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Friends or Lovers?

Guest Martha_Jack

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The main people are Jack and Martha

In the first one it is all about Martha and Jack.

Tasha and robbie will come into it next chapter.

This is my first one, and tell me what you think i do not care if you say it is bad i just what to know ok.

Chapter One

Martha was at a bar having some drinks and then the door opened and a guy come in and sat next to her.

They started to talk and his name is Jack and it got to 3am and they was still in the bar and they was closing soon so Jack went to the bathroom and when he got back Martha was past out on the table so he picked her up and put her I his car and when back to his house that he shears with his dad and brother, he put her in the bed and he sleep on the floor.


The next day Martha woke up and had no idea where she was and then she saw Jack asleep on the floor, she looked at the time and it was 7.30am she got all of her things and she was about to open the door but she hear two people talking in the livening room and she did not know who they was so she sat on the bed waiting for Jack to get up so he can get her out of there.

Jack woke up and saw her sitting there he was thinking that she was going to be gone before he woke up.

“Hey How do you feel?” said Jack as she sat next to her.

“Hey, good what about you?” said Martha

“Good, what are you doing sitting there?” said Jack

“I was about to go but i can hear people talking and i did not feel right going out there.” said Martha.

Martha got up and turn to Jack “sorry but i do need to go now.” said Martha making sure she has all of her things.

“Ok this way.” said Jack and he was showing her the way out.

In the living room Tony and Lucas was watching TV and Tony heard the door open “Hey Jack you are awake.” and Tony turned around and saw that he was not alone there was a girl with him.

“Hey i am Tony Jack’s Dad” said Tony

“Hey nice to meet you, not to be rude but i do need to get going.” said Martha and she walked out of the house.

Tony and Lucas looked at Jack and he said “What?”

“She is a nice girl.” said Tony

“Nothing happen, we was at a bar and we started to talk and to pasted out so she sleep in the bed and i sleep on the floor.” said Jack and he walked in to the Kitchen and got a drink of water.

Lucas and Tony look at each other.

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There is the next one.

Chapter Two

The next day Martha was hanging out with Tasha at the beach they was just lying there and talking and Tasha asked what she did last night.

“I when to a bar and i meet his hot guy named Jack i thing and we was drinking and I pasted out and he took me back to his house and i slept in the bed and he slept on the floor.” Martha looked at Tasha

“That was nice of him where did he live?” said Tasha with a big smile on her face.

“In the City but it looked like he was moving because there was boxes all over the place and there was not a lot of things in the house, so do you want to go to the dinner and have lunch?” said Martha

“Ok Robbie is meeting us there and he will have a friend with him they have just moved into the bay and he is benign nice, is that ok?” said Tasha

“Yes that is find.” Martha looked at her watch and said lets go now , so they packed up every thing and walked up to the dinner and sat down.

Next min Robbie walks in with a new guy and they sit down with Tasha and Martha, when Martha saw the guys face she looked away it was Jack the guy he meet at the bar, Robbie looked at Martha.

“Hey Martha this is Jack” Martha cut him off.

“Nice to meet you Jack” said Martha

“Nice to meet you Martha.”

Martha looked away and Tasha was watching and then she could see in her eyes that her and Jack have meet before and that Jack sitting next to her was the on she meet at the bar.

Jack sat down next to Martha and he looked at Robbie.

“Ok.” next min Colleen walked over “Hey kids what would you like?”

“Nothing for me thanks and nothing for Martha because we have to go, sorry” Tasha got up and dragged Martha with her, when there was out side Tasha lit go of Martha.

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Chapter 3

Later that day Jack and Tony was at Nosh’s Bar.

“So i could see that you liked that Martha girl,” said Tony

“No” Jack said right away

“Come on Jack it is me.” said Tony

“Ok then i do like her.” Tony and Jack sat there drinking and then they turned around Jack did not know what to say.

It was Martha, “Hey, what would yours two like to drink?” said Martha

Jack did not say a word he was just watching her, next min Martha says “Earth to Jack.” and she waves her hand in front of him.

He woke up “Sorry we will have two beers,” Tony was looking at Jack and then Jack looked back at Tony “what?”

“You was day dreaming.” Tony said with a smile on his face.

“No i was not” Jack sapped back at his father

Martha walked back with two beers and then walked off to the next table, after the drink Tony got off the stood and said “Sorry got to go work in the morning.” and he walked off.” Then Jack walked over to Martha.

“Hey what time do you finished tonight?” said Jack looking in to her eyes.

Martha looked at her watch “I finish in 10 minutes, why.” and Martha smiled

“I wanted to know if you want to have drinks after.” said Jack with a big smile

“Ok that sound’s like fun.” and then Martha walked off at to the back.

Next Chapter: one of them will end up in a Hospital, who will it be?

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Chapter 5

“We have Martha’s results are back and it looked like she had too much to drink last night.”

“Can we go and see her now?” said Tasha

“Yes but she is still asleep.” said Doc

Jack and Tasha walked over to Martha’s room.

They walked in and Jack sat down next to Martha and Tasha sat on the other side, Jack started to talk to Martha.

“You are here because of me.” said Jack

Tasha cut in “No it is not” said Tasha

“Yes it is, is i stayed with her she would no be here now.” said Jack looking at Martha.

Jack moved her hair that was on her face and could see a big cut on her face “What is that?” said Tasha as she saw the cut on the face.

“No idea.”

The doctor walked in, “Hey doctor why does she have this cut on her face?” said Jack pointing to it.

“I think that when she fell over she hit her head on something.” as the doctor said that Tasha remembered that when she saw Martha on the floor she saw blood on the table, Tasha turned to Jack.

“Jack when i was ringing the Hospital i saw blood on the table she much of hit her head on that.

Next minute a alarm went off and the doctor yelled “I NEED HELP IN HERE” a dozen doctors ran into the room and the doctor said to them “she has gone cardiac arrest.

when the doctor turned to Jack and Tasha “you have to leave now.”

They walked out, Jack and Tasha looked at each other and they have a worried look on there faces.

Next Chapter: Will Martha make it or not?

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Chapter 6

Half an hour later the doctors walked out of Martha’s room and her doctor walked over to Jack and Tasha.

“She is alright, she just went into cardiac arrest. ” said the doctor

Jack and Tasha had smiles on their faces when they hear that she is ok.

“She will wake up soon, so you can go in and see her.” said the doctor

Jack walked over to Martha’s door and then he turned around and looked at Tasha, “Are you coming in?

“No I need to go home, I will be back soon.” Tasha walked off, Jack walked in and sat next to Martha.

“Hey Martha you have to wake up.” Jack looked at her eyes and her eyes began to open. Jack went outside to get the doctor and then walked back into see Martha.

The doctor checked her over “You will be find but the next two days you have to rest in bed.” said the doctor

“Ok I will do, thanks doctor.” said Martha as the doctor walked out of the room.

Martha and Jack looked at each other.

“If I'd of stayed with you this would never of happened.” said Jack.

“Do not worry.” said Martha

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Chapter 7

A week later.

Martha, Jack, Robbie and Tasha were at the Diner.

“Hey do you want to go down to the beach?” said Martha

“Sounds like fun.” said Robbie and Jack at the same time.

“No Martha it is not a good idea because you have to rest and that is not resting.” said Tasha

“I am fine, I have been resting all week.” said Martha

“Ok then but take it easy.” said Tasha with a smile on.

They all got up and walked out of the Diner and walked down to the beach. They spread their towels out on the beach before racing towards the water. Once in they all decided to swim around for a bit.

After a while, Robbie and Tasha went to get drinks for all of them whilst Martha and Jack were still in the water. Jack swam under Martha before jumping up in front of her. Martha jumped back then saw that it was only Jack and she splashed the water into his face whilst Jack did the same to her. Jack went under and put his hand on her back, Martha turned around whilst their faces were only millimetres from each other. Then Jack kissed Martha, Martha was loving the kiss but then she pushed Jack away and swam off. Jack yelled out “Wait Martha, I'm sorry” but Martha was out of the water. She quickly grabbed her towel before running off.

Martha ran back to her apartment, closed the door and sat down. "I do not like Jack" she said that over and over but then she said to herself. "I LIKE JACK HOLDEN... oh my God".

Later that day Tasha and Robbie went to see Martha. They knocked on the door, Martha open the door and was happy that it was not Jack.

“Hey, come in.” said Martha

“Hey, what happened at the beach? We went to get drinks and when we got back you were gone.” said Tasha

“Nothing.” Martha quitely said

“Come on Martha you can tell me.” said Tasha

Tasha looked at Martha but Martha was trying not to look at her. Tasha turned to Robbie and said “Can I have time alone with Martha please?”

Robbie looked at Tasha “Ok see you two later" and walked off to Jack’s.

After Martha finished telling Tasha about the kiss Tasha did not know what to say.

“So you do like him.” said Tasha

“No I do not!” snapped Martha, “Sorry Tasha I did not mean to do that.”

“It is ok, but you know that you like him.” said Tasha

“Ok I do but what if he doesn't like me?” said Martha

“Come on he does, don’t you see the way he looks at you? And you were the one that pushed him away in the kiss.” said Tasha with a smile.

Martha smiled but still was not sure.

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Chapter 8

Martha was at work behind the bar when Jack came in and sat down on a stool nearby.

“Hey, I was wondering if you would like to go for a walk on the beach after work?” said Jack.

“Hey, that would be nice, I finish work in five minutes.” said Martha with a smile.

Jack smiled back at her.

Five minutes later, Jack and Martha were walking along the beach in the moonlight.

They stopped walking, Martha was looking out at the sea and Jack was watching her, then Martha saw Jack watching her.

“Hey Jack what are you doing?” said Martha.

Jack just looked at her all he wanted to do was to kiss her.

“Earth to Jack.”

“Sorry.” Jack could not wait he just kissed her.

Martha pushed him away but then she kissed him back.


The next day Jack messaged Martha asking if she wanted to have dinner at his house, Martha messaged back “Yes.”

Just then Tasha and Robbie walked into the Diner and walked over to her.

“Hey” Tasha and Robbie said together.

“Hey” Martha said back to them and smiled.

“You are looking happy today.” said Robbie.

“Well that because I have something to be happy about!” said Martha.

“Well, what is it?” said Tasha.

Chapter 9

That night Jack was making dinner for him and Martha when his dad and brother walked in.

“We are going out now.” said Tony.

“Thanks Dad.” said Jack.

Martha knocked on the door and Jack open it.

“Wow you look good.” said Jack.

“Thanks, you look good too.” said Martha and they kissed.

Martha and Jack sat down and ate dinner. All the way through they joked and laughed. After the meal they went for a walk along the beach. Martha was beginning to feel the cold so Jack put his jacket around her shoulders.

“Thanks.” said Martha and she kissed him.

And then Jack kissed her back, Martha stopped kissing and looked at her watch. “Sorry I've got to go.”

“See you later.” said Jack.

Jack kissed Martha “Goodnight” and Martha walked off.

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Chapter 10

Jack woke up and was happy about the events from the night before. He walked into the living room and sat down next to Lucas.

“Hey Jack, so how was last night?” said Lucas.

“Hey, it was good.” said Jack with a smile.

And then Tony walked in and saw the smile on Jack’s face.

“So I see that last night was good.” said Tony

All Jack could do was smile.


Martha woke up, had a shower and then went down to the Diner and saw Tasha.

“Hey Tasha.” said Martha.

“Hey Mac, so how was last night?” said Tasha.

“It was the best night I have had in a long time.” Martha smiled.

“So what did you two do?” said Tasha.

“We had dinner, went for a walk on the beach and we kissed.” said Martha with a big grin on her face.

As she said that Robbie and Jack walked in and sat down next to them. As Jack sat down he kissed Martha and said “Hey.”

Robbie did not know about them going out so he just looked at them, Tasha saw that Robbie was watching them so she kissed him and said “Tell you later.”

As Colleen walked over to them, she saw Martha and Jack kiss.

“What would you all like?” said Colleen.

“Four milkshakes please.” said Tasha.

“Ok, good to see you two are finale together.” said Colleen as she walked by Martha and Jack. They all started to laugh.

They all finished their drinks as Alf came in and he walked over to Martha.

“Mac we need to go to your appointment.” said Alf.

“Oh, yes I remember now, bye guys” and they walked out of the Diner.

Chapter 11

Martha has been getting pain in her chest so Alf made an appointment to find out why.

At the hospital Martha and Alf were seated in the waiting room patiently waiting for the doctor. Once called, Martha and Alf followed the doctor into the consulting room before sitting down.

“Martha, I have got your results back and I have found a small hole in your heart. We are going to put you on the waiting list for a heart transplant. It will take some time to find a donor but until then take it easy. If you put too much pressure on your heart otherwise you will become very ill.” said the doctor.

Martha did not know what to say as she was in shock. Alf took her home and they sat down on the couch. Martha started to cry and Alf hugged her.


The next day Martha was sitting on the beach and Tasha walked over to her. She could see that Martha had been crying.

“Hey Mac, what is wrong?” said Tasha

“If I tell you, you can't tell a single person not even Robbie.” said Martha.

“Ok, I won't say a thing.” said Tasha.

“Well I have been getting .....................” said Martha.

After Martha finished Tasha hugged her. “I am so sorry Mac. Are you going to tell Jack?” said Tasha.

“Yes I am going to do that now.” said Martha

Martha got as far as Jack’s street but chickened out. So she decided to take a walk up to the cliff. Once up there, Martha admired the view of the ocean before her phone started to beep. She picked it up and it said Work time, so Martha ran to Noah’s Bar and got ready to start her shift.

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1.00 am

Martha had cleaned up and was on her way out the door but she collapsed onto the floor.

In the morning, Beth went to unlock the door at Noah’s Bar but it was unlocked. She walked in to discover Martha lying motionless on the floor. Beth swiftly ran to the phone and rang for an ambulance.


Jack had just finished his shift at work when he walked in the front door. Tony was talking to Beth on the phone about Martha, but Tony stopped when Jack walked in.

“Hey mate, we need to talk.” said Tony.

“Ok Dad, what is it?” said Jack.

“I was on the phone to Beth, she is at the hospital...” but before he could finish Jack cut in.

“Is she ok?” said Jack.

“Yes she is, but Martha is not.” said Tony.

“What happen?” snapped Jack.

“Well all I know is that Beth walked into the Bar and there she was on the ground”

Jack told his Dad that he was heading to the hospital before he walked out.

At the hospital

Jack walked in and saw Tasha, Robbie, Ric, Beth, Alf and Lucas.

“Hey there, how is Martha?” said Jack.

They all looked at Jack and then Beth got up.

“We do not know as the doctor is in there now.” said Beth.

The doctor walked over to them and said, “I need to talk to you Alf.”

“Okay.” Alf got up, but before Alf got to the doctor Tasha got up and stopped him.

“Alf, I know about the hole in her heart. Can I come in with you to see the doctor?” Tasha said softly so that no one could hear them talking.

“Ok, but no one else.” said Alf.

They walked into Martha’s room.

Jack saw that Tasha got to go in.

“Why does Tasha get to go in?” said Jack to Beth

“Maybe because she is her best friend.” said Beth.

“But I am her boyfriend.” said Jack.

Chapter 13

Alf and Tasha looked at the doctor.

“Well like I said before if she did too much her heart would not take it. She has gone into a coma and if she wakes up we will need to fix her heart. Judging by the weakness of her heart, chances are that if we perform the operation there's a risk that she could die." said the Doctor.

The Doctor walked out. Alf walked out to the waiting room and told them that she is in a coma but was not going to tell them about her heart condition.

Everyone looked at Alf.

“The doctor said she is in a coma and there is a chance that she will not wake up.” said Alf and tears started to pour down his face.

Tasha walks out of Martha's room and you can see that she had been crying. Jack got up, walked inside Martha’s room and sat down next to Martha.

“Hey Mac, what you have to do is wake up, I can not lose you.” said Jack and then tears started rolling down his face, but he managed to wipe them away when the door open.

“Sorry Jack but the Doctor says it is time to go but we can come back in the morning.” said Lucas.

Jack says goodnight to Martha before he walks out with Lucas.


The next day Jack got ready for work. He walked out his room and into the living room. His dad looked at him.

“Hey mate how are you?” said Tony.

“I am good, just hope that Martha is ok.” said Jack.

“So are you going to see her today?” said Tony.

“Yes after work I am finishing at 1.00 pm, so I will see her after my shift then I'll go for a surf.” said Jack.

Jack got up, walked out of the door and went to work.

It was after 1.00 pm and Jack arrived at the hospital. He walked to Martha’s room and the door was open. He could hear Tasha talking to Alf about Martha’s heart condition.

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Here are the last two chapters hope you like them.

Chapter 14

Jack walked in.

“What hole?” said Jack. Tasha and Alf turned around to see Jack.

“What are you talking about?” said Tasha hoping that Jack wouldn't ask again.

“Tasha, I heard you talking about it.” snapped Jack.

“Okay, the other day she had an appointment.......” Tasha told Jack the whole story.

“Oh my God” said Jack when she had finished.

“The doctor said that as soon as she awakes they need will need to take her into surgery, to fix it straight away otherwise her heart will not take it and she could possibly die.” said Alf


Jack got home, sat down on the couch and then Tony and Beth walk in.

“Hey mate.” said Tony.

“Hey” said Jack.

“So how is Martha?” said Beth.

“Not good, they found a small hole in her heart and that’s why she collapsed at the Bar.” said Jack.

Beth and Tony just looked at Jack. “I am so sorry mate.” said Tony.

“Oh my God, that is why she had that pain the other day.” said Beth to herself.

Jack overheard Beth.

“What are you talking about?” said Jack.

“Well the night that it happen, before I left her, she had pains in her chest but she said she was fine so I left.” said Beth.


Tasha and Robbie were at the hospital. They were in Martha’s room and Tasha had her hand on Martha’s. Martha started moving her hand as she opened her eyes and saw Tasha and Robbie.

“Hey Mac good to see you.” said Tasha.

Robbie went out to get the Doctor. They walked back in and the doctor said, “Good to see that you are awake, but we have to take you to surgery now in order to fix your heart.”

They wheeled her out of her room whilst Tasha and Robbie sat down in the waiting room.

Half an hour later the doctor walked over to Tasha and Robbie.

Chapter 15

After the doc had finished talking to Tasha and Robbie, they went to see Jack.

Knock, knock. Tony opened the door.

“Hey come in.” said Tony.

“Hey is Jack here?” said Robbie.

“Yes, sit down I will get him.” said Tony.

One minute later Tony and Jack come back in.

“Jack we need to talk to you.” said Tasha.

Tony and Lucas stood up.

“We will go into the other room.” said Tony.

“No you may want to stay too. When Martha woke up, the doctor took her straight into surgery to fix her heart and when they were operating on her heart.....”

Tasha stopped talking and started to cry, so Robbie finished the sentence for her.

“Her heart could not take it anymore and they could not save her. I am so sorry.” said Robbie.

“Oh my God, she is dead.” Jack looked away.

Tony and Lucas sat next to Jack.

“Sorry but we have to go and inform Alf.” said Tasha.

Tony looked at them.

“Thanks for telling us” and they walked out.

Tony sat down again. Jack looked at his dad, “I need to be alone” and Jack walked into his room and closed the door.



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