Zannis’ kidnapping of Ziggy and Brody is interrupted. Ben and Maggie struggle to get their plans approved. Will Robbo’s memory return?


Robbo uncovers a hidden talent. Brody’s past ruins his friendship with Ziggy. Ash and Ziggy attempt to resist temptation.


Scarlett aids Robbo in his quest uncover his identity. Is this the end for Wally and Hunter? Kat and Ash decide to end their relationship.


Mason’s nurse is hiding a secret. Wally bids adieu. Will Raffy be forced to move up a grade?


Roo’s secret testing of Raffy forces Maggie into a corner. Coco’s eating disorder is validated. Justin delivers Scarlett an ultimatum.


Something’s going on with Brody and Ziggy. Leah tries to explain herself to Ben. Scarlett and Justin come to an agreement about their relationship.


Justin and Scarlett’s date is marred by tragedy. Brody and Ziggy try to hide their affair. Have the Astonis finally become part of the Bay?


Is Robbo’s dangerous past catching up with him? Beth’s situation affects her relationship with Mason. Justin has some decisions to make.


VJ gets closer to Coco’s secret. Kat tries to persuade Robbo to keep digging.


A surprise encounter might ruin Tori’s chances with Ash. Hunter and Olivia’s new venture puts pressure on their relationship. Can Coco and Raffy repair their friendship?


The fractures in the Morgan family run deep. Ash struggles with his feelings for Tori. Beth and Mason get closer. Hunter and Ziggy help Olivia’s cause.


Justin discovers Brody’s secret. Ash tries to hide his growing feelings. Is Tori telling the truth?


Ben reacts to Ziggy’s revelation. Coco’s conditions worsens. Scarlett agrees to help Brody again, but what does it mean for her and Justin?


There’s romance on the horizon for Kat. Coco continues to hide her secret.


Robbo can’t keep running from his past. Olivia hopes her business will take off. Mason and Beth can’t stay away from each other.


Tori goes on a date. Robbo learns that he was on the boat. A blast from the past throws Kat.


What will it take for Tori to believe Ash’s feelings for her are genuine? Will Beth make it through this? Is Dylan dead? Is Robbo a good guy or was he involved with Dylan too?


Will Ben forgive Brody and give him a second chance? Is Mason falling in too deep, too quickly for Beth?


Will Olivia’s fashion label recover from the disastrous launch party? Will Ziggy forgive Brody? Will Ben accept him? Will they be able to work something out?


Did Brody do what he has been accused of? Is this an elaborate ploy by someone else to catch him out for snitching? Now that Liv Designs is a success, what’s next? Can Raffy fit in year 10?


Will Scarlett be discovered? Can the screw driver clear Brody’s name? Does VJ also have feelings for Coco or will he have to let her down?


Was Ziggy involved in the attack on her mum? Is that what has caused the fracture in their relationship? Is this it for Kat and Scarlett’s friendship? Things could be rekindling for Justin and Scarlett.


When will Tori and Ash sort their issues out and get together? Coco binging, is this a warning sign, is she hitting rock bottom? Is Beth ok? What is triggering Raffy’s strange behaviour?


Coco binging, is this a warning sign, is she hitting rock bottom? Will Olivia’s brand be able to recover from this set back? Ash and Tori are finally together.


Is Beth ok? What is triggering Raffy’s strange behaviour? Is it Marilyn and John or is it all the sudden changes she is enduring? Will Olivia get caught stealing from Irene?


Tori breaks the news to Beth and her family that if she doesn’t get a new heart soon she will die. Despite an initial blunder Scarlett comes through for Brody in court.