there bags and Matilda and Lucas themselves were inside, they settled themselves down on the couch and watched some TV.

By the time they had dinner, did the washing up and unpacked everything. Matilda had gotten very tired.

‘Well I’m pooped so I’m going to bed!’ she said as she kissed Lucas passionately.

‘Ok I’ll be there soon. I love you!’ Lucas replied as Matilda headed toward the hallway.

‘I love you too!’ she replied as she disappeared into the hallway.

Lucas went and turned the TV off and was just about to head to bed himself when he heard a knock at the door.

‘God who is it at this time of night?’ he asked himself as he walked over and opened the door to find Lee standing there with her 5 year old son.

‘Lee…what…what are you doing here? Mattie is in bed and its…its 11:30’ Lucas said as he check his watch.

‘Well I have this for Matilda, it’s her next appointment for the hospital.’ Lee said as she handed Lucas the appointment card.

‘Oh well thanks!’ Lucas said as Lee smiled and turned and walked off with her son following behind.

The next day…

Matilda awoke to the sound of someone fiddling with the front door.

When she got out of bed, put her dressing gown on, got to the front door and opened it. She got a shock when she saw Diesel and 5 men standing behind him.

‘Hello Matilda!’

Chapter 11

Matilda started to back away as Diesel and his men started to walk towards her.

‘Get out!’ Matilda screamed as she took off through the kitchen, grabbing the phone and headed towards her bedroom. All the men chased after her and as she slammed and locked her bedroom door. She dialed Lucas’s work number and soon realized that Diesel had most likely cut the phone line because she couldn’t here anything.

Matilda ran over to her bedside table and grabbed her mobile and dialed the work number again and sighed when she heard his voice.


‘LUCAS, help me.’ Matilda screamed through the mobile.

“Mattie…what…what's wrong baby?”

‘Diesel is here with some huge men and I think they are trying to kidnap me. Please Luc help me! Please help me!’ Matilda screamed as her bedroom door flung open and 2 huge men barged through the door.

Matilda quickly sat the mobile behind her as the men walked up to her.

‘Mattie! Mattie! Mattie can you hear me? Mattie!’ Lucas screamed through the phone but he didn’t have any answer. Lucas hung the phone up and raced up to his boss.

‘Sir I need to go…my fiancé just called, someone is trying to hurt her.’ Lucas said as the boss told him to go and that he would call the police for him. Lucas took off out the door and by the time he had got home and found the front door open and saw the house had been trashed, he new that Diesel had taken her. About 20 minutes later the police arrived and when Lucas checked the bedroom and saw her ugg boots, mobile phone and some other clothes missing…he new that she had been taken because she never wore her ugg boots outside.

“They are inside shoes!” she had said to him one day.

2 days later…

Lucas was sitting at home with Beth and Tony who had driven down to be with him and Jack and another police officer who had set up a tap on the phone. Lucas hadn’t heard anything in 2 days and he was so worried that every time he went to bed he would cry himself to sleep and every time he woke up he cried.

Days went by and soon a week and still nothing had been heard. At this time Jack was starting to believe she was dead when Lucas’s mobile started ringing.

‘Hello!’ he said as he quickly picked up the phone.


Lucas recognized the voice as Matilda and tears of joy started streaming down his face.

‘Mattie…oh my god baby are you ok? Is the baby ok? Where are you?’ he asked all at once as Beth’s ears pricked up.

“I’m…I’m ok I think and the baby is fine as well. I don’t know where I am, its…its some sort of abandoned house or something. Listen I don’t have much time. Diesel and his men are planning on robbing the Yabby Creek Bank in about a week and they are using me to get the money by holding a gun up to my head!”

Lucas looked up at Jack.

‘There using Mattie to rob the bank at Yabby Creek in about a week. They’re going to hold a gun to her head’

‘Ok tell Mattie to hide the phone but keep it ringing out to you so we can get a trace on where they are.’ Jack said to Lucas and then Lucas said to Matilda.

‘I cant…my phone doesn’t have enough battery pow…’

‘Mattie! Mattie!’ Lucas said. Lucas looked at his phone.

‘Her phone died’

‘Ok the only other thing we can do is be at the bank on the day of the robbery and get her back that way.’ Jack explained as Beth burst out in tears and Lucas looked at his brother.

Chapter 12

A week had passed but to Matilda and Lucas it felt like it had been a month.

Matilda was laying on a Mattress with a single blanket over her. She was shivering and she could hear voices near by. She looked out the window and saw the sun starting to rise and then she suddenly heard footsteps so she closed her eyes and acted like she was asleep. Matilda heard the door open and she could feel someone just watching her and then next she felt someone running his or her hand through her hair. Matilda flinched but kept her eyes shut and when she heard the door shut behind her and footsteps walking of she opened her eyes again.

“She’s still asleep. I think she has given up on screaming out for help” Matilda heard outside the door.

‘Well let her sleep for another half hour and then get her ready for the robbery” she heard what sounded like Diesel’s voice.


Back at Lucas and Matilda’s house everything was hectic and Lucas was going out of his brain. Lucas was just about to go and put the trash out when he got a text message. When he opened it he saw it from Matilda and it read:

Dear Lucas,

I have enough battery to send you this message. The robbery is happening today at approxamitly 1pm. I am so scared and they haven’t given me anything to eat since they took me. I over heard Diesel the other day saying when they got back here with me and the money that the other men could do what ever they wanted to me. Please help me Lucas, I think they are planning on raping me and after everything that has happened I don’t think I can handle anything else at this point in time.

I love you Lucas Anthony and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Love Mattie


Matilda heard footsteps and quickly put her phone back into one of her ugg boots and put the ugg boot back on her foot. When she looked up she saw that it was Diesel who had walked through the door. Diesel ran his fingers down her face and Matilda spat in his face.

‘Don’t you touch me you filthy, cowardly, disgusting piece of…’

‘Ah ah ah, I wouldn’t say it if I were you!’ Diesel said as he wiped the spit from his face.

‘If you ever want to see your family and friends ever again then do as your told.’

‘Do you mean before or after your pathetic friends rape me and do what they like?’ Matilda asked as she kicked his knee and watched as Diesel fell to the floor in pain. Matilda got to her feet and took off out the door and around a corner just to run into 2 huge men with Santa beards.

Diesel came limping out the door and walked up behind and as hit her across the face as she turned around.

Matilda hit the floor and started kicking and screaming as the 2 men dragged her back into the room.

At the bank…

Jack had got all the police set up at the Yabby Creek bank and all of them were wearing under cover clothes so they looked like normal people and were waiting when they all heard a van pull up at high speed and heard screaming.

‘Let me go you bullies, I am pregnant and if anything happens to me or my babies I will hunt you down and…’


The next minute all seven men, Diesel and Matilda who was gagged, tied up and held at gunpoint walked into the bank.

‘Ok places everyone’ Jack said as he said to himself.

‘EVERYONE STAY EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE. WE ARE NOT HERE TO HARM YOU BUT IF WE DON’T GET 2 MILLION DOLLARS IN CASH THEN THIS LITTLE PREGNANT BITCH DIES!’ Diesel shouted as everyone started screaming. Each man walked over to a counter and Diesel stayed with the gun pointed to Matilda’s head.

‘Ok when I say. Some one take out the main guy who has Matilda at gun point and watch my back at I go to protect her, then the rest of you get the other men.’ Jack whispered to himself and when he looked around at each under cover officer, they all nodded to say that they understood him.

Matilda looked around at everyone in the bank and saw Jack talking to himself and then Jack looked at Matilda and saw that she had saw him. He nodded at her and saw the tears in her eyes.

‘NOW!’ jack screamed as gunshots were heard from all over the place.

Jack took off over to Matilda and pulled her to the ground.

All this went on for about 10 minutes and then everything went quiet.

Ambulances were called for the injured men and were escorted to the hospital with police.

After everyone had been checked out at the hospital and most of them were given the all clear. Jack drove Matilda home and when Matilda walked through the door in one piece and Lucas, Beth and Tony all came barging at her and all hugged her really tightly.

‘I love you so much Mattie. I’m so glad you and the bubs are ok…I’m never letting you out of my sight again baby!’ Lucas said as he kissed her over and over again.

‘I love you too Luc!’ Matilda said as started crying and kissing him back.

Months had passed and finally everything started to settle down. Diesel had to have surgery and he survived so he faced life in prison and Matilda had grown so much that she had to by tops nearly 4 times bigger then her normal size. Matilda and Lucas were siting down picking out names for the babies when Matilda felt something wet between her legs.

‘Luc! Its time. My…my waters just broke!’ she said as Lucas started saying “oh my god” over and over and over again. Lucas started rushing around the house getting things ready and soon they were in the car on the way to the hospital.

5 hours later…

‘Ok…one last push Matilda and then you can rest!’ Rachel said over the top of Matilda screaming. Matilda pushed as hard as she could over the screaming of one baby and soon another scream could be heard as she started panting while holding Lucas’s hand.

‘Well!’ Rachel said as she walked over to Matilda and Lucas with 2 nurses, each one holding a baby.

‘I am happy to announce you as proud parents of one baby girl and one baby boy!’

Matilda started crying as she took the baby boy and Lucas had a huge grin on his face as he took the baby girl.

‘What are we going to name them?’ he asked looking at Matilda.

‘Well I think we should name her Kate, after your mother’ Matilda said as Lucas looked at her and smiled.

‘And I think we should call this little one Robbie, after your brother. That way we both have family names.’ Lucas replied as they both kissed and hugged.

‘Well then Matilda said looking at the baby boy. Welcome to the world Robbie Lucas Holden!’ Matilda said hugging her newborn baby boy.

Lucas hugged his newborn baby girl and looked at Matilda and then back to the baby.

‘And a very big welcome to you Kate Matilda Holden!’


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