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The Past Always Returns

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Hi everyone this is my 1st fan fic but ive read so many fantastic ones and they have inspired me to write my own, its about Jack and Martha who are my favourite characters and i hope you like it, its a long one because ive written it all in one big chunk instead of bits here and there...enjoy!

It was 12.30pm Jack was trying to get some sleep on the Holdens lounge sofa having only been in for half an hour from working the overnight shift and more at the station still feeling the need to prove himself, Jack and the rest of the Holden family had only been in the bay for the last six months and were finally finding their place in the bay. His dad Tony was involved happily with Beth Hunter their next door neighbour and Jacks little brother Luke was head over heels in love with Matilda Hunter and Jack well there were no words for how he felt for Martha Mckenzie who after a very rock start was finally on firm ground with.

He lay on the sofa for a few minutes, still unable to get to sleep he got and up and put the television on hoping that would help, just then Tony and Beth walked in

'sorry mate did we disturb you'

'no dad' answered Jack trying unsuccesfully to get some sleep

'hi Jack' Beth said following Tony into the kitchen

'how was work then' Tony asked

'in a word exhausting'

'so you catch any bad guys' Beth asked smiling

'um no...i spent all night sitting on the front desk updating the missing persons database'

Jack got up and walked into the kitchen and poured himself a glass of water, ' I think i will go to my room leave you guys alone plus i maybe able to get some sleep in there'

'ok mate' and with that Jack walked into his bedroom and flopped onto his bed, he heard a knock at the front door but left for Tony to get, Jack closed his eyes.

'Gooday Martha' Tony said

'hi, Jack home yet?'

'yeah just recently he is in his room you can go through, sure he won't mind'

'thanks' Martha said

'hello Martha' Beth said walking out of the kitchen

'hello Beth, sorry didnt see you'

'have you heard from your Grandad love?'

'yeah i saw him this morning'...Martha looked down and looked back up to Beth 'he is trying to keep his spirits high Auntie Morag is doing all she can but it takes time just so hard thinking of him alone in jail day and night'

'i know sweet but it will be ok' Martha half heartidly smiled at Beth, and went through to Jacks room

'whats wrong Beth' Tony asked looking concerned

'nothing just thinking of poor Alf just so wrong and all because of that slime Josh West and that vindictive cow Amada Vale like they havent ruined my family enough but Alf and fraud no way, just feel so bad thats all'

'I know' Tony said 'the whole town does, but they will get whats coming to them one day you will see'

'i guess so' Beth replied

Tony pulled Beth in for a hug.

As Martha walked into Jacks room she saw him laying on the bed he looked so sweet, 'hey babe' Martha said

'hey' Jack said turning over

'sorry did i wake you' Martha asked

'no... not really' Jack answered 'but i wouldn't mind if you did' he said smiling and pulling her onto the bed into his arms they started kissing and Jack suddenly felt wide awake Martha had that affect on him

'so how was work then?

'huh' jack asked...'you never ask about my work well not late anyway, whats wrong?'

'just making conversation with my boyfriend thats all'

Jack smiled, Martha felt all tingly she did whenever she was in Jacks company she was completely in love with him though all could have been so different, she was forever on his case when he first came to the bay and then her practical joke with a spider almost cost him his hearing but it did wake her up to her true feelings, even when she was with Corey she really wanted Jack but he like her has a stubborn nature they started kissing agin and Luke walked in...

'Luke' Jack said abruptly

'sorry Jack, thought you were at work'

'well im not...what did you want'

'oh its fine'... Jack looked at him, 'well Luke hesitated can I borrow that blue shirt of yours, you know the one with the white collar and cuffs?

'why? going somewhere special' ?

'Im going to take matilda out for the night somewhere romantic and I want to look smart'

'yeah go for it mate' Jack said pointing to his wardrobe 'infact keep it I dont really wear it that much anymore'

'thanks jack your the best!' Luke said with a big smile

'is there something else then' Jack asked

'no thats all'

'ok, well get out of here then'

'thanks again' luke said rushing out of jacks room

'well aren't you a good big brother' Martha joked

'you better believe it, and thats not the only thing im good at...' Jack said smiling

'what do you mean?' Martha asked knowing full well what he meant

Jack grabbed her and kissed her passionately and rolling around on the bed rolling so much they rolled of the bed, Martha falling on top of Jack 'come on' she said 'lets go down the beach'

They walked along the beach hand in hand looking the image of the perfect couple Martha was dressed in her denim skirt with a dark green strap top with her cowboy boots on and jack was dressed in long black shorts with his red t.shirt and sunglasses on (trying to hide how tired he looked)

They spotted Robbie and Tash sitting on the beach and wandered over to them

'hey guys' Robbie said looking up

'hi' Jack and Martha responded

'up to much'? Tash asked

'not really' Martha answered

'you fancy coming out for a drink tonight' Robbie asked 'you know celebrate our engagement'

'haven't u had enough of them' Jack asked laughing

'well whats one more' Robbie answered mockingly

'yeah why not what you think Jack' Martha asked

'im up for it... just cant stay too long i've got the early shift in the morning'

'Jack' Martha whined

'what?' Jack asked abruptly 'im sorry you know what my jobs like'

'I know' martha said 'but'...

'NO buts Martha' Jack butted in 'i've worked too damn hard to get where I am'

Robbie and Tash looked at each other rolling their eyes

' you too act like the married couple' Robbie said laughing

Jack and Martha turned round and gave a harsh look at Robbie

'what?' he said realising he had hit a nerve and appologised

'married... NO way' Martha said far too young

'makes two of us' Jack commented

Martha continued 'its just i aint seen you much this week'

'I know' Jack said 'but... there is not much I can do about that at the moment,look we will both be there jack said where you want to meet?

'say eight at Noahs' Tash suggested

'great!' Martha said

'oh is that the time' Tash said looking at her watch 'I promised I would help Irene out at the diner, Coleen is visiting Lance, I gotta go guys' she said getting up

'i'll come' Robbie said following her, 'see you guys tonight bye'!

Jack turned round to face Martha 'sorry for snapping' Jack said appologising 'just tired thats all'

'I know' Martha said 'come on lets go up there' Martha said pointing to the cliff that Jack had wanted her to jump from for Marthas backfiring prank where they also had their first kiss. Once they got up there they sat down on the rocks, Martha went quiet

'you ok' Jack asked

'yeah' Martha said 'im fine why'?

'you have just gone quiet' Jack commented

'just worried about Grandad thats all'

'it will be ok' Jack said

'I wish people would stop saying that' Martha said raising her voice as she got up looking out to sea with tears in her eyes, Jack could tell she was upset. 'Martha come here' she wouldnt she hated showing Jack her vulnerable side

'come on you can be honest with me' Jack said

'I know' Martha said quietly she turned round 'I saw him this morning he was so different its like... he has given up hope Ric noticed it and so did Auntie Morag but she just downplayed it as not to worry us but... I know she is just as worried i feel like... i feel like im losing him' she turned back rounding facing the sea tears falling down her face Jack put his arm round her and pulled her round to face him, Martha looked down 'im scared' she said Jack pulled her in tight she cried in Jacks arms feeling safe letting all her emotions out.

'You won't lose him babe i promise you, come on let me take you home'

'its not home jack... home is with grandad I mean Sally has been great especially with just losing Flynn but its not the same'

' you have Ric'

' I know but I want Grandad Jack, and I can't... well not yet' she said sadly

'come on' Jack said putting his hand into Marthas and leading her off the cliff 'things will work out'.

When Jack got home, Tony and Luke were sitting at the dinner table

'hey mate i've put some dinner in the oven for you'

'thanks dad' he said walking over the oven and getting the dinner out, Jack sat down 'thought you were taking Matilda out for a meal tonight'

'I am' said Luke

'but you just...Jack began before Luke butted in

'im a growing man'

Tony and Jack laughed , 'you look tired jack, early night for you right'

um no...i wish but i've promised to meet Martha, Robbie and Tash for a drink at Noahs could do without but Martha and me aint seen much of each other this week as it is, and with everything going on with her grandad i want to be with her.

'yeah she seemed a bit down this afternoon how is she really?'

'its hit her really hard im not use to seeing her like this... I hate it just dont know what she needs and whats best for her...'

'just be there Jack' Tony said encouringly

'yeah im trying' Jack answered 'well im going to go have a quick shower before i go out' Jack said getting up from the table

'and im off dad, see you guys later'

'be home by 10pm' Tony shouted as Luke walked out the door

'I know Dad' Luke shouted back

'what you doing tonight Dad?' Jack asked

'Beth is coming over, just going to watch a film and relax all that she has been through lately a bit of chill time I think is what she needs'

'yeah sounds good to me' Jack said heading towards the bathroom.

Down at noahs bar Jack,Martha,Tash and Robbie sat drinking and laughing, Tash was telling them about her disastrous shift at the diner

'I must have messed up about ten orders, spilt a milkshake over kym thankfully it weren't a stranger and he saw the funny side and worse was when I tripped over some kids schoolbag went flying into the counter look at this' Tash said showing up her bruised and elbow and her scraped knee ' better go before the wedding'

'oh please there is nothing there and you would look beautiful no matter what' Martha pointed out

'i'd love you if you were one big bruise' robbie said grabbing tash

'thanks' Tash said not sure how to take it and pushing him off her

'so you guys want another drink' Jack said getting up

'same again please' they all said

'need any help?' Robbie offered

'no im good' Jack said heading over to the bar

Martha couldnt take her eyes off him with a huge grin on her face

'someone is in lurve....' Tash remarked 'so is he the one mac?' Tash asked

'what... I told you earlier im too young to be thinking like that...

'you saying im too young' Tash asked

'no im not, im saying I am though I do love him, im so happy with him and when im not with him I want to be its scary but yeah maybe he is the one i have never felt like this before, anyway you guys are perfect for each other i mean look what you have been through and your together moving on your happy

'all the things have gone over the last couple of months have made us stronger' Robbie butted in smiling at Tash

'sure has' she agreed putting her arm around him

Jack, Lucas called... Jack turned round

'hi Matilda' she smiled back at him

'Matilda and I are going home now so i will see you back home'

'ok, mate be careful though'

'oh please you sound like dad more and more everyday...'

'is that right' Jack laughed 'oh and Luke nice shirt!'

Matilda looked at Lucas confused

'ignore Jack he is trying to be funny. come on lets go' and they headed out the door.

Jack brought over the drinks 'here you go' he said putting them on the table and kissing Martha on the cheek as he sat down.

It was just past ten and after much wedding talk Jack felt it was time for him to go...

'well im going to head off now guys its getting late and got that early start and I already feel like a walking zombie, you want me to walk you home martha? Jack asked

'of course' she said holding out her hand, 'thanks guys its been good, probably see you tomorrow' she said getting up

'come on' ack said getting impatient

'im coming' she said putting her arm around his waist and they headed out of the door.

As Martha and Jack walked home along the beach they heard screaming up ahead they looked at each other Jack ran off in front his police instincts kicking in

'wait Jack' Martha said trying to keep up 'it might no be safe', but Jack was way ahead as he got closer he recognised it was Matilda screaming

' Jack thank god its you' she cried Jack looked over Luke was being pushed up against the cliff he looked terrified

'please dont hurt me' he kept saying, 'I haven't done anything'... Jack ran over

'Jack' Luke said in relief 'help me'

'no you haven't but... your brother has' a voice said

'leave him alone' Jack shouted

'help me Jack' Luke cried

'dont worry Luke im here I wont let anything happen to you'

'well here he is Constable Jack Holden the murderer, it was Harry Chambers thought you had got away with it didnt you' he snarled 'I mean after the town meeting you being accepted, I couldn't let you get away with what you done'

'ive told you, the police have told you before the police report said there was no wrong doing on my part I was doing my job, why did your sixteen year old daughter have a gun ever think of that? and as for getting away with it I havent I still have the nightmares every night!'

'well i live in a nightmare 24/7' Mr cChambers continued 'you took the most important thinhg away from me and now im going to take the most important thing away from you'

'your problem is not with my little brother, leave him alone and deal with me'

'Jack' Martha cried out scared

'go home Martha' Jack said 'and take Matilda with you, im ok... I can deal with this'

are you mad im not leaving you alone Jack, no way!'

'im not eithe'r Matilda said through tears she was frightened to the bone, Martha put her arm around Matilda though terrified herself .

'look Mr Chambers you are not going to achieve anything by doing this plus... too many witnesses'

'well the law is not exactly on my side is it if had been you would have been locked up and they would have thrown away the key' he said putting his hand in his back pocket...

'Jack! Martha screamed he has a gun'

Luke and Matilda froze with fright

Jack could see how frightened they all were and stayed calm well thats what it looked like inside his heart was pounding, although he had training for these situations and been in similar nothing prepared him for his brother being the target he had lost his mum he wasnt going to lose Luke aswell

'Mr Chambers give me the gun'

'NO' he bellowed back at Jack

'please please, Mr Chambers just give me the gun no one has to know what happened here'

'no thats too easy' Mr Chambers replied 'I want you to pay' and with this he pulled the trigger and fired it to Lucas direction Jack raced in front of his brother and took the bullet...

'Jack!' Martha screamed rushing over to him

Luke was in disbelief knelt down to his brother

'call an ambulance...NOW' Martha screamed, Matilda got out her phone and dialed for help

Harry Chambers ran off....

'Jack you have to stay awake' Martha whispered 'you cant die you have to stay with me'

'with us' Luke said holding his brothers hand tightly 'please Jack, I love you, I need you'

'I need you Jack no one knows me like you, please stay awake!'

Jack couldn't he fell into unconciousness...

It seemed like a lifetime for the ambulance to arrive when they did they rushed Jack into the ambulance, Luke went with him while Martha and Matilda tried desperatley to get hold of Tony but couldnt get a signal they ran back to the Holden house so fast with their hearts pounding out of their chests, they burst through the holden house crying and screaming Beth and Tony quickly got up

'what is it' Beth asked

both girls were out of breath crying and not making any sense

'slow and calm down girs' Tony said, 'now tell us whtas happened'...

'JACKS BEEN SHOT! Martha screamed.

At the hospital Luke was with the Nurse being checked over 'wheres my brother I want yo see him' Luke said between tears

'you will be with him soon the doctors are with him, he is in the best hands'

Tony, Beth, Martha and Matilda came running through the hospital doors, 'Jack Holden where is he' Tony asked at the front desk 'im his father, where is he' a nurse came over a doctor will be with you shortly', Luke walked out of the room

'Luke' Tony cried out Luke came running into Tony's arms

'wheres Jack? Dad is he ok?

'we dont know Luke waiting to find out' and with saying this a doctor came over...

' Mr Holden'

' yes thats meT Tony answered

' Jack is being prepped for theatre we need to operate, the bullet has lodged itself quite deep into Jacks chest'

'do whatever you have to do doc to save my son' the doctor nodded and ran off down the hall

Beth was trying to calm the girls down who were trying to fill her in what happened through sobs, 'its ok' beth was trying to reassure them.

3 hours passed, Jack was wheeled out of thetre and into recovery the doctor came over 'the operation was a success' he continued 'I have every hope he will make a full recovery, he is asleep now and I would say he will be until at least tomorrow morning so the best thing for you all to do is go home and get some rest and come back in the morning'

'thanks doc thankyou, can we see him'

'yes of course he is through there' pointing towards Jacks room

Jack was asleep and looked ever so pale 'we are here mate' tony said quietly

'I want to stay' Martha said

'come on love' Beth said 'wait til tomorrow there isn't anything you can do'

'I want to stay' she said firmly

'ok' Beth said 'but you should call Sally let her know whats going on she is probably worried'

'I will' she said 'I promise' she sat down next to Jacks bed and took his hand in hers

'Beth im staying too would you take Luke home i dont think he should be here'

'of course, ring me if you need anything' come she said lets go home...

'bye dad' Luke said

'Luke come here' Tony hugged him 'I love you son'

'I love you too dad'

'come on sweet' Beth said putting her arm around Luke leading him and Matilda out of the door, luke put his arm around Matilda as they walked down the corridor

Tony looked at martha holding Jacks hand 'you ok love'

she turned and looked at him and burst into tears again she got up and fell into Tonys arms 'its ok love let it out he is going to be ok, he has to be'

Tony had informed the police about what had happened and they were hunting Harry Chambers down.

Martha stayed awake all night holding Jacks hand talking to him he stirred 'Jack Jack' martha whispered , he was really groggy and couldnt really speak, 'are you ok'? she asked

'in pain, my chest hurts' he answered

'you got shot Jack, stay still'

'Harry Chambers' Jack asked Martha looked down 'yes' she answered quietly

Tony walked in 'son your awake how are you, he aint going to get away this time Jack'

'dad please leave it i just..'.

'ok for now we will leave it until your feeling better'.

By the afternoon Jack was more alert and chatting, tony had gone home to clean up get changed and bring Jack some things, Martha had already been home but had been back within the hour 'Jack last night scared me'

'scared me too babe if im honest....and it hurt' he smiled slightly

'Jack why you have to make a joke of everything'

'im not it did hurt i had no control still hurts' he said wincing in pain

'anything I can get for you' Martha asked

'yeah there is one thing...a kiss', Martha smiled and bent down and kissed him at that moment Luke walked through the door ' i'll leave you guys alone for a bit' Martha kissed Jack again and headed out of the door

'thanks babe' Jack said.

Luke still looked very shaken 'come here Luke' Jack said 'come on', luke hesitated 'really come on, im ok' Jack said trying to reassure his little brother, Luke walked towards him and got on the bed luke started crying Jack put his arms around him' its over Luke its going to be ok, its over'

'its not over Jack, Harry Chambers got away'

'no he didnt' a voice from behind said it was Peter 'he was picked up about half hour ago charged and looking at a very long stretch, thought you would like to know'

Jack sighed with relief as did luke, 'thanks peter'

'its ok' peter continued 'well I will let you get some rest we can talk later when your feeling a bit more up to it'

'thanks' Peter nodded and walked out of the door...'see now its over' Jack smiled at his brother.

The next day Martha walked into Jacks room he was sitting up and looked alot better 'Jack you love me right' she asked

'yes of course I do' he answered 'why...?'

'I want to ask you something' she said she seemed nervous

'well what is' Jack asked 'come on...'

Martha got down on one knee' will you marry me' she asked

Jack was shocked 'what why...is this because of what happened?'

'yes, no well I dont know I guess so a bit im being serious though Jack will you marry me?' she said getting up 'I love you'

'I love you too but... i cant marry you'

'why not? you said you loved me so marry me'

Jack laughed 'I cant..'.

'why? I want a reason' Martha pressed on

'because...Jack smiled 'I want to ask you'

'what' martha rolled her eyes 'stupid male ego' she said

'so will you do me the honour of becoming my wife Martha Mckenzie' Jack asked

'well i dont know' Martha said and turned away she turned back round with a huge smile 'of course I will' she said throwing her arms around him 'I love you jack so much, I dont ever want to be without you'.

Jack smiled 'me neither', Martha hugged Jack tight 'ouch' he said wincing again in pain

'sorry am I hurting you'

'its ok' Jack said 'its worth the pain'...they kissed.


'Mum stop fussin'g Martha squealed at Roo 'I can do it' it was Martha and Jacks wedding day, Roo was fussing over marthas dress

'I just want it to be perfect for you hunni'

' and it will be Mum,im marrying my deam guy' she giggled

' he is something' Roo agreed,

Marthas smile soon turned into a frown though,

'what is is mac' Tash asked

Roo looked up at her daughter 'what is it love'

'I just wish Grandad could be here'

' you know he can't... not even on a day release, you know he would have loved to have been here though'

' yeah i know' she sighed 'just not fair'.

Over at the Holdens the guys were getting ready to leave for the church, Jack was so nervous but excited at the same time

'you ready mate' Tony asked putting his hand on Jacks shoulder 'turn round lets have a look' Tony had tears in his eyes 'you know your mum would have been so proud of the man you have become and I think she would have liked martha'

' you think' Jack asked

'yeah i do' Tony smiled

'I wish she was here' Jack said sadly

'she is son, she is always with you' they hugged

'come on Luke ready? Jack asked

'He is outside ready and rehersing his best man speech, come on lets go dont want to be late' they headed out of the door.

At the church everyone was gathered the Holden men looked very smart and handsome standing at the end of the church

'she's here, she's here' Coleen screached at the top of her voice, Jack smiled he was ready.

Outside the church Martha was just about to get out of the car when the car door opened

'hello love'

'GRANDAD' Martha screamed happily

'well you couldnt walk down that asile alone could you' she hugged him tightly she was so happy

'how come?' she started

' questions later' Alf replied 'you have a special young man in there waiting to marry you, Martha smiled

'well cant keep him waiting any longer' she giggled taking her grandfathers arm 'thanks grandad, i love you' she said

'love you too love.'

As Martha and Alf walked down the asile everyone was in awe of Martha she looked beautiful in her long white silky flowing dress with a white rose in her hair and a red boquet of carnations, she smiled at Jack and felt all warm inside Jack smiled back he too had that warm feeling.

'good to see you Alf' Tony said

'wouldn't miss this for the world' Alf replied and turned to Jack 'now you take good care of her'

' I will Jack said taking Martha's hand 'you happy' he asked

'estatic' she said

'good, me too' jack said' lets get married'.

THE END!!!!!!


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