A police raid leads to more questions for Evie. Tori covers for Mason. Raffy flees the Morgans.


Justin and Phoebe search frantically for Raffy. Jeannie’s father comes after her and Brody. Has VJ’s buck’s night ruined the wedding?


Will Zac accept Sam’s indecent proposal? Jeannie’s truth is out there. Ash teaches only-child VJ learns a valuable lesson about older brothers. As the HSC finishes, Hunter’s exam woes aren’t over.


Will Zac tell Leah the truth? Exam pressure has Hunter and Olivia at breaking point.


Is Hunter still a fire-bug and to blame for the fire at the Caravan Park? Is Billie getting cold feet, or something worse?


VJ is excited as his wedding day arrives, but Billie isn’t so sure. Cupid’s arrow can’t connect with Summer Bay’s young couples.


Billie and VJ face the truth. Justin lets Phoebe in on his past. Tori and Nate draw closer.


Bianca’s return to Summer Bay marks trouble for her marriage. Raffy returns, but who has she spoken to? Will Tori and Nate finally get together? Justin tells Phoebe they should never have got close.


Despite Justin’s best efforts, Raffy learns the truth. Matt and Evie can’t connect. What are Heath and Bianca fighting over?


Will the Morgans tell Raffy their secret? Irene pushes Bianca for the truth about why Heath and her are fighting. Nate asks Tori out on a date. Raffy goes missing.


Justin and Phoebe search for Raffy. Kat thinks the Morgans are hiding something. Nate and Tori finally give in to temptation.


VJ finally gives Billie an answer. Evie learns the truth about Josh. John’s condition is becoming serious as he faints. Bianca makes a big decision.


Cheryl arrives in the Bay to give Bianca and Heath some advice. Bianca makes a decision.


Matt lays his feelings for Evelyn on the line. Billie and VJ plan to elope, but there’s an unexpected obstacle. Mason attempts to ask Olivia out, but is she still hung up on Hunter?


False alarm for Billie’s labour – but Ash again calls into question the likelihood of VJ sticking around long term. Phoebe realises she’s so caught up in Justin’s drama, shes lost herself.


Phoebe realises avoiding Justin is harder than she thought. Decker shows up, throwing Justin and Raffy’s lives out of orbit. An emergency forces Heath and Bianca to re-evaluate their relationship.


Justin and Kat put their lives on the line trying to find out if Ranae is part of the syndicate. Hunter inadvertently pushes Olivia towards Mason.


Ranae pursues the Morgans. Justin makes a risky call that could put all their lives in danger. Zac and Bianca bond… will they cross a line?


Evelyn’s scared to move things forward with Matt. VJ, Ash and Billie are uncomfortable keeping Leah in the dark about Billie’s baby.


Heath’s past comes back to haunt him. Ash nearly discovers the identity of Billie’s rapist. Matt’s attempt to help Phoebe backfires.


Summer Bay finally learns the Morgans secret. Nate struggles to come to terms with Tori’s lies. Salt gets trashed.


Evelyn’s fears threaten to destroy her chance at love. A teenage love triangle spells trouble at the formal. Olivia is forced to question who she wants to be with.


Mason punches Hunter. Heath and Bianca break the cycle. Ash wants to find Billie’s attacker


Ash and Kat clash over the garage investigation. Another fire breaks out in the Bay. Justin fights to be in his daughter’s life again. Nate has second thoughts about Tori.


2016 Season Finale
Billie’s world is rocked by news of Mick’s release. The arsonist prepares to strike again. One of the Morgans is left clinging to life. An unwelcome visitor returns to the Bay.


A bushfire terrorises the Summer Grooves festival. Justin’s life is on the line. Billie’s labour begins – but will she escape the bushfire?


Tori is rocked by a blast from the past – a mysterious new surgeon. Mick is back in town. Is Irene in danger?


Mick terrorises Irene. Tori reveals the truth about Riley.


Ash has come back to Summer Bay on a mission. Olivia goes overboard to be the best girlfriend ever.