Can Tori save Baby Luc? VJ tries to pick up Hunter’s spirits, completely unaware that Luc is ill. How will John react to learning the truth about his father’s death?


Will Luc survive? Kat’s inability to bond with Luc is in stark contrast to Tori’s emotional concern. VJ regrets past decisions. Raffy gets a lead on Brody’s whereabouts.


Will Justin and Mason find Brody before it’s too late? Leah’s shaken when she finally opens the envelope Irene left her. Scarlett’s alarmed when a mysterious man finds her at the Bait Shop.


Who’s hired a private investigator to find Scarlett, and why? Paranoid Brody pushes the Morgans to the limit. John doesn’t want Marilyn’s help.


Olivia’s shocked to learn the identity of Irene’s mystery man. Tori’s developing a crush. John’s friends rally around to help him reconcile his father’s actions.


Justin finally convinces Brody to attend a NA meeting. As baby Luc recovers, Tori feels awkward around Ash after having a fantasy about him. Irene reveals that Mick wants access to Luc.


Brody apologises to Alf and works harder towards his recovery. Ash comes up with a solution to keep Mick away for good. The Astonis take a much needed trip to Summer Bay.


The Astonis are desperate to leave Summer Bay after Ziggy causes more trouble. John searches for closure in regards to his past. Kat and Ash are divided over the decision to adopt Luc.


John reads his father’s letter and uncovers the real reason for his suicide. Mason and Hunter butt heads when they are forced to work together.


Hunter is torn as he decides whether or not to look for his biological father. When Justin comes clean to Scarlett about his feelings, she insists she isn’t interested. John starts to find some closure.


Ben and Justin get off to a rocky start. The Astoni women pose a challenge for John’s new lease on life. Maggie falls in the love with the Farm House. Will Brody cave in to his hallucinations?


Have lonely Coco and Raffy found a friend in one another? Could Ziggy be a positive influence on Brody? Kat and Ash struggle to make their relationship work.


Scarlett’s furious when Justin makes unfounded accusations about her past. Justin accuses Tori of harbouring a crush. Leah offers her support to single dad Ash. Alf gets a nice surprise.


Hunter receives a surprise visitor. Alf’s glad to have Roo home, but its clear there’s something bothering her. Will Scarlett leave the Bay after slapping Justin?


Roo seeks purpose and meaning in her life. Hunter’s reunion with his grandmother brings up secrets from the past.


Hunter comes clean to Irene about his involvement in the robbery of the diner. Irene and Marilyn try to cheer Kat up after her breakup with Ash. Has Scarlett’s past finally caught up with her?


Tori and Ash grow closer. Hunter makes amends with Olivia and his grandmother. Scarlett opens up to Justin about her son.


Tori struggles with her feelings for Ash. Ash and Kat try to mend their relationship When an opportunity presents itself, Maggie tries to convince Ben that they should move to Summer Bay.


Ben and Maggie blindside Ziggy and Coco about living in the bay. Alf and Leah are gazumped for the Pier. John and Marilyn struggle to parent an independent Raffy.


Ziggy defies her parents decision to move to Summer Bay by fleeing to the city. Marilyn and John discover the reason behind Raffy’s rebellious behaviour.


Kat’s angry when she realises both she and Ash have been confiding in Tori. Marilyn and John pull out all the stops to be good parental figures for Raffy. Are any of the Morgans safe from Zannis?


Can Brody save his family from Zannis’ threats? Kat’s suspicions about Tori’s crush on Ash grow stronger. Ben and Maggie don’t want Ziggy falling for another bad boy.


Coco gets caught in the Astoni family crossfire. How will Ziggy react to the truth about Brody? Does Hunter’s grandmother know who his father is?


Justin tries to be there for Scarlett on a painful anniversary. When Peggy reveals who his father might be, Hunter must decide what to do next. Raffy devises a plot to set up VJ and Coco.


Did Scarlett sleep with Justin? Marilyn’s shocked when John makes a suggestion that could change their lives. Coco’s lies affect her date with VJ and friendship with Raffy.


Will John and Marilyn be successful in their attempt to foster a child? Is Alf going to be ok? Who is the stranger on the beach? Does Ash have feelings for Tori?


Who is the stranger in the Bay and what does he want? Will Kat and Ash really be able to work through their issues? Are Mason and Brody going to survive?


Will Mason make a recovery? Is VJ and Coco’s friendship the start of a new romance? What will happen to the Morgan family now that Mason is injured. Can Ben, Alf and Leah come to an understanding?


Whats going on with Coco? Is Wally lying to Hunter? Does this spell the end of Coco and VJ’s friendship?


Is Wally Hunter’s father? Will he take the DNA test? Who is the mystery man and what does he want? Will Marilyn and John’s attempts to become foster parents be successful?


Tori suggests they sell Salt to pay for Brody’s rehab. Brody and Ziggy get their friendship back on track Alf faces off with his mystery attacker.


Brody objects to selling Salt but will he eventually come around and do the right thing by his family? The mystery man in the bay has amnesia. Will he remember who he is?


Maggie asks Ben to reconsider the renovation plans after bonding with Leah, Irene and Marilyn. Scarlett discovers the reason behind Justin’s rejection. Kat is jealous of Tori.


Ash and Kat make amends after she accuses him of cheating on her with Tori. Maggie realises that she can’t ask Ben to give up his renovation dream. Raffy is frustrated at being unable to visit Mason.


Hunter struggles to fully connect with his real dad. Raffy stands up to Jennifer when Coco is being bullied. John and Marilyn receive some bad news about fostering, but John has another idea.


What is Zannis going to do to Ash? Will Ash make it out alive? Does Marilyn really want to have a baby? Now that Mason has woken up how serve is the damage to his spinal cord?