A messy custody battle brings out a lot of truths. Will Justin reveal Brody’s drug problem? Phoebe’s going to America – will Justin follow?


Brody takes a step into darker territory. Roo collapses while moving house. Leah delivers a blow to Zac.


John defends Marilyn in prison. Olivia is desperate to avoid celebrating her 18th birthday. Roo faces a life changing prospect.


Olivia’s birthday lunch turns out to be more memorable than anticipated. Roo supports a struggling Marilyn, but then experiences a potentially life changing shock of her own.


An indecisive Roo doesn’t know how to break her big news to James. Kat pushes down her feelings. Brody demands his family’s trust.


VJ and Leah face a tough situation. Kat and Patrick attempt to hide their discomfort. An unfortunate event puts Brody in an uncomfortable position.


Hunter and Olivia have good intentions, but it doesn’t exactly go to plan. Kat tries to come to terms with an adjustment.


Zac makes a desperate plea. Hunter and VJ face a tough situation. Marilyn questions her relationships.


Zac makes a final attempt. John faces a dangerous situation. Justin has to decide what he wants.


Raffy’s worried that Brody’s lying to the Morgans about his drug habit. Will Brody’s lying and thieving save him from Zannis’ wrath? Marilyn has doubts about John’s character.


Brody’s lies unravel as Tori gets closer to the truth. Irene and Leah’s friendship is on rocky ground. Zac endangers himself after drinking away his sorrows.


Has Zac’s accident given Leah reason to rethink her decision to divorce? Is Leah and Irene’s friendship over for good? Marilyn avoids John. Nate and Tori’s future looks uncertain.


Hunter considers doing a DNA test behind Zac’s back. An unexpected visitor could put a spanner in Justin and Phoebe’s travel plans. Kat’s fed up and Patrick gives Ash an ultimatum.


Phoebe doesn’t feel she can ask Justin to leave his daughter to go on tour with her. VJ opens up to Olivia about losing Luc and Billie. Ash tries to get Patrick to open up.


Despite his brother’s support, Patrick is unable to deal with his PTSD. Brian and Justin clash when Ava ends up in hospital—will they be able to come to a truce? VJ considers giving Luc up for good.


Without his bank cards Brody desperately searches for a way to make money to fuel his drug addiction. Ash convinces Patrick to seek professional help.


Brody manages to trick his way out of a jam but at what cost? Zac lies to Hunter about his plans to leave the Bay. Marilyn and John paper over the cracks in their relationship.


Will Hunter’s decision ruin his relationship with Zac? Marilyn’s plan to reunite Leah and Irene fails badly. Things heat up between Leah and Zac.


Nate and Tori’s feud reaches a crescendo, but they ultimately make up. Marilyn admits to John she can’t forgive him and he moves out of their home.


Justin is torn when a surprise guest shows up to his and Phoebe’s farewell party. Roo deals with the fallout from being legally served by James’ parents. Ash and Leah’s relationship thaws.


Kat’s identification of the vandal perp rattles the Morgans. Roo does her best to avoid Alf’s questions about her pregnancy. A heartbroken Phoebe leaves for the US without Justin.


The truth about Brody’s addiction devastates the Morgans. Hunter receives the results of his DNA test. Scarlett is pulled further into the lives of Summer Bay’s residents.


Zac attempts to reconcile with Leah. Olivia snoops on Hunter’s DNA test results. A stressed out Leah makes a drastic business decision.


Are Roo and her unborn child in danger? Will Leah and Irene’s friendship ever mend? John and Marilyn’s relationship reaches another hurdle.


An angry Justin gives Kat information about Brody’s dealer. VJ struggles to come to terms with Luc’s custody arrangements. Kat struggles to balance work and family.


A sick Alf is determined to be by Roo’s side as her life hangs in the balance. A determined Kat makes progress in the case, but Ash wants her to spend more time at home. Nate looks for a new job.


Justin clashes with Scarlett and Mason as they search for a hallucinating Brody. Zannis demands a favour from Brody. Marilyn is frustrated that John’s avoiding her.


A new job offer could be just the new start Zac needs. John’s attempt to raise money for the Burns Unit doesn’t go as planned, but a surprise visitor might perk him up.


Jett encourages John to seek professional help. Will Hunter break the difficult truth to Zac? VJ struggles to come to terms with losing custody of Luc.


Distraught after losing Leah and his family, Zac looks for a fresh start. Scarlett and Justin continue to annoy one another. Nate returns, straight to his rocky relationship with Tori.


Will Leah get the chance to say goodbye to Zac? Scarlett’s uncomfortable when Justin grills her about her life before Summer Bay. Brody makes a decision that could put his family in danger.


Ash resents Kat’s prioritisation of work over Luc. Zannis threatens Brody’s family. Kat learns Brody lied about his connection to the drug ring. John’s reluctant to go through with counselling.


Will Kat warm up to Baby Luc? John receives a diagnosis and Jett takes his dad on a mission to uncover past traumas. Can Brody stay on the wagon?


John and Jett’s road trip brings up more questions about John’s past.


Nate is forced to choose between his dream job and Tori. Is she worth it? John reveals his suspicions about his father’s death… Could he really be responsible?


Nate makes hasty plans to leave the bay after accepting his dream job. How will Tori take this news so soon after the breakup?


A guilty Brody goes on the run following the robbery. Olivia’s plan backfires when Hunter lets out his rage by driving recklessly. Alf offers Scarlett a van at the caravan park.


John agrees to let Marilyn try hypnotherapy on him in order to uncover his repressed memories. Ash struggles with baby Luc as Kat continues to put her job at the station first.


John finally unlocks his repressed memories through hypnotherapy. Tori and Justin continue to search for Brody. The camping trip brings Ash and Kat closer until things take a turn for the worst.


Can Tori save Baby Luc? VJ tries to pick up Hunter’s spirits, completely unaware that Luc is ill. How will John react to learning the truth about his father’s death?


Will Luc survive? Kat’s inability to bond with Luc is in stark contrast to Tori’s emotional concern. VJ regrets past decisions. Raffy gets a lead on Brody’s whereabouts.