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  1. It looks like the new Diner and Dan's Den are on the same floor.. But I am sure the place has a floor above, there were pictures on here somewhere.. Is there anything there? Or are they acting like there is nothing above?

    The Den and Diner are definitely on the same level - they are joined by a kitchen. I remember seeing a second level too but they must have just conveniently forgotten it.

    Unless they're on the 2nd floor, and you have to go up those outside stairs to get to it.

  2. You're definitely not being horrible about it, mate, and I get that you're tryna help, and for that I'm be grateful. To all of you guys, for that matter. Thank you.

    It's a bit late now, so I'll get myself an appointment with me GP in Janurary (I know I keep holding it off but I will - 'tis my self-imposed mission). Who knows? I might be better after Xmas. (Well, I doubt it, but you know. :P )

    Andy, I have no idea what to actually say, so I'm just going to give you an online hug.

    It will get better eventually if you get help, you'll see. :)

  3. Josh did set up Alf but he was also in prison with Johnny, can't remember what for now. :unsure: Probably as a result of watching early years,specials and uptodate i get confused.

    :lol: They seem to have forgotten that Ric is diabetic :rolleyes:

    Not necissarily. If he hasn't had a hypo or felt bad, then there's really no need to mention it. As a diabetic myself, IMO Ric hasn't really done anything that it would really be needed to be mentioned for.

  4. OMG really? Which one?

    I've missed HAA for a few weeks and I'm just wondering where we are with the Jack, Martha and Sam stuff?


    Still pretty much the same. Jack really loves Martha, he told her, she's now with Michael, he's still with Sam, who is still insainly paranoid and jelous of Martha.

    Same old stuff, still movimng nowhere so far! :P

  5. I need to know for a fanfic I'm writing. I know Cassie was being brought up by her grandmother Joy Foxton, but are Cassie's parents dead? And, if so, how did they die?

    Also is the uncle who abused her the son of the grandmother she's being brought up by?

    I'm not sure about Cassie's dad, but her mother is alive, but dumped her on Joy when she was about 10 or so, I believe.

    Yes, her uncle is Joy's son, because he was the one that decided to turn off the life support, if I remember correctly.

  6. He left half an hour ago. I'm still crying. He was crying as he left. It was so hard. I've been on the verge of having an anxiety attack several time over the last few hours. I'm so scared.

    oh Mar! *hugs*

    I can't imagine how hard that is, but remember, you have a whole board of people here if you want to talk :)

  7. Okay, when I finish school in 3 years, I'm looking into joining the Navy.

    only problem is, I'm a diabetic. I've been on the site, and it only mentions epilepsy being a problem, and that's it. Do you think diabetes would be an issue, even if it was well controlled?

  8. i would have thought it would be there for life praps he had another op that we've forgotten about or they've forgotten he's deaf now,lol which wouldn't suprise me as Maddies scar and Jacks from their ops are non existent now :rolleyes:

    the original boy that played vj didn't ever speak or seem to hear what was going on he was never interested in what was going on maybe he was really deaf :huh:

    Yes, but when the original boy was playing VJ, he was a toddler, so that means he didn't have to pay much attention, or even listen to what was going on around him.

  9. I have a disease called Psoriasis.

    It is a disease which the blood cells work to fast, leaving 'scars' over my body.

    Psoriasis affects children and adults, men and woman are affected equally. I have a mild -to- severe case of it.

    Well..I am on a cream, but it helped a little while, not now though.

    It can effect anyone at any time, I got mine around 1 year ago, only just coming to terms of how severe it is now.

    Not only is it effecting my social life and effecting the sports I loved to play [swimming for instance] it also affects my self esteem and self confidence, sometimes making me feel suicidal, but not too much.

    It effects 1 in 50 people, sometimes it is severe or small, maybe even unnoticeable.

    Sometimes it too much to cope, being asked questions at school is hard, I can't bring myself to say I have a disease, I don't want to be teased or called diseased, even though I am.

    Just felt like talking..

    Oh, *Hugs!*

    I know how you feel, I have Diabetes, and I hate telling people at school, because I can be treated differently and singled out by others.

    If you tell someone, if they truly like you for you then they won't care at all. If the creme doesn't work anymore, maybe you should go back tot he doctor and tell them this to get something else to help?

  10. I need help.

    A 15 year old friend of mine, is doing drugs and alcahol and painkillers.

    I'm scared, but I don't want to cause any problems with her. I think she may be in over her head, but I don't think she realises it, or sees a problem with it at all.

    What should I do?

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