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Home and away cast secrets and interview

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Sorry if this is in the wrong section. :huh:

The silliest thing we do on set is the polaroids," Jason says. "Chris Hemsworth takes shots of us on his Polaroid camera and cartoons them up with white-out and pens and highlighters and puts them all over the place! We're always mucking around and having a joke and last week we got in a bit of trouble because we couldn't stop laughing." Awesome! We reckon they'd need a laugh if they're getting up at 4am most days! "You're schedule's always changing and the early starts are tough," he tells us. "But it's great getting to see the sunrise at Palm Beach first thing in the morning."


While travelling to the city to undergo treatment for burns - sustained in a recent explosion, of course - the helicopter carrying Robbie (Jason Smith), Kim (Chris Hemsworth), Martha (Jodi Gordon), Belle (Jessica Tovey), Kit (Amy Mizzi) and pilot Colin (Shane Withington) spirals out of control and crashes in remote bushland. " It felt like we were filming lost" Said Jason Smith. "We had to spend three weeks in the bush and get up at 4am. I hardly saw my girlfriend"

"We asked all the males who were 'lost' as such not to shave for three weeks and they were dirty and grimy for 13 hours a day," says Julie McGauran, series producer on Home And Away. "And we didn't just go to the bush and say let's start by the edge of the road; they all had to trudge into the scrub."


SUPER AUSSIE SOAPS contains the history of Australian television serials, in chronological order from 1958 to the present including such-loved classics as Bellbird, Number 96, The Sullivans, Prisoner, Sons and Daughters, Neighbours and Home and Away.

Enjoy :D

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