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  1. ^ Sure you can save it. I'm glad you like it. :) Thank you for commenting. :D

    I love it! msn display pic here i come :P .. I just noticed the flamingo av, colourings so elegant.. i really like it but i think the hippo is my 2nd fave after the penguins :P Odd how much as i sincerely like these as i'm not like a massive animal lover or anything lol ... looking forward to more :)

  2. Aww loved the last chapter! :wub: It was an excellent ending but i'm really sad thats it finished :( But i just want to say thank you because i've really enjoyed this fic! Your writing was always brilliant and you always updated quickly so it was easy to get into :)

    Well i loved the whole of this fic so if u ever do decide to write another one i'll love u forever :D:P

  3. Excellent chapter, mind you they're all awesome :D You write unbelievably well, its so easy to get into the characters :)

    I completely hate Lilly, desperate or what?? And i felt so bad for Martha :( i just wanted to slap Jack, when will he ever learn. I'm not liking the sound of 'oh dear' either :(

    Looking forward to an update :D

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