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Rachel, Kim and Kit

Guest Aine

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Story Title: Rachel, Kim and Kit

Type of story: Short/Medium Fic

Main Characters: Rachel & Kim

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Romance/Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: No

Summary: Rachel and Kim after the phonecall, also featuring Kit and Charlie.

Part 1:

"Rach ill be home in a few minutes, okay?"Kim said through the phone as he sit with Kit in the hospital."I love you" she replied. Kim meant to hang up but accedently hit the loudspeaker button. He put the phone in his pocket. "All well?" Kit asked. "I dont know kit, i think shes on to us, she sounded suss. Meanwhile rachel listened into the phone confused. "Kit, we need to tell her about that night. I cant live with the fact i kissed you, I mean as you said yesterday, We will always have this special bond" Kim said "Yeah i know but that simple kiss lead to a night of passion that we will never forget. "Kit, it was only becuase we both thought we were going to die. We were comforting eachother. Its Rachel i love..only rachel. I know that kiss was real but-" Kim was cut through by Raxchel whispering through the phone, "Oh my god", .Kim heard a sob." Kim pulled the phone out of his pocket quickly, "Rach! is that you?? Kim heard another sob "Rach listen plea-"

Beep Beep Beep. "Oh my god Kit i forgot to hang up, i hit loudspeaker instead! Oh no, she heard everything.This is NOT the way i wanted her to hear it" Kim said furiously. " Oh god" Kit said.

"I've got to go!" Kim said, "But kim your not even released yet!" Kit said. But with that Kim ran out of the room. Kim ran into Leahs house, not bothering to knock. Leah was talking to Rachel at the table, Rachels eyes were red and swollen. She ran out of the room. "Kim i think you should leave" Sid Leah sternly..and why are you wearing your hospital clothes, your not even released yet!" "Leah, clearly that doesnt matter right now! I need to see her"Kim said loudly and angrily.

"Kim, dont talk to me like that! And i think yuo should leave and she elad him to thedoor. "Go on, get out!" she said, and he left.

"Rachel are you alright, i know th-" Leah stopped, Rachel was sitting at the table with a bottle of wine in her hands. She was deciding to open it or not. "Rachel no! you know what happened last time you tried that" And leah snatched the wine out of her hands and locked it in the cabnet. Rachel started crying, "How could he do this to me, at first i was kind of ok about the kiss, i mean he was alone with her about to die but to sleep with her! Oh my god leah! I cant go on like this!" Rachel ran to her room crying.

Kim grabbed his guitar, a red rose and a piece of paper.

Next Time. What is kim doing?

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Part 2:

"And what did you say to him?", leah asked rachel refering to when kim serenaded her with a red rose just like he did when they first met. "I told him to forget it! i cant belive he would think he could just win me back like that! Rachel replied angrily. "Im going for a walk Leah" Rachel said and she walked out.

"dude what are you doing with a guitar and a rose" Jack said to kim as he walked inside."Plan gone wrong Jack, Plan gone wrong" Kim replied. "Ahh touble with the mrs to be?"Jack asked. "Jack, i dont think theres going to be any more additons to the Hyde family...dont ask why...im going for a walk" Jack watched kim confused as he walked away.

Kim walked down that familiar path down to the beach, he saw the familiar bouncy hair of that familiar gorgeous girl he wanted to call his wife. He walked behind her and heard her whisper to the ocean "Why me, what did i do to deserve this. I thought sending them on the plane and finding out they probably would survive was enough punishment..but now this?" Kim felt so ashamed. "You're right, you didnt deserve this. Babe im so sorry." "Leave me alone kim she said without turning around and she ran along the beach."Rachel hear me out please, give me a chance to explain!" he said fighting to be heard over the water splashing and the wind howling. But rachel just started to run faster...then it happened she slipped and hit her head on a rock. Kim bolted to her side.."Rachel, Rachel are you okay?" But she didnt reply." SOMEONE CALL THE AMBULANCE!" kim said as people started to gather around rachel. Dan happened to be there and pulled out his phone.

half an hour later

"Kim, im afraid shes unconscious, said a doctor. "Fortunately she should wake up in a couple of hours...hopefully, It was a horrific fall.

But what if she doesnt..kim thought to himself.

"how is she" Said leah with brad rushing down the hall of the hospital. "shes unconscious." "How did it happen?" Well i was down at the ebach and i saw her, i went to talk to her but she ran away and tripped and hit her head on a rock." "kim , i told you to leave it!" leah said angrily. 'Leah, i just lost the love of my life and might lose her for good now! what if she doesnt wake up, and here you are lecturing me. I DONT NEED THIS!" Kim screamed "excuse me, this is a hospital! we have to ask you to leave as you are disturbing the patients! "Im leaving anyway." Kim replied. "But i will be back" "aslong as you keep your voice down.You need to cool off." the doctor said. and kim walked out.

Next time:Will Rachel regain conscousness?

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Part 3

Kim walked through the hospital doors once again and asked the nurse if he could go into rachels room. "Yes, she woke up 15minutes ago. You may see her if you try to be a little bit quieter now". Kim didnt reply and walked inside. Leah was in there holding rachels hand. "Kim, you need to lea-" Leah Began. "No its okay, leah can you give me and kim a moment.” "Rachel, how are you feeling?" kim said. "okay, but thats beside the point..." replied rachel. "Rach, Im so sorry, i never meant to hurt you." "Kim, i just wanted to say....thankyou for saving me, just like i did for you......but thats all i have to say to you...you can leave now." Kims eyes slightly welled with tears.

The next day at Jacks house

"Mate, there was nothing you could do,you were out ther dying with someone you had been with before, it was bound to happen"Said Jack, secretly discraced that someone could do that to their lover who gave up 7 years of studying to be a pyschiatrist to be with them "Im going for a walk" said kim.

Kims eyes were red and swollen, his stomach felt like it was on fire, his heart was broken as he walked along shore, with grey clouds above his head, he could hear crackling thunder in the distance. It had started raining, which didn’t help his mood. As he was kicking the seeweed, he saw Rachel, sitting down in the rain, drenched and crying. Her hair was soaking, she was sitting in the exact spot she stood when they kissed on the beach. Kim put his hand out for her she took it but then stumbled back on the sand. Kim pulled her into his arms and carried her to the driest spot, under a rocky ledge. She was holding a bottle of alchohol kim saw. Shes obviosuly drunk he thought, and its my fault. Rachel must've read his mind. "Im not drunk you know, i just wanted you to hold me in your arms one last time before i leave you for good. Kim im going to adelaide tommorow. I packed my bags this morning after they discharged me" Rachel said. Kim was shocked as he watched rachel stand up and walk along the shore, once again soaked. Kim walked behind her and put his hand on ehr shoulder.Rachel stopped still facing ahead of her. Kim spun her around and kissed her softly on the lips. "Please dont go" he said to her. "Rachel i love you. Kit means nothing to me." "Obviously she does, kim which is why im erasing you from my mind as of tonight. She walked away from him, the thunder striking as the rain pelted on her. Kim watched as she moved further and further away. Kim dropped to the ground.

Next time-will Kim lose the love of his life?

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Part 4

As Kim sat in the wet sand with the rain howling over him he watch as the figure, rachel moved further and further away. Then she was gone. He got up and walked back to his and Jacks house. Jack was watching tv "Mate are you alright" he asked Kim, who was soaking as he walked through the door. "Shes leaving for adelaid...tommorow." Kim said and he walked into his room. There on his desk lay a picture of himself and rachel smiling while holding hands.He sat down, thinking about what he would do without her. He then realised, he had to stop her before its too late.Stop moping around he thought as he grabbed his keys and ran down the hall.

Rachel stepped inside. "Rachel your soaking, why didnt you come home when it started to rain?" Leah asked rachel. 'I saw kim at the beach, i told him about how im leaving". Rachel said ignoring Leahs question. Rachel walked out of the kitchen and into her bedroom. She sat down looking at photographs of herself and kim.She walked into the kitchen, wanting to talk to leah but leah had turned of the lights and gone to bed. Rachel turned the lights back on and made herself a mug of coffee.

Kim was driving towards Rachels house as fast as he could, although the roads were very slippery.He finally made it to her house and walked towards the door, he looked throught the window of the kitchen and stopped.He looked at Rachel drinking coffee and crying. Kim couldnt have her in any more tears then she was already in, so he pulled out a rose and left it on the window-sill.He thne walked out towards his car. Kim heard the movement and looked outside the window. She saw a figure moving and was about to run outside to see what was happening but then saw the rose. Her heart melted as she remebered the time Kim serenaded her. The tears from her eyes fell down her face as she slumped down.

The Next Day

Kim woke up with a knock on his bedroom door "Mate,mate" hea heard someone call out.It was dan. Kim opened the door. "yeah?"kim said. "Leah told me this morning Rachels plane board in half an hour. Rachels just left." "Oh no!"Kim said , realising this time he REALLY had to stop her. Dan closed the door as kim quickly threw on some clothes. He had work in an hour, but that wouldnt stop him. He grabbed his keys and ran down the hall once again.

"Flight AQQ 113 Sydney to Adelaide boarding in 15 minutes" Said the Yabbie Creek speaker. Kim rushed inside, watching rachel as she sit with her bags on a chair with Leah. Kim watched her as she hugged Leaha nd walked towards the Boarding doors. Kim ran behind her but a Security stopped him," Are you going anywhere?" he aske kim replied"No but i need to see her" "NO, you cant boarders ONLY!"said the security guard. Rachel hears the Security guard arque with Kim and she turned around "Kim " she whispered.Kim ran towars her ducking the security. He held Rachels hand and said "Rachel! I love you more that Life, your the only thing i live for, Please forigive me Rachel". People started turning around and staring at them. Rachel didnt know what to say. She looked at Kim and he kissed her. She kissed him back and suddenly nothing in the world mattered to rachel anymore, she was with the love of her life, and he was certainly willing to make up for what he did to her by being with her every day and night. She knew he wouldnt hurt her again. As there lips parted, Kim took an engagement ring out of his pocket. He had bought this for her the day of the phonecallas he had never given her a ring when he proposed.He knelt down. 'Rachel, be my wife, and i promise i will love you till the day i die." Rachel smiled slowly and whispered 'yes". Then crowds of people started cheering as they watched Rachel and Kim. Rachel ripped up her boarding pass and threw it in the bin as a smiling leah watched Kim carry rachel outside. Leah thought to herself I was wrong about him, he really has proven himself.

Part 5

"Weve decided to get married this saturday" Rachel said happily to everyone at the dina with kim by her side."Yeah, weve sorted out our problems and have decided we dont want to have to wait to be officially married." Said Kim "Oh thats WONDERFUL! young romance!, you know my lance, has been married for quite a while now and hes soooo happy. Wait till Madge Wilkins heres about this! You know she's very good at organising thing. Ill get her to make a list of things youll need for the wedding! Oh im SO excited!" Said Colleen Extaticly. "Oh Colleen , shut your flaming gob" Alf roared. "Im very happy for you both kids," he added nicely to Rachel and Kim. "We wont be having an engagement party though, we have to work on our expences." Kim said. Rachel walked up to leah. "Leah, will you be my maid of honour?" "Of course!!"Leah screeched exitedly and she took rachels hands and they jumped around. Kim asked Jack, who was happy to be his best man.

Later on that day.

Kim checkeed his watch, It was 7:24pm Las Vegas would be on soon. He held rachels hand as he used his other hand to unlock the door. He pushed the door open and was about to lean forward to kiss Rachel when

"SURPRISE" yelled out there friends. Sally came forward and gave them a present. Then more presents started coming in. The music was playing people were Celebrating and dancing. Kim took rachels hand and led her to the middle , and he said, this is to make up for that lost dance at Martha and Jacks engagement party.Speeches were said, songs were sung, Colleen had a go at Jacks old Karaoke machine and boy were heads turned..turned to the direction of the door...but everyone stayed for a couple of hours.

That night Kim and Rachel lay in bed thinking about there night, it was so special that there friends organised the aprty for them.If they organised it, there would probably have only been a packet of buiscuits and some coke, they were on a tight budget trying to save for this wedding with the money they ahd in different bank accounts. "I love you forever and ever" Kim said to rachel. Rachel smiled and fell asleep in his arms.

The Next Day

Wedding invites were sent out, although it was such short notice.The wedding was TOMMOROW! Rachel ,Leah, and Sally and Martha bought their dresses together.Rachel asked Sally and Martha to be bridesmades. Rachel bought a silk white dress, and the bridesmade bought lavendar coloured dresses. Kim and Jack bought their suites.Black and white, traditional suites with a lavendar coloured flower on the collar. The Venue was the beach, which was very special to Rachel and Kim as it was the place they were most at when they were together.

Kim and Rachel decided they didnt want a hens and Bucks night and they just wanted to spend the night together with eachother. "This time tommorow, rach, we will be officially married and on our honeymoon." Kim said Rachel leaned towards kim and kissed him on the lips. " I love you" Rachel said. Kim picked up rachel and ran her to their bedroom.

Part 6

Rachel woke up in Kims eyes. Kim was watching her."Whats wrong? Oh my gosh today is saturday, were getting married at 6:pm!" Rachel said smiling."Its a dream come true for me, Rachel i dont know what i would've done without you."Kim said sadly. "No kim, i was stupid i shouldnt have tried to escape, running away is not going to solve my problems." "Rachel, i was the stupid one, I cant beleive you could fall in love with a dope like me.." Kim said "A darn good looking dope!"Rachel added laughing. Kim laughed while looking at the time, It was 10:45. 'We should get up Rach" And they both got up.Rachel and Kim kissed and Rachel went to Sallys house where the bridesmades and herself were going to get ready and herself were going to meet up. Kim and Jack made sure the reservations were all ready and that everything was organised. Then Kim and Jack drove down to pick up their suits.

At Sallys

Cassie, Tasha,Leah,Sally,Mattie,Martha and of course Rachel sat aound gossiping about their mans annoying habbits, They were laughing all day. Sally had the most to talk about, reffering to Flynn seeing as she had been with him longer than the girls had been with their men. Sally had been through everything with Flynn including a cancer scare for Flynn. Luckily Flynn had been in remission for over six months down.As they were speaking about Flynn he walked down the stares and said"hey i heard that!" reffering to Flynn and how he dances in the bathroom. Flynn went to the hospital to catch up on some work before the wedding.Hours passed and the girls finally realised it was time to get ready.They Excitedly got up of the couch and all went into Sally's room and headed for the dressing table.Martha brought the dresses and the bridesmades and Bride of course all slipped them on. Everyone gushed at Rachel claiming how beautiful she looked. Rachel was so happy,this was the happiest day fo her life.She was marrying the man of her dreams wearing the most beautiful dress! It was 4:00 and Martha, Sally, Leah, Cassie and Mattie crowded around Rachel doing her hair and makeup. Rachel could not stop smiling.Tasha sat on the chair next to her saying encouraging things seeing as she was too many months ahead pregnant to move around alot, which Rachel suggested was for the best. "Oh Rachel, acting like the doctor on your wedding day!" and everyone laughed. Then Cassie,Tasha and Mattie had to go and get ready. Rachel hugged them all for helping her get ready and said "I know y'all be looking beautiful tonight" Cassie replied "Trust me, Kim will probably fall over when he sees you tonight!" Rachel then helped the girls to do their makeup and hair. Everyone was looking beautiful and The four girls were sitting around gossiping still when suddenly there was a knock on the door. A man in a suit had a flower in his hand which he handed to Rachel.He then lead them outside to a white Limousine saying on the numberplate "JUSTMARRIED" "WOW, Did you do this guys?"Rachel asked. "No, but hey free ride," said martha and they all alughed.When Rachel sat in the Limo, there was a note and a wrapped up gift.

The Note said:

My Gorgeous girl Rachel,I cant beleive we are getting married, I lvoe you more than life. Kim. Tears were brought up i Rachels eyes."Hey dont cry! youll ruin your makeup!!"Leah Joked and she hugged Rachel. Inside the box was a garter. The girls all gigled as rachel slipped it on her leg. 'Hes cheeky" said Leah laughing

6:00-the beach

The Ceremony had started. Kim waited at the alter and after a few minutes Leah walked down the Isle looking beutiful.The followed Martha and Sally. Then Rachel was walked down the Isle by Brad. Rachels father wasnt contacted and told about the wedding seeing as he was the reason for her passed mothers disability. When Rachel reached the alter kim couldnt stop smiling, and neither could Rachel, everyone from summerbay was at the wedding.The wind blowing and the waves were crashing.It was a beautiful palce to marry. There were flowers everywhere.

The priest started:Dearly beloved, today you are surrounded by your family, your friends, and your loved ones, all of whom have gathered here today in the sight of the ONE to share your joy and witness your marriage.

Who gives this woman to be wed?Brad said:I do Brad gave Rachels hand.

Priest: May you be blessed with this deep knowledge of each other through all the days of your lives.Would you now give your vows? Rachel/Kim: We will.

Priest: What tokens do you give that you will keep these vows?

Rachel/Kim: We give these rings.

Priest:I charge all of you now, upon your honors, that if any know a reason that these two may not be lawfully joined this day, to speak now or forever hold your peace.


Part 7

Everyone gasped. Rachel and kim slowly dropped hands to see who the objector was. They didnt see Anyone, then from behind a big vase popped out a familiar face-Charlie. "Kim i thought he was locked away"Rachel whispered."He was"Kim replied Quietly. Charlie walked down the aisle and pulled out a gun." Back fo B**** hes MINE! charlie said to Rachel, and he clutched kims hand ."Kim marry me and will have lots of fun boys night outies.I can make you so much happier." Charlie clutched Rachel and put her into a headlock.He put the gun to her head.Kim looked at his wife to be and watched a tear sliently fall from her eye down her soft face. Everything was silent. "EVERYONE GET DOWN!" charlie roared, everyone quickly got down."Youre creepy charlie!"someone yelled.Kim saw it was matilda.Rachel refused to turn head."Charlie, you dont have to do this Trying to hurt people is not a way to gain friends!" Kim kicked charlie, and said "back away from my wife!" Jack snuck up behind charlie.Charlie obviously didnt know there was going to be a policeman there. Jack grabbed Charlie by the throat and Peter snuck up behind him and cuffed charlie."WHAT! WHAT THIS WASNT MEANT TO HAPPEN!" "NOOO, KIM HELP ME!"charlie yelled."You smell charlie!"said matilda again.Gosh shes one strange person Kim thoguht to himself.. Charlie was taken away and rachel fell into kims arms "I was so scared kim, hes tried to kill me once before!"Kim kissed her on the forehead and said "shh, its okay im here, i wouldnt have let him hurt you., do you want to postpone the wedding or continue, whatever you feel like babe." "Continue" she replied.After everyone was settled they continued the wedding.

Kim said his vows: Rachel, the moment i saw you, I knew you were the girl for me.We've gone through everything together and Im so glad ive been able to share these past months with you.I remember our first Kiss as one of the best days of my life. The day i made you lose all your paper and filework in the sea. Everyone laughed.Rachel, I take you as my wife. I promise to love and tenderly care for you. For better and for worse, For richer and for poorer,In sickness and in health,In all storms and fair days we may weather together For as long as we both shall live.

Rachel smiled, she couldnt beleive this was the day she married Kim.

"Kim, for a long time i was confused about ym feelings for you, well not really confused but i was trying to hide them.I tried for a long time until i realsied i couldnt.I lobe you so much...even though your not much fo a singer, which i found out when you serenaded me...*Laughter*Kim,I take you as my husband. I promise to love and tenderly care for you. For better and for worse, For richer and for poorer,In sickness and in health,In all storms and fair days we may weather together For as long as we both shall live.

PRIEST : In the presence of this company of witnesses, by virtue of my sacred stewardship and the power vested in me by the State of Arizona, I now pronounce you Husband and Wife.

You may kiss the Bride.

Rachel and Kim shared a long and passionate Kiss and everyone cheared.

The after Party

The after party was at a hall.Decorations were put up, there was a bar and everything looked perfect.Perfect and simple still. Toasts were said and Kim made sure rachel got as many kisses as she could get in one night.Kim and Rachel danced to the song "kiss me" by sixpence none the richer. Kim felt he needed to just that.And rachel didnt mind at all! Later on that night alf walked up to rachel and said "Rachel, Im truly sorry for the way i treated you when the others were missing.I was just so stressed out , you know?" 'I understand Mr Fisher =]" and Alf walked onto the stage.

"Could the lucky married coupel please get up here.Kim and Rachel held hands as they walked up.They were officially married!. "I would like to present both of you with two tickets to Florida. "This is great"said rachel and she gave Alf a kiss on the cheek.'hey dont get any ideas alf, shes mine now! Alf chucled. Everyone was happy except for colleen who was mad at Madge Wilkins for stealing her man AGAIN. Colleen had found Madges "sexy" lingerie at her special friend Johnny's house.She knew they were Madge's because Colleen had borrowed them undies one day.

It was time for the flower throwing. Many women crowwded around hoping to catch the flowers.The lucky winner was COLLEEN! Then Kim took the garter of Rachels leg and swung it around his finger.Rachel giggled. Kim threw the garter and the male that caught it was ALF!Everyone cheered including Colleen who ran up to alf and kissed him on the cheek. "Flaming Heck woman, what are you getting off to!"

Overall the party was wnderful and the limousing came to pick up Rachel and Kim. It seems Jack and Leah ahd packed their bags already and they were waiting in the limousine for their 2 week honeymoon!

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Part 8

As Kim and Rachel hopped inside the limousine hand in hand they sat down. Rachel leaned into Kims arms. "I love you so much” Rachel said to Kim. "Babe, I love you to" They Kissed. Rachel lay in Kims arms till they got to the airport. Kim and Rachel held hands as they walked through the sliding doors to the airport. In less then one hour they would be on a plane to Florida.

The plane finally arrived in the sunny city of Florida. A cab was waiting for them to take them to their hotel. Rachel and Kim couldn’t stop smiling as they looked outside the window to see the views. The cab arrived at the hotel. It was enormous! It was right next to the beach, Rachel saw Kim staring at the beach and his eyes opening wider and wider. Rachel gently slapped Kim. “You better not be surfing 24-7 while we’re here!” She said. Kim said,”Oh im sure the surfing can wait” and he kissed her passionately. The honeymoon sweet was the best of the best. How did they all afford this?, Rachel and Kim both thought to themselves. Rachel walked out to the balcony. There was a gorgeous view of the beach. “Kim take a look at this.” Rachel said. Everything was perfect. A week went by. The married couple saw sites together, went to parties went to museums and theatres. There was only 1 week left. Kim decided to make things a little more fun. He took Rachel sky-diving, ski-ing, rock climbing, and to his surprise, the organized, professional psychiatrist/doctor was a lot wilder than he thought!’ I learn things about you everyday Mrs. Hyde.” Kim said to Rachel on their second last day. “Kim, im just going out for an hour or too” Rachel said. Kim didn’t really notice she was acting strangely; he just went out for a surf while she was gone.

Kim had just arrived back and was drying of when Rachel came in. “Kim, I need to talk to you.” Kim was wondering why she was beaming. “Kim the reason I left this morning was because im pregnant.” Kim jumped up. “Oh my god! Are you seious.Rachel? This is fantastic!” Rachel and Kim were both so happy. “Gosh Rachel, I think you have just given me the best wedding present ever!!” He lifted Rachel up and kissed her.” I wasn’t sure at first so I went and got a pregnancy test.” Neither Rachel nor Kim had noticed but Rachel had started putting on a little bit of weight. They were as happy as could be as they flew back to Australia.

18 moths later

Rachel and Kim and their 6 month old twins were having a picnic at the beach. Rachel held baby Amy and Kim held baby Chris. Rachel was 3 months pregnant and glowing. They had done it. Rachel and Kim, no matter how big the age gap proved that anyone despite how different two people can be, can fall in love and start a family. Kim kissed Rachel on the cheek. Today was the day, Kim and Rachel had first started dating, even though it was in secret for a week or two! But they were as happy as could be.

The End-I hope you enjoyed it.


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