Robbo and Novak face off. Ben organises a romantic occasion for Maggie, hoping to get Diana off his back. Mason and Ziggy stumble upon a surprise at the garage.


Mason and Ziggy uncover illegal activity at the garage. Mick is determined to be there for Luc. VJ stresses about his future.


Mick learns that he is Luc’s biological father. Ash makes a shocking decision. Ryder puts the moves on Raffy and Coco.


Olivia’s ambition strains her relationship with Hunter. Tori must decide if she will flee Summer Bay with Ash and Luc. Raffy and Coco put their friendship first.


Brody and Ziggy go on a non-date. Willow kidnaps Buddy. Mick’s anti-depressants run out and it’s cause for concern.


Justin learns that Willow is involved with a bikie gang. Tori decides to follow Ash. Mick is accused of attempting to attack Ziggy.


Coco’s Glow Day brings Ben and Brody to a truce. Diana overhears Maggie and Ben talking about her. Ryder’s mystery illness threatens his life.


Kat decides to testify in the corruption case. Diana makes a shock revelation to Ben, helping them mend their bridges. John convinces Roo that Ryder is using drugs.


VJ and Hunter celebrate the conclusion of the HSC. Axel delivers Olivia and ultimatum. Robbo’s attempts to protect Kat are in vain.


Robbo races to save Kat from Novak. Hunter’s proposal plans ends in embarrassment. Diana has a shock announcement.


Robbo takes desperate measures to keep Kat safe. Kat’s pregnancy tips Tori’s world off its axis. Coco takes one for the family – and teaches them all a lesson.


Robbo learns the heartbreaking truth about Kat’s baby. Justin tries to get back in Willow’s good books. Mick uncovers Ash and Tori’s plan.


VJ makes a life-altering decision. Willow reveals that she’s made another deal with Boyd. Mick fights to keep Luc in the country.


Alf reconnects with his long-lost daughter, Quinn. Brody takes the first step in getting Ziggy back. Axel and Olivia grow closer.


Olivia hides a secret from Hunter. Ash and Kat clash over their unborn child. Alf talks some sense into Mick.


Robbo finds himself in hot water when the special force detectives bring him in for questioning. Ash puts Tori on the back-burner, jeopardising their relationship. Mick agrees to take the job in WA.


Ash attempts to make amends with Tori. Justin puts himself in a life threatening situation to save Willow. Maggie suspects that Brody and Ziggy are more than just friends.


Ryder’s relationship with his mum hits rock bottom. Justin grows closer to Willow. Brody and Ziggy tiptoe around their feelings for each other.


Ryder’s erratic behaviour threatens to change Roo’s life forever. Axel continues to push Olivia and Hunter further apart. Robbo hides his dreadful secret from Kat.


Justin defends Willow. Quinn admits there’s a problem with Ryder. Raffy cracks under the weight of her secrets. Will Robbo leave Kat?


Justin and Willow work together to put Boyd away for good. Ash and Tori struggle to spend some desperately needed time alone together. Will Hunter’s jealousy end Olivia’s career?


Olivia goes to extreme lengths to save her career. Maggie attempts to mend bridges between Ben and Brody. Ziggy is in for a surprise when a familiar face turns up at the farm.


Robbo’s lies deepen. Raffy is haunted by nightmares. Jarrod tells Ziggy that he’s in Summer Bay to stay.


Robbo worries his secret is about to be discovered. Brody’s past comes back to threaten the Diner. Ziggy’s ex makes a move.


Kat is suspended from duties as the net around Robbo tightens. John hires Willow and Mason as co-managers of the gym. Ziggy’s furious after Jarrod kisses her.


Irene learns of Olivia’s infidelity. Ash’s obsession over Kat and Robbo worsens. Justin questions where he stands with Willow.


Quinn makes a difficult decision about Ryder’s future. Will Ash open Kat’s eyes to the real Robbo? A new, confident Coco returns home with a secret.


Kat is determined to uncover the truth behind Robbo’s lies. Is Justin truly on-board with taking things casual with Willow or is he lying to himself? Ben tries to appease Maggie’s concerns about Coco.


Ash jeopardises his relationship with Tori. Olivia confides in Ziggy about her infidelity.


Brody decides to follow his heart and come up with a plan to buy Salt back. Ziggy’s ultimatum weighs on Olivia’s mind. Jennifer flirts with Mason.


Kat & Ash’s investigation reveals a shocking truth about Robbo. Hunter grows closer to Jennifer. Eco-warrior Coco targets Alf and Irene.


Robbo’s true identity rocks Kat. Coco’s “go green, keep it clean” protest forces change at the Diner. Raffy challenges Ryder to put his heart on the line with Coco.


Kat reels from the news that Robbo knew he was Beckett Reid. Olivia and Hunter’s relationship is tested once again when Axel presents her with tickets to Paris. Jarrod continues to chase Ziggy.


Tori learns the truth about Robbo’s past. Robbo makes a desperate gamble to reunite with Kat. Is this the end of the road for Willow and Justin?


Brody struggles to negotiate a reasonable selling price with Salt’s greedy owner. Tori keeps Robbo’s whereabouts secret while the man hunt continues. Will Ryder and Coco confess their feelings?


Hunter proposes to a guilty Olivia. Brody triumphantly relaunches Salt. Robbo hands himself into the police.


2017 Season Finale

Kat and Robbo go on the run, but tragedy strikes. Ben gives his approval to Brody and Ziggy, while Coco and Ryder admit their feelings. Maggie’s life is in danger.


2018 Season Opener

Tori worries Justin will help a grief-stricken Ash get revenge on Robbo. Ben searches for a missing Maggie – but will he find her in time?


Hunter breaks down following Olivia’s rejection. Justin and Ash track Robbo down. Is Tori losing Ash?


Will Justin and Willow finally get their act together? Olivia chooses Axel and to go on the adventure. Maggie receives a diagnosis in hospital.