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Most Popular Character 2020

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Great to see this back! Thanks to everyone who has helped put this together.

Yes guest characters are always allowed - there'd be some unhappy people if we excluded the likes of Angie Russell, Paris Burnett, Jazz Curtis etc. 🙂 He debuted before 7414 so yes he is, if you

I always like to analyse the number of points achieved, they reveal more details about the rankings. For example, there was barely anything between Alf, Irene, Dean and Fisher in 3rd, 4th, 5th an

7 hours ago, adam436 said:

I would have said Colby, Jasmine, Mackenzie or Ari. I imagine Colby gas lost most of his fans in the last few months when voting was taking place

I do agree about Colby, he did lose a majority of popularity given his recent actions (he lost mine a year ago!) but I do think he still has some fans here, and that they like him too much to vote for him. I already voted for Jasmine, so she'll probably make it. 

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Haha, Buddy. Honestly was kind of hoping to see him in the top 10!😄

Really nice to see Rosie, Sid, Ben, Tony, Robbie and April made it. It's good to see they haven't been forgotten.

Not surprised to see Alex here, and I'm really glad that she got as high as she did. 

Honestly I expected both VJ and Chris (one of my all time favourites) to get much higher on the list, both really memorable characters.

And then we have the person who got my 7 points: Evie. I'm glad to have voted for her, but as above, I wish that she gotten higher, as one of my past favourite characters. 

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Very surprised Kyle Braxton, Peter Baker and Nick Smith made it so high - all seems very safe characters who didn't have many big memorable stories. 

Chloe, Sophie and Selina are pretty standard as they were once the face of the show. 

Was Billie ever a regular? Would love to know who the highest guest cast is. 

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1 hour ago, joany208121 said:

Was Billie ever a regular? Would love to know who the highest guest cast is. 

Yes Billie was a regular.

The highest guest character is up in joint 21st place (which will be revealed on Sunday). For those familiar with the character, it probably won't come as a huge surprise 😉

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