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Chris J

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A few noteworthy things happening on the main site at the moment.

The revamp of the Locations section is now complete, with higher quality images added for all locations, with quite a lot of new ones included too.

There's also been a huge update to the Surf Club page detailing it's history, as well as the addition of 2 new locations — Hogans General Store, which has a very interesting story behind it, and today we've got the Franklin House (thanks to QA for taking the pics for us). There's also plenty more to come, and as ever all Locations can be discussed at length with others in this thread.

We've also had a number of news articles recently detailing the latest developments both on and off screen (some of which contain spoilers) with more to come very soon, so be sure to check back regularly or sign up to our newsletter on the main page. A big thanks to our newest recruit Matt who's been helping out a lot with these.

Remember if you're in the UK you can get a sneak peek at what's to come on this page, which lists all episode synopses to come for the next few months, with extended summaries available for the week ahead. We're starting work behind the scenes on a few other tweaks to the episodes section too.

Lastly but by no means least, we've 2 new guest character profiles today also, kindly provided by RR1.

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Time to update this thread a bit, though it does seem I've been talking to myself in here for the past year :wink:

With the 2015 season now over in the UK, our current character profiles are in the process of being updated once again - starting with Jett, John and Marilyn as today's update. A big thanks to RR1 once again for his continued effort with keeping them up to date.

There's also been a few new guest character profiles, including one for Darcy Callahan last week (again thanks to RR1).

A number of new locations have been added to the site in the past couple of months, thanks to QA going out and getting the pics for us, including Harry's Kidnap, Morag's City Mansion and Meg's Funeral amongst others. (discussion here)

We've recently run an exclusive interview with Laura Vazquez that can be read here (discussion here) - and the rest of the Interviews section also got a spruce up.

The Births, Marriages and Deaths pages have been updated (discussion for that here)

There's also been a large number of news articles, largely thanks to Matt - and for those watching the Early Years repeats on 7TWO, I recently added a preview for the 1995 season with dates of the key episodes.

For those following the 'Who Shot Charlotte?' storyline, Matt's also running two articles - one at Australian pace and one at UK pace - to show all the latest developments with the investigation and possible suspects, which he endeavours to update on a weekly basis.

There's still lots of tweaks being made to the site here and there, and we know there's a number of areas which are yet to be revamped/updated. It is a long process due to the sheer volume of pages on the site, but Chris is still beavering away when he can. We're getting ready to launch a whole new section of the site very soon, and work has started behind the scenes on a big expansion/makeover of one of the existing sections.

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Many thanks to Matt who has been very willing and probably more importantly able to update things on the Main Site.  In my case this has usually been the myriad airing date changes to Australian Episodes due to AFL Football issues and other events. 

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The last of RR1's current character profile updates have gone up today, with Olivia bumped up to the regulars, and a huge expansion to Irene's profile to include all of her major storylines from the 90's and early 00's (which the profile was previously lacking somewhat).

On the subject of Irene, the second Beach House location was also added to the site this week (with thanks to QA for getting the pics again).

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A number of filming locations have been added to the site in the last couple of weeks (discussion here):
Ellis/Fraser House
Garner/Saunders/Jefferies House
Braxton House (2013-present)
Palmer House (2013-present)
Gibson House

And there's also a few new guest profiles added with thanks to RR1:
Kieran Munroe
Maureen Evans
Richard Barclay
Aidan Bradley

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Our profiles for current characters are in the process of being updated to include the first half of the 2016 season, starting with the completion of profiles for those who have departed the show in that time. Once the existing profiles are updated, we'll also be adding new profiles for those characters who became part of the main cast in that time.

A big thanks to RR1 as ever who's had the responsibility of writing the profiles of current cast for a good few years now.

There's also been a couple more of RR1's guest character profiles uploaded in the past couple of weeks for Stu Henderson & Dennis Harling, alongside one for Isla Schultz written by Matt.

And in other news there's been some additions to our extended 1989 Episode Summaries, with BTTB's co-founder Jeremai having rejoined the team recently to help fill in a few gaps between summaries written by both RR1 and Ryan (which had been awaiting upload for quite some time). :)

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