Ryder reveals his true parentage. Robbo tries to find clues about his real identity. Ben’s past comes back to haunt him.


Kat finds some information on Beckett Reid. Ziggy tries to mend her broken relationship with Maggie. Tori is taken aback when Luc calls her ‘mum’.


Irene’s loved ones come up with a solution to get rid of Mick forever. Mason struggles to cope with Beth’s death. Maggie and Ziggy’s relationship strengthens.


Brody decides to unleash his inner chef. Justin breaks up with Scarlett. Mason finally has closure over Beth and can start to move forward.


Alf agrees to let Ryder stay. Brody, Marilyn and Irene come to a compromise. Scarlett bids farewell to Summer Bay. Kat makes a realisation about her illness.


Robbo has a flashback. Kat learns she’s pregnant. Maggie’s mother, Diana, comes to visit.


Irene’s struck down by a mystery illness. Mick turns down the job in Western Australia. Diana is the cause of tension in the Astoni family. Kat is stunned by Robbo’s marriage proposal.


Mick breaks the conditions of his AVO. Mason attempts to alleviate his grief. Ash takes the law into his own hands.


Mick comes to a decision about his future. Tori and Ash clash over Luc. Ryder attempts to woo Raffy.


Tori and Ash come to a decision about their relationship. A discovery by Olivia leads to an exciting offer. Ryder begins to find his place in Summer Bay.


Kat decides to keep the baby, as Robbo goes on a mission to rack down Dennis Novak. Axel lures Olivia on an out of state trip. Ben gives Diana a piece of his mind.


Robbo and Novak face off. Ben organises a romantic occasion for Maggie, hoping to get Diana off his back. Mason and Ziggy stumble upon a surprise at the garage.


Mason and Ziggy uncover illegal activity at the garage. Mick is determined to be there for Luc. VJ stresses about his future.


Mick learns that he is Luc’s biological father. Ash makes a shocking decision. Ryder puts the moves on Raffy and Coco.


Olivia’s ambition strains her relationship with Hunter. Tori must decide if she will flee Summer Bay with Ash and Luc. Raffy and Coco put their friendship first.


Brody and Ziggy go on a non-date. Willow kidnaps Buddy. Mick’s anti-depressants run out and it’s cause for concern.


Justin learns that Willow is involved with a bikie gang. Tori decides to follow Ash. Mick is accused of attempting to attack Ziggy.


Coco’s Glow Day brings Ben and Brody to a truce. Diana overhears Maggie and Ben talking about her. Ryder’s mystery illness threatens his life.


Kat decides to testify in the corruption case. Diana makes a shock revelation to Ben, helping them mend their bridges. John convinces Roo that Ryder is using drugs.


What will happen to Kat? Is something going on with Axel and Olivia? How will VJ handle Luc leaving?


Can Robbo save Kat from Novak? Will Hunter’s best laid proposal plans bring him a fairytale ending? Maggie’s mum has a shock announcement.


Robbo takes desperate measures to keep Kat safe. Kat’s pregnancy tips Tori’s world off its axis. Coco takes one for the family – and teaches them all a lesson.


Robbo learns the heartbreaking truth about Kat’s baby. Will being Ash’s rock push Tori over the edge? Alf reconnects with his long-lost daughter, Quinn. Brody takes the first step in getting Ziggy back.


Will Olivia be honest with Hunter about her kiss with Axel? Kat is uneasy, believing that Novak is still after her; Robbo hates having to hide the truth from her.


Robbo finds himself in hot water when the special force detectives bring him in for questioning. Ash puts Tori on the back-burner, jeopardising their relationship. Mick agrees to take the job in WA.


Justin tries to help Willow out of hot water, but will she accept his help? Can Ash and Tori make amends? Maggie suspects that Brody and Ziggy are more than just friends.


Ryder’s relationship with his mum hits rock bottom. Justin grows closer to Willow. Robbo hides his dreadful secret from Kat.