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Mangrove River!

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Flash back - 14th Febuary 2017


Alf is closing up Noah's bar when he hears rain pouring down on all the windows and the gale force winds are blowing at 70 Mph. Alf goes to close up the doors of Noah's bar when he spots Ric trying to run over to his car. Alf shouts Ric to hurry up and get back to His and Bella's house. Ric offers His grandad a Lift to the caravan Park. Alf excepts his offer and gets in the car. Ric drops Alf off then head to his house.

Alf arrives at sallys house when he is greeted by a badly bruised and bloody Carl (Ric's best mate). Alf opens the door and drags Carl inside. Alf tries the phone but it's dead.


Sally arrives home to Alf cleaning Carls cuts up!.


Leah is sitting in her living room with V.j and Deano(Her and Dans kid)

Pete knocks on Leah's door and tells Leah that there is a cyclone on its way and they have to get all the matress up against the windows. v.j helps his uncle Pete whilst Deano sits thier giggling at Pete and V.j.

Sally is helping Alf cover up Carls cuts When Cassie runs threw the door saying QUOCK, QUICK Its Harry he is stuck under the Caravan!!!!

Ric arrives at his house to find Bella sitting under the table scared out of her wits. Ric goes to comfort her!.


Will Alf and Sally help Harry?

Who does'nt make it through?

Who returns to the bay?

Will this be the Last of summer bay?

I did post this on the temp board but ill post it here so i can finish it

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