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Martha and Jack Fic

Guest Martha Holden

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This story starts off just after Corey has asked Martha to come with him to Holbrook.

“So will you come†Corey said “Um†Martha started off she wasn’t quite sure what to say to him she wasn’t even serious about Corey It was just to try and make Jack jealous it was obvious to Martha that she was still in love with Jack maybe the whole thing with Corey had gone a little out of hand. “Was that a good um or not†“well um we haven’t exactly been going out for that long†“yeah but if I leave and you don’t come it’s going to be the end of us†“yeah but my whole life’s in Summer Bay now I mean I’ve go my friends, my job Granddad, Ja um I mean†“No Martha you know what I know what you were going to say you were going to say you have Jack oh and you can’t leave lover boy behind can we†“no Corey that’s not what I meant†“no your still in love with Jack and I was just the guy that you thought if you got together with it would **** Jack off†Martha just stood there not sure what to say she new Corey was getting pretty mad. “Well is it true of not†“well um yes it’s true ok I’m so sorry†Martha ran out of the house in tears.

Martha was running the fastest she’d ever ran when she finally got to the diner she ran in and crashed straight into Jack. “Hey he said I thought you’d be on your way to Holbrook with Corey†“yeah so did I†“well why aren’t you†he said “because I realised that Corey’s nor the guy I’m in love with†Jack looked at her and said well who are you in love with†Martha looked at him “you you’re the one I’ve always been in love with you even if I haven’t always showed it it’s the truth so can we please try and…†“Martha I love you to do you want to go for a walk along the beach†“yeah that would be great†“ok†Jack, said with a slight sound of excitement in his voice that the love of his life wanted to give there relationship another chanceâ€

Back at Irene’s Corey was sitting at the kitchen table with the book that had all the people on the jury in it he had now added 2 more pictures one and they were labelled MUST KILL!!!! And the pictures were of Martha McKenzie and Jack Holden. He then got up and went and got changed into his boardies, grabbed his surfboard and headed for the beach.

Down at the beach Martha and Jack were sitting there kissing when Martha looked up to see Corey. “Corey†Martha yelled and got up. “Just don’t†he said and headed of in the other direction Martha’s eyes filled with tears “What’s wrong†Jack said “I feel so bad about what I did to Corey I mean I wouldn’t like it if someone did that to me I mean I’d feel like killing them†Martha joked but what she said she did not know may be her fate.


Martha has a shock announcement for Jack.

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