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Back to the Bay - Amy Mathews

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LANDING a gig at Summer Bay is just what the doctor ordered for Amy Mathews, who is the new face on Home and Away.

How did you celebrate landing a full-time gig as Dr Rachel Armstrong on Home and Away?

I told my mum and we had a bottle of champagne and some strawberries, which she organised. We were very excited about it.

You have played a small role as a nurse on the series before. Is it coincidence or do you have a medical degree up your sleeve?

A. I wish I did, but no, it's simply a coincidence.

Have you studied real doctors and nurses to achieve a more realistic portrayal of your character?

Not studied, but I have interviewed and talked to medical students, doctors and psychiatrists. I have such respect for them, they work very hard.

What's your character like a vixen, heart breaker or a sweet girl?

Rachel is strong willed with a gentle heart, which is such a great juxtaposition of traits. It makes her a great character to play.

How does she fit into the Summer Bay family?

She went to high school with Leah and is returning to the Bay to start her career.


Which cast members are you closest to so far and who has taken you under their wing?

Chris Hemsworth (who plays Kim Hyde) and I are quite good mates because most of our scenes are together. However, everyone has been very welcoming towards me.

Where else have we seen your work?

I have had many guest roles on Australian dramas. I did Blue Heelers' live to air episode, I was also in Fox 8's drama Love Bytes and I have toured Australia and Singapore with the Bell Shakespeare company.

Kate Ritchie, who plays Sally, has been with the show 18 years? Do you see a long-term future at Summer Bay?

I'm having a really great time working with the cast and crew and doing what I love, so I hope I can stay for as long as possible.

Over the past year Summer Bay has been home to stalkers, cults and babies. What can we expect this year?

They do keep a pretty tight lid on storylines even from us but I'm sure there will be a lot of drama and romance in store for Rachel in particular.

Two Home and Away starlets have won Dancing with the Stars. Can we expect to see you treading the boards?

I'll cross that bridge if I ever come to it.

Home and Away returns to Channel 7 next Monday from 7pm.

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