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Births Deaths And A Wedding

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As Sally walked along the beach she thought back to the year that had passed. Leah and dan had a baby girl, Tasha and robbie had also had twins phoebe and linley (although it was thought that they were the evil jonahs children). Love had also hit most of the summerbay residents. Irene and barry and beth and tony had a beautiful double wedding on the beach. But with every happiness there is always sadness and sally had endured her own amount of heart ache this year the news of the plane crash that had killed the towns loved couple hayley and scott and their infant child had rocked the entire bay. But the worst was the death of sallys husband flynn. Sally was sure that flynn would of loved what was about to happen in the bay in less than a couple of hours the wedding of Alf stuart and Collen smart.

Flammin heck grandad I'am so proud of you. geez thanks ric. Alf replyed. So is all of your old friends coming grandad. Well i hope so mate now you better get home i think sal might need you at home. I don't know grandad sal hasn't really been her self lately. Well mate Sally fletcher has not had the easiest run on the fishing boat as everyone else but if there is onr thing to bring a smile to her face it is a reunuion oh and a wedding which if you don't get a move on there wont be one.Sally had slowly made her way home to find her foster mother pippa and brother christopher waiting out the front of her home. Sally could not hold back the tears finally pippa was back and chris had grown so much since the last visit in the bay. pippa she cried as she threw her arms around the woman she loved more that anyone in the world. As everyone started to set up for the wedding past residents were showing up left right and centre. This was going to be the celebration of the year.

As the wedding of the year takes place which of your loved characters will announce they are preganant. who will announce they are going to be married and which one of your loved characters will lose their life in the final ever episode of Home and Away.

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Carry on, It's a good start, you could try spacing the paragraph's a bit so its easier for people to read ( Just a suggestion).

Its a good subject though, Alf and Colleen :lol:. Hayley, Scott, Noah and Flynn :crying:. Cant wait to see who loses their life in the rest of the story.

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Well everyone i have cleared up all the caravans so there should be enough room for everyone. Sally thought she better get everyone in a caravan before the wedding. Everyone had made it back. Will and Gypsy, celia, Donald and june, Jade and seb, alex and brody and many more. As everyone made there way out to the caravans someone came through the back door pushing a pram.

As Irene turned to walk into sally's kitchen she was surprised with a familiar face. "kirsty" she shouted as she ran and hugged her " oh love where have you been wheres kane" he is in hiding around the bay." i really wanted to come back to see alf and collens wedding" .irene looked down in the pram at kirstys baby " his name is flynn" sally who had only just walked in the front door and hadn't even noticed kirsty and irene there ran out to the kitchen. Kirsty told sally that when she heard the news of flynn she and kane had decided there was no better name than flynn to name there baby. Sally was thrilled.

As everyone made there way down to the beach to where the wedding would take place martha noticed someone moving in the bushes. She rememberde though that she was told kane would be around somewhere and she didn't give it another thought.

When everyone was seated the wedding began.

Collen looked every bit the beautiful bride. In a white skirt and long white coat lance thought this was the most beautiful he had ever seen his mum looked and he was glad he was walking her down the aisle to marry alf.

The wedding went great and evryone made there way back to the surf club for drinks.

When inside alf and collen made their speeches it was unknown to them that alfs grandaughter was about to shock everyone with her news. She started by congradulating the newlyweds then she turned to alf and told him the good news that her and jack were expecting their first child. Alf gave a great shout of joy and everyone clapped.

With this robbie jumps up and says well if we are on good news tasha and i are going to get legally married.

Well well said a voice from the doorway of the club all good news. Sally knew this voice without even looking. Zoe she shouted.

Next time As zoe holds the whole town hostage who will die and who else will reveal they are having a baby

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