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Forgotten, Martha

Guest jack&martha

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Today was Martha’s 19th birthday and nothing seemed to be going right. For one thing everyone seemed to have forgotten all about it and it wasn’t like at her granddad’s birthday when everyone was only pretending to forget she knows for sure that they really had.

Jack was in Sydney with Tony and Lucas visiting family

Her granddad had taken Ric on a camping trip to try and take his mind of everything that was happening to Flynn.

Robbie had taken Tasha to visit Josie in the city as everyone had agreed that after everything that had happened with the believers she needed to get away.

Her aunt Morag was in the city doing some legal stuff.

And as for her mother, she was still in New York and because of the time difference it was still the middle of the night there so she couldn’t call thought at the moment all that Martha wanted was to talk to her mum.

At 9:30 Martha decided that she was not going to spend her birthday alone in the flat, she was going to have some fun even if all the people she loved were out of town. So she got her thing and left.

20 minutes later and maddie, Beth, Leah, Dan, Kim and Rachel were all in the diner when someone that hadn’t been to the bay in over 13 years suddenly walked through the door.

Leah and Dan were at the counter talking when this woman walks up to them and asks.

Woman: hi I wonder if you could help me.

Leah: for course what can we do for you?

Woman: you don’t happen to know where Martha McKenzie is do you?

Maddie: she left about 20 minutes ago saying she was going for a walk.

Woman: dam!!!!!

She then went to leave but Dan stopped her.

Dan: of you don’t mind me asking who you are and what do you want with Martha.

But this time everyone was standing round.

Woman: of course not me name is Rut………….

Just then Sally and Cassie walked through the door and as soon as sally saw the woman she said (while hugging her).

Sally: on my god what are you doing here? When did you get back? How long are you staying for?

Woman: woo slow down give me time to answer. 1. I got back 5 minutes ago. 2. I’m staying for a month and 3. I missed her first 18 birthday’s I wasn’t going to miss any more.

Dan: you know who this is…..?

Sally: sure this is Ruth Stewart Alf’s daughters and …….

Maddie: Mac’s mum.

Sally went on to introduce everyone and after a few moments Roo asked them

Roo: so when’s the big party?

Cassie: party!!!! What for?

Roo: what for!!!!!!!!!! For Mac of course.

Kim why would we be having a party for Mac?

Roo: for her birthday!!!!!!!!

Leah: Really!!! When is it? We have to have a party for her.

Roo: it’s today!!!!!!

Everyone: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!

Leah: no it can’t be we would have known about it if it was today.

Roo: trust me I’m her mother it’s today.

Beth: plus they’re all gone and they would never have gone if it was today.

Roo: who’s all gone?

Maddie: everyone jack, Rick, Mr Stewart……..

Leah Morag…..

As everyone was talking sally was standing to the side trying to remember the day Mac was born.

Sally: OMG what date is it today.

Cassie: 17th

Sally oh god it is today!!!!! I can’t believe we all forgot

Roo: I have to go find her!!!!!!

As she goes to leave sally stops her asking

Sally: Roo wait give us your number encase she comes back here.

Meanwhile up on the headland Martha is walking about thinking about everything that happened since she first came to the bay no in fact since she first sent that letter to Ruth in New York. That letter changed her life forever. If she hadn’t sent it she wouldn’t have gone to New York and met her granddad or moved to the bay or met all of her friends and family or jack.

Maybe she shouldn’t have sent it, if she hadn’t then the people who were meant to love her wouldn’t have been able to hurt her in the way that they had. As she was thinking this Martha started to cry and this was how Roo found her 15 minutes later.

Roo sat down beside Martha and just held her as she cried herself out. Martha then pulled away and said.

Martha: I’ve never been so glad to see anyone but………

Roo: what am I doing here?

Martha: ya!!!!! With a smile.

Roo: what do you think I’m doing here!!!!!! I’ve missed so many of you birthday’s I wasn’t going to miss anymore.

Martha: you the only one who cares about that.

Roo: oh sweetie I know!!! Giving Martha a hug.

Martha: how!!!!!!!

Roo: how what?

Martha: how do you know they’re all gone?

Oh I stopped of at the diner when I arrived looking for you and sally and a few other told me!

Martha: oh:

Roo: none of them know it was your birthday, why didn’t you say something?

Martha: jack knows as well as the other and they all left so I figured that no one else would care.

Roo: well I care.

All of a sudden Roo went to get up startling Martha who was leaning against her. As soon as she got up she then pulled Martha up.

Roo: come on there is no way we’re sitting here being miserable on your birthday.

Martha: mum I don’t want to go back home.

Roo: who say’s we’re going back there?

Martha: we’re not then were are we going?

Roo: to have some fun.

Meanwhile back at the diner everyone was trying to think up a way they could make it up to Martha. They had split up into two groups. One to think up ideas and the second to get in contact with everyone who was out of town.

The groups were.






Colleen (she had arrived after Roo had left)






Irene (she had arrived after Roo had left)

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After an hour of work the group at the diner had finally managed to get thought to most of the people who were out of town. All that is expect jack and the rest of the holdens who seemed to have disappeared as neither Beth nor maddie could get through to Lucas or Tony and therefore jack had no idea what was going on.

Meanwhile Roo had taken Martha to the city to do some shopping as well as some mother/daughter bonding and for the first time today Martha was actually happy and thought she still missed the other it was not as bad thought she still missed them espually jack.

5 hours later and everyone had gathered at the surf club and no one could believe just how great it looked, maddie, Cassie, ric, Rachel, Tasha and Kim had done an amazing job. But there was one really big problem thought Alf, ric, Morag, Tasha and Robbie had made it back to the bay (some only a few moment ago) they had now lost the birthday girl. Roo had called an hour ago saying they would be back within the next half an hour but they had still not arrived and both of their phones were switched off.

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20 minutes later and everyone was starting to get worried espually Alf who was ready to get the SAS out to look for them, when all of a sudden Martha and Roo walked thought the door.

Everyone: surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Martha: what’s going on????????

Ric: what’s it look like? It’s a surprise party!!!!!

Morag we’re sooooooooo sorry we forgot but we’re going to make it up to you we promise.

Martha: but you weren’t meant to be back for a few more days, none of you were!!!!!!

Alf: sally and the other not only managed to get use all here but also do all this!!!!!!

Martha: sally..i don………… I don’t know what to say!!!!

Sally: you don’t have to say anything we’re just so sorry we forgot.

Tasha: can you forgive us

Martha: yes *hugging her*

As everyone was talking Martha was looking around hoping to see the one person that could make this day perfect, this person was jack and although Martha had tried not to make it to obvious Beth saw her and said quietly so only Martha could hear.

Beth: I’m sorry we tried to get him here but we couldn’t get him, Tony or Lucas on the phone.

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After that the party started and everyone was having a great time but after only 30 minutes Martha went to leave telling her mum she wanted some fresh air.

After about 10 when people started to ask where she was Roo went outside to get her but she saw something that both shocked her and make her smile. Martha was down on the beach wrapped in the arms of a tall dark haired man and they were kissing.

Martha’s POV

The party is great everyone is having a great time, but something is not right, I can’t be happy even thought most of the people I love are here. It’s just I miss him soooooooooo much.

I just wish he was here. Mum and Tasha are trying to make up for him not being here but it hasn’t worked, I still can’t stop thinking about him.

I need some fresh air; I have to get out of here just for a little while mum will understand.

Down on the beach

This place is so beautiful, I love watching the water coming in, there’s something about the water that seems to take away all your problems no matter what they are.

After sitting on the sand for about 5 minutes all of a sudden out of nowhere.

Voice: how’s the birthday girl?

As soon as Martha heard this she turned around slowly not really believing it was him.

Martha: jack!!!!!! What are you doing here?

Jack: it is you birthday right?

And when Martha just sat the looking at jack he said.

Jack: it is today right? Please tell me I didn’t get the date wrong?

Martha: no it is today but I thought you had forgotten.

Jack: forgotten!!!!!!!! What kind of boyfriend forgets his girlfriend’s birthday?

Martha: but you weren’t here, you didn’t even call.

Jack: ya but I didn’t forget!! I had to get this.

He handed Martha a small gift wrapped box.

Martha: what is it???

Jack: open it and see!!!!!!!

As he said this jack had such a big smile on his face, he looked like a kid in a candy shop but Martha could tell he was really nervous as well.

When Martha finally managed to get the box unwrapped and opened she couldn’t believe what was inside.

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Sorry this is late

Martha couldn’t believe what was inside when she had it opened in the box was an antique gold ring.

Martha: is this??

Looking up at jack and when she did she saw that he was down on one knee

Martha: jack!!

Jack: Martha Mackenzie will you marry me

As he said this he looked so scared that Martha couldn’t help but fall in love with him all over again, he looked so cute.

Martha: maybe I should make you wait before I give you my answer.

Jack: Martha!!!!!!! He growled

She laughs as she said

Martha: of course I will you idiot.

When she said this jack finally got up and pulled Martha into he’s arms and kissed her like there was no tomorrow and when they finally pulled away.

Martha: I love you

Jack: I love you too.

After a few more minutes of kissing jack and Martha went back into the surf club to tell everyone their big news.

Tasha: Mac there you ar…………… jack when did you get here?

Jack: about 15 minutes ago.

Martha then called over to Ric who was in charge of the music.

Martha: ric can you turn off the music a sec?

Ric: sure!!!!!!!

Alf: what’s wrong love?

Martha: we have something to tell you!! Looking at jack who was standing beside her with his arms around her.

Jack: I just asked Martha to marry me…..

Martha: and I said yes.

Martha’s mum was the first one to hug them but as soon as she did the others all did the same.

After that everyone went back to celebrating as they now had two things too celebrate.



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