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My Love

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Martha sat on the grass admiring her old husband in the light, the sun was shining bright like a whisper in her mind.

"Mmm is thou love is blind that I can't you your true mind, thou my love is mine, I sense he is not telling so" Martha said looking at Jack,

"My life is true, my side is dark, but I love you so thou I have a past, one that you need to hear, so let me take you on a story, thou my love it is difficulty, I see 60 years ago, I am arriving in the bay.

60 years ago.

"Finally where here, I can't believe it, the city lights are longer here, it’s like a different kind f light, its blue and it smell, its sound is like waves crashing on the rocks." Jack mumbled to himself,

"Jack stop with the stupid love talk, Love is not real" Tony said getting out of the car,

"But thou your love is not real, dos mean that love exisits, if love is not apart of you then thou is love" Jack said puzzling his father,

"Get in side" He said, as jack moved towards the house, he saw a girl watching him, she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, thou she was with a friend, thou her eyes sent flames to his calm and caring eyes.

"Thou what is your name that will echo through my viens till death do us apart" Jack said,

"Martha yours" She asked moving closer to him,

"Jack, your name reflexs the face, as beautiful as the mind" He said seeing Martha blush made him laugh.

"Thanks, I never seen you before, are you new" She asked,

"Yeah dad and me moved from the city, its so different here" He said observing the views.

"Cool, I live up in that huge home up on the mountain, visit any time" She said leaving before he noticed.

"Martha, my one true love"

Shall I continue or not.

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