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Sweet Home Summer Bay

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I wrote this ages ago.

It's sort of a remake of Sweet Home Alabama.


Martha was a simple girl who had the perfect life until one unfortunate event changed her life forever. She decided to start again she now thinks she has everything a perfect house, a perfect job, a perfect boyfriend the only thing she is missing is the life that she always wanted and when she has to take a step back and revisit the place where all her memories secrets and one true love lie. Her old life starts tugging on her hearts stirrings and she realizes what she thought she wanted may not be what she wanted after all.

A story of secrets lies complications heartache and love it will have you reeling until the very last word.


“You’d actually jump off a cliff to get back in my good books” Jack said as him and Martha stood at the top of the cliff “if that’s what it takes” she answered “then I’ve got a different challenge for you” he said “oh what now you want me jumping through burning hoops on the way down” she said putting her hands on her hips. He looked at her he couldn’t believe her in his eyes she was perfect he had never felt this way before about anyone and he wasn’t going to let it slip through his fingers he grabbed her and kissed her.

Bang. A loud crack of thunder had woken Martha up she was in her make-up room in Sydney she was a famous Model there she was sweating she had had that dream again she had been having the same one every time she went to sleep or even closed her eyes she had left the Bay about four years ago when a heartbreaking turn of events had ripped her heart to shreds and she couldn’t stand to be there it had memories around every corner so when she got the once in a lifetime opportunity to be a famous model. Martha saw it as the only chance to escape her past and make the most of her future “she liked her new life and her boyfriend, but she loved her old life and her old husband. She couldn’t figure it out was she having regrets she couldn’t be she had everything a girl could want what is there to regret but Martha knew she didn’t need to ask herself that question because she knew the answer lied in none other than Jack Holden’s heart but she couldn’t bring herself to admit it. “Bang the door slammed open which broke Martha from her thoughts

She spun around to find Chris standing at the door. “Hey” she said standing up and going over to his and kissing him on the lips. Still nothing she thought ever since her and Chris had gotten together three years ago every time they kissed Martha waited for something anything to suggest that she had moved on from Jack but could tell that she was never going to get over him he had been her one true love and there was nothing she could do about it. “Are you ok” Chris asked worriedly Martha could tell he really cared for her she just wished that she could return the favor “yeah course what are our plans for tonight. “My mum” he answered “right she said that thing with your mother” “yeah but we’re going somewhere else first come on the limos outside “right” Martha said and started to make her way to the door “I love you” he said Martha turned around she hated it when he said this to her it meant she had to say it back and it hurt her to when she knew she didn’t mean it. “I love you too” she forced out. He smiled at her and they walked out of the room.

They stopped outside a large warehouse looking place she got out and took Chris’s hand and they went to go inside she looked at him and said “why are we here” “it’s a surprise” he said to her “ok” Martha said and they headed in. It was dark and they walked along small dark corridors until they came to a door. “Ah ha” he said and opened the door it was pitch black and Martha got the shock of her life it was a jewelry shop but only with rings by now Martha had figured it out he was proposing she looked beside her Chris was down on one knee. “Martha McKenzie will you marry me” “are, are you sure cause” “I’m sure Martha the way I fell about you I have never felt these feeling for anyone so will you marry me?” Those words made it worse they reminded her of Jack when he came and asked for her back after there fight it’s exactly what she didn’t need reminders of the man she loved when another Man that she didn’t love was proposing. She knew she couldn’t say no though so she did the only thing she could “yes” she said “yes” Chris repeated her. It’s what I said isn’t it Martha felt like saying but didn’t she just replied a simple “yes”. “Well” he said “choose” she looked around at her it was tiffany she started looking round even though she knew she had done the wrong thing.

Chris and Martha were in the limo and Martha felt like crap but wasn’t showing it she noticed Chris pick up her mobile and started to press the buttons “what are you doing” she asked “I was going to ring you r Grandfather and you mother and Father” “no” she said grabbing the phone out of his hands “sorry did I do something” he asked concerned “no, no nothing like that it’s just I haven’t seen or talked to them for so long I think I should do it in person” “ok we’ll go down tomorrow then” “no” Martha protested “what why?” he asked confused “I think I should do it alone” he looked at her quizzically but gave in “ok fine” “thank you” she said and then they pulled up at a large house. Chris’s mother was a politician a famous one too” They got out and walked up the stairs to the door. “Chris, Martha” she said “hey Mary” Martha said but before she could say anything else she had grabbed Martha’s hand and started looking at the ring. “Your engaged” she exclaimed and before they knew it cameras were flashing from all directions and the three of them hurried into the house.



Martha drove into a driveway of a beach house in her silver soft-top sports car she had taken off the engagement ring she didn’t want anyone to know just yet. She couldn’t stand all the memories she had been fighting the tears the whole time since she had passed the “Welcome to Summer Bay” sign she had seen everyone her Grand dad, Rick, Tasha, Robbie and there baby Stephanie. She had seen her Mother and her father Brett Macklin who had reconciled and everyone else she could think of waiting as long as possible before she had to face what was going to be the hardest of them all facing Jack.

She walked to the door and knocked when the door opened she came face to face with jack it pained her to see him after so long trying to forget. “Martha what are you doing here” he asked “believe me it’s not a social visit” she said pushing past him and going to sit on the couch “what do you want Mac” he asked “isn’t it obvious” she said throwing some paperwork down on the table “I want a divorce”. It pained her to say this but she knew it had to be done. “You know I would but I’m late for a date” “what” Martha said “a date” you know two people” “don’t act like I’m stupid Jack” Martha protested she watched Jack head for the door “where are you going” she asked “on a date” Jack said “me and Melissa are meeting Robbie, Tasha, Matilda, Lucas, Rick, Cassie, Belle, Mike, Rachel and Kim at Noah’s “I’m coming” “what” he asked “haven’t caught up with all my friends in a long time so I’m coming” Jack sighed he remembered Martha very good but one thing that he remembered very well was that when she got an idea in her head there was no stopping her.


At Noah’s everyone was talking and laughing and Martha went and sat down “what’s wrong Mac” Tasha asked and sat down beside her “Tasha if I tell you something you can’t tell anyone else” “I won’t Mac what’s wrong” “I’m engaged but I’m still Married to Jack” “What I thought You guys settled that years ago” “no every time I send the documents he sends them back unsigned I mean we finished years ago” “yeah your bodies did” Tasha said. Martha looked at Tasha “what do you mean “I mean Jack never got over you and I don’t think you ever got over him you don’t know this and I shouldn’t but I got it out of Robbie” “what” Martha said curiously “about a year after you left Jack went to Sydney” “Jack he went to Sydney.” Tasha nodded “yeah but once he saw what you’d become he figured he’d have to conquer the World before he ever got you back” “I can’t believe that” Martha said and got up to get a drink she needed to drown her sorrows.


It was about an hour later and Martha was completely drunk she finished another cocktail “I’ll have another one grand dad” she said “no Martha no more for you young lady “oh Grand Dad your no fun” she said and went of to the other room where everyone was talking “so it’s our five year wedding anniversary tomorrow and we’re having drinks here” Kim finished “who remembers our wedding” Rachel said Martha and Jack exchanged sad looks “I do” Martha said Jack looked at her as if to say you wouldn’t “it’s the night Jack got me pregnant isn’t that right Jack” she said and got up and raced out of the surf club and all the way back to her grandfathers apartment where she was staying, fell onto the bed and bawled her eye’s out.


Martha turned over in her bed when she hit something she sat up and picked up the document beside her it was the divorce forms she put them aside and laid back down hat was she going to do.


It was that night and everyone had gathered for Rachel and Kim’s anniversary Martha had plonked herself in the corner and when she saw Jack come in she fought with all her strength not to cry all the memories this place brought back were unbearable.


It was an hour later and Martha was still in the same spot and when they said ok dance off she got up and started looking to see if there was anybody she could dance with but the only person that wasn’t paired up was Jack he came over to her “dance” he said Martha sighed “ok” she took Jacks hand and they started to dance with him but then the song that came on was the worst one that could of come on back when Martha and jack were together they always said it was there song it was “this old love” by Lior. Martha couldn’t stand it she let go of Jack and ran all the way out to the beach and collapsed in the sand something she hadn’t been able to do for ages it always helped her. The tears had almost stopped when Martha could hear someone behind her she turned round but when she saw whom it was she turned back around. Jack sat down beside her “your still hurting aren’t you?” he questioned her. Martha looked at him and nodded “I was so ashamed I loved that baby so much Jack” “I know me to Mac” he said pulling her in for a hug something he hadn’t been able to do for quite some time. Martha looked up and came face to face with Jack she leaned up and brushed her lips softly over his lips and then they started to kiss more passionately until Martha realized what she was doing and pulled away and started to run up the beach. “Martha” Jack yelled but it was to late she had gone and there wasn’t anything he could do about it.


The next day Jack was sitting in a booth in the diner when he saw a man he hadn’t seen around these parts before he stood up and went over to him. “Hi I haven’t seen you around these parts before” The man looked at him “Chris Stewart” the Man said reaching his hand out and Jack shook it “are you looking for someone” Jack asked politely “yes as a matter a fact I am My fiancé do you know Martha McKenzie” Jack was shocked Martha was engaged and to make matters worse she had done it still being Married to him. “Are you ok Mate” Chris said, “Um yeah here she is now” Jack said seeing Martha enter the diner. When Martha spotted the two men talking she nearly had a heart attack “what are you doing” she asked “nothing” Jack said “you and I are in love with two very different people” he said to Chris and with that Jack left. “Who was that” Chris asked. Martha looked at him “he’s my husband” “what” he yelled, “were you ever going to tell me” “yeah but that’s why I came here” “what” Chris said confused. “I came here to get a divorce” “you’re still married to him, ”Chris said starting to get more angry “well no not really he signed the papers and I sent them off this morning so were not really married Chris please believe me” Chris shook his head and said “the engagements off” and with that he walked off leaving Martha standing there.


That night Martha was in the kitchen in her Grandfathers apartment when there was a knock on the door. “I’ll get it” Alf said and got up and went to the door and Martha looked round to see Chris standing there. “Chris” Martha exclaimed “Martha the way I reacted today it wasn’t necessary I understand what happened in your past and I don’t care what I need to know is if I have a place in your future?” he finished “thank you” Martha said and went to give him a big hug. “But I want to have the wedding here in my home town” “here” Chris said first unsure but then said, “sounds great. And they kissed.


It was a month later and Martha was in her bedroom with Tasha in her lace white dress satin heels and a flower in her hair. She looked in the mirror and sighed.


“Has anyone seen Martha McKenzie” An old man said as he came into the diner “who’s asking” Alf asked “I’m afraid that’s a private matter” he said “well in that case I can’t help you” Alf said and the man left “damn reporters” Alf said and went walking up to his apartment.


The man that had been in the diner that morning drove up to the water front mansion where the wedding was going to be held but was stopped by security. “Name” the big man, said “Steve Milan” and the Security man started to look on the guest list “oh I’m not on that list I’m Mrs. Holden’s lawyer I need to see her” “not on the list” the man said “no entry” so Steve turned his car around and started to drive away.


The wedding march started and Martha began walking down the aisle followed by Tasha and her modeling friend Jenny. She was nearly at the alter when she heard “Mrs. Holden” she couldn’t figure out who would be calling her that plus she was divorced she turned round to see that it was her lawyer but was surprised when she saw two big security men pounce on top of this little man. “Let him go” Martha yelled and the Men let him go and went back to their places “Mr. Milan what’s the problem he signed the papers she whispered to him “he did you didn’t” he whispered back showing her the papers Martha hesitated before saying “does anyone have a pen” Chris looked at his mother “oh yeah sure” she replied” then Tasha stepped forward and gave her the pen with a sympathetic look on her face and said “these things don’t just happen you know”. Steve handed Martha the papers but when she couldn’t do it she put the pen on the paper but pulled away and looked at Chris “you don’t marry me” “I don’t” Chris asked “no cause you see I gave my heart away a long time ago and to tell you the truth I never really got it back” Chris nodded “so this is what it feels like I’m sorry excuse me”. And when Chris had stepped inside the house Mary stepped forward “you go in there and you apologies and Marry him you pathetic piece of county trash” then Roo stepped forward “now I think that’s a bit harsh the girl has spoke her piece now leave her alone” she said “oh why don’t you go home and fry something” there was a big hush from the audience when Martha piped up “no one speaks to my mum like that and with that Martha’s fist went flying into Mary’s mouth and she fell to the ground and everybody cheered wile Martha was shaking her hand and then it started to rain and Martha yelled out “all the friends of the bride meet me at the surf club I’m going to find me a groom” and everybody cheered as Martha ran off to find her groom.


Martha walked to the top of the cliff and just as she suspected Jack was sitting there “some things never change do they” Martha stated. Jack turned around “figured you’d be married by now” he said, “I didn’t want it” Martha stated. Jack turned around and said “what do you want Martha” Jack said starting to get angry “you you’re the first man I ever loved Jack and I want you to be the last” he looked at her “why would you want to marry me anyhow” he asked “so I can kiss you anytime I want she said and grabbed behind his neck until they heard police sirens and Robbie got out and said “are you trying to get yourselves killed in this storm” Jack laughed “what did she do now officer” “well the way I see it she walked off on a perfectly good cake” he said. “Ok officer hand cuff us,” she said and Robbie came over and handcuffed them together.


Martha and Jack walked into Noah’s and put there hands up to show the handcuffs everyone cheered they were so glad Martha and Jack had what they had always wanted.

Then the room filled with the words of this old love filled the room. “I think you owe me a dance Mac” Jack said “I think I do to” Martha said and stood up and started dancing she looked into his eyes and had the trademark Jack Holden smile that Martha had missed so much they locked lips and neither of them could wait to start their life together all over again.


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